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[40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

Stephen Lea Sheppard

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One interesting side-effect of the revised CSM Codex going up for preorder next weekend is that the big YouTube fan channels usually get preview copies and start putting up videos the same weekend of the pre-order, and GW isn’t going to put out any new CSM minis in this release wave and not include them in the codex, so we should know the full extent of the new CSM mini range as of next weekend.


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Those are pretty nice.

Just picked up my Shadowspear box a few minutes ago. Trading away the Chaos half, but still my painting queue grows.


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Little chat with the Abaddon designers. I really like them doing this side of the hobby.

I do like the bit at the end about Guilliman and Abaddon recreating the Horus vs Emperor duel.
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