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4e D&D online?


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Any time Sunday is perfectly fine for me. Gives me an excuse to *plan* to be online earlier so I can Do Things With Friends first :)


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Count me in as another interested player, and I'm available any day except Saturday evenings. The last time I got to play 4E was in 2012 and recently I've been wanting to give it another try. I don't have any particular preference for classes or races, so I'm a fairly blank slate.


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Ok so here is a list of people who have responded to date:

Scrabbit (potentially DM)
Tricksy and False
Frezak ("I've been thinking of running some introductory 4E adventure things.")
AilphanG (up for DMing a 'one-shot' of 3-5 sessions)
Lontra Felina

And the first game being spun off is AilphanG's with players Seroster, ezekiel, Lizardbite, and Tricksy and False.


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Looks like the current game is full, but I'll throw my hat in the ring as someone who'd be interested in this sort of thing. I'm (US Central) unavailable Wednesday evenings, and occupied several times a month on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (all for my meatspace games), but generally available on other evenings.


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A divergence from the subject of this thread, but my PbP game on these forums has 1-2 seats open.


The premise is that it's a game using 4e setting and fluff, but the mechanics of Freebooters on the Frontiers 2e, a Powered by the Apocalypse game that emulates a more B/X style of play. The characters are Paragon Tier characters, and it's a game focused on exploration and diplomacy, including planar travel. I'm translating the spirit of 4e races, classes, and Paragon Paths into much-simplified Freebooters mechanics.

The characters represent Rahesh, the City of Necromancers, a kingdom that removed itself into a pocket dimension over 100 years ago and now seeks to return to the mundane plane. In such pursuit, they are sending emissaries out to announce and negotiate that interest. The PCs are one such group of emissaries.

I'm expecting 3-4 posts/week. It's a chargen-heavy game and I'm seeking folks who are good at writing into sandboxy play, in terms of generating and following hooks and threads.

Please see the Recruitment Thread for more info.
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