3rd Party 5e Settings - What's Out There?


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I only own the Midgard Campaign Setting and Adventures in Middle Earth, but I'd recommend both as good 3rd party settings. You have to be into the Tolkien universe to appreciate AiME though, as it replaces races with cultures, feats with virtues, places a heavy emphasis on adventuring and makes magic considerably more low powered and limited.


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I can't recommend it, because I don't know anymore then you can learn by following the link, but I was just looking at The World of Myrr.

Of the recommendations above, I like the Midgard Campaign setting, which turns up the weird just a little bit, and I'm interested in the Ultraviolet Grasslands, which promises to turn the weird up to 12.


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In another few months, maybe sooner... I hope to have the first of a series of pieces on the home brew world that I've been developing out for around 20 years. I felt it was time to assemble the notes and publish it.

I'm starting out with a slightly generic Archetypes and Equipment book, before I dive into updating my existing setting for the 8th Age. Much or all of that is likely to put merged into the final setting book, but I wanted to start with something that enterprising folks could import into their own game worlds, if they wanted to, without needing to buy a few hundred pages of things they may not want.

I will save this thread and post up a link, once it's ready to go.

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Mists of Akuma is Japanese Steampunk fantasy.
Eeeee thank you for the mention <3 :D

Eastern fantasy noir steampunk (the steampunk bit is de-emphasized and gets the witchcraft treatment in most areas of the setting because sometimes objects transform into monsters). An enormous hardcover adventure path released last month for this guy.

Also in the interests of complete disclosure, Kickstarter backers really wanted a good-guys book for the world of Askis (why I am still not sure) so BED has a reverse version called Book of Celestial Heroes where you play as heroes instead of villains.

I have some other settings too and they all have free stuff. In a perfect world though I'd get the licensing rights to the Muppets/Sesame Street for some bizarre-gonzo modern pulp action.
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