40K Painting yellow Space Marines (Necro)

Or maybe I should do a Tzeentch army since I seem to change my mind on what project to work on every other day! Anyway, with the upcoming release of the new marine codex and the cool looking Storm Speeder (the landspeeder troop-carrying variant) coming out I'm toying with at least putting together a squad or two of standard codex marines, and in a break from my preferred use of the colour green (other armies I have painted include Catachans, Dark Angels and 'Nids (which are a green and bone colour combo) I want to do something wildly different, and the bright yellow armour of Imperial Fists would certainly fit the bill!

Of course, then the question becomes how the f*ck do you PAINT a predominantly yellow army? I'm actually thinking of trying the following technique on a figure or four and seeing how it works, but I could use some opinions on step 3:

1) Prime them white.
2) Paint them a fairly bright yellow (similar to Bad Moon yellow).
3) Hit them with the 'magic wash' technique to accentuate the detail and enrich the yellow but hopefully without obscuring it. And this is where the question lies - what should I use for the base colour of the wash? Obviously some form of brown most likely, but do I go for a lighter one or a darker one? I guess the easiest way to find out would just be to experiment but if anyone else has tried this and can make a recommendation that would be great and save time to boot. I promise to post the results in one of the paint threads if I can get it to work :)
4) Do any highlighting required, edging etc.
5) Add detail work for weapons, iconography, bases etc.



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Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

This is how I paint yellow. Warning, it takes a long time.

1) Prime black.
2) base coat dark orange. I use the darkest orange GW paint. Proceed through thinish coats of lighter orange until smooth yellow coverage is achieved, this gives a nice deep shade and glossy yellow. I finish with Bad Moon Yellow.
3) Highlight with a yellow and white mix.
4) Detailing.

If the orange to yellow doesn't provide a smooth cover, use a bubonic brown base over the black primer.


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Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

GW's Gryphonne Sepia wash does a good job of shading my yellows.


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Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

The citadel foundation yellow is pretty damn good. I've only used it for little details so far, rather than for big areas, but it covers perfectly over black in one coat. Put one of the new washes over it, put some highlights on the edges of the main armour plates, and it should come out really well.

I've also seen some quite effective Imperial Fist paintjobs that built up in layers from dark brown through to vomit brown through to actual yellow. I tend to prefer the darker, brown-shaded yellows to the bright orange-shaded yellows anyway. It just looks much more solid and realistic to me.
Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

Thanks for the replies, guys - I think if I'm going to give this a go at all I need to find a fast way to do it so I'm thinking basecoat, wash, highlights, details in that order is the way to go. As per the article in the link I picked up some Future floor wax, I'll let you know how it goes with my initial combat squad (just five guys to begin with in case it looks like crap!) and hopefully post some pics of the results - wish me luck :)


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Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

By far my favourite Imperial Fist colour scheme is the one the guy used in this Warseer thread. It's made me consider painting up some Loyalist Marines which I usually find a bit boring.


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Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

Buy a cheap airbrush. You can probably buy one for $20, with a can or two of propellant for $8 or so.

Spray the models with an acrylic Cadmium Yellow.

Highlight, paint details, done - you'll get perfect brush-stroke free yellow marines.
Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

Interesting warseer thread; finished ones are a little darker than I would like but it's along similar lines (and we agree that the 'official' ones are a little too bright). I see he also mentions using some washing up liquid to prevent the ink pooling, which is I think a similar concept to the 'miracle wash' one.
Re: 40K Painting Imperial Fists Space Marines

Those are nice, for sure. Definitely starting to lean towards Cessna's suggestion of investing in an airbrush. Will try a combat squad first and see how those turn out the old fashioned way; if they look okay that will mean a lot more painting yellow so the airbrush will become more necessary :)
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