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Looks like one of the short barrel Stug bolted to a hover chassis!
That's the idea, I gather - though there's a bunch of alternate cannons that'll either be on the sprue or (if they run out of room) added as .stls.

I know not everyone has easy access to a 3d printer, but hell, if it'll help the KS... any RPGnetter who goes in on this and wants an alternate cannon barrel for their STuG that isn't in the kit? I'll print one out and mail it to you.


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As far as the Penitence Engine goes, I'm pretty happy if they take a cue from the Infernal Rapturess model and just make sure the driver/victim is male. I'm happy with a more equal opportunity approach to stuff like this - Keep the S+M, Lose the T+A.
The old model came with a random 50/50 of male/female "operators."

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The old model came with a random 50/50 of male/female "operators."
Which honestly would be cool if this was a better world., but given the industry's track record I'm a firm proponent of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg approach to gender balance in leadership roles (and it's inverse for tortured victims.)



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Score! I found my old Battlefleet Gothic Fleet in the deep bowels of the Warp... I mean, my parents' basement! Something like 4500-5000 points of ships ready to go! Especially since there's a similar amount of Chaos ships I inherited and friends interested in learning the game!

Some minor repairs needed, of the bases snapped off variety, but those shouldn't be too hard. A bit more work for the Metal Battleships, but the cruisers and frigates shouldn't be too hard.
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