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[4e] Making a Holy Fighter


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So it finally happened, I convinced on of my players to DM a 4e game so that I can play for the first time in about 5 years (I've been GMing Exalted, nWoD, 3.5 and 4e). I'm continuing my 4e campaign and we'll be trading off sessions.

So far the party is starting out at level five and there are four players: human elementalist (something I grabbed from the WotC site but can't find now), human artificer, nacatl monk (nacatl is a homebrew race found here, monk is a modded ranger). I'm planning on being a rhoxian fighter, the race which can be found here.

TL;DR: I'm building a fighter with a race that has +2 STR, +2 WIS, a charge attack that knocks people prone, a bonus against bloodied enemies and a hard on for holy things. How should I do this?

Basically, the reason I'm not going paladin is that I don't like their marking system. So far I'm planning on just getting him plate armor and a Sunblade (Adventurer's Vault) and maybe a paladin or cleric multi-class feat. His backstory is that he's a knight of a holy order which worships a psuedo-buddhist enlightenment state and not an actual deity and I kind of want to reflect that in his stats but am not really sure how.

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If you don't like paladin marking then you should probably multiclass into cleric. You'll have the stats for it, and your party will certainly appreciate the extra healing. Clerics have some decent melee powers you can pick up via the multiclass feats, if you're willing to give up some fighter powers for them. Avenging Flame and Wrathful Thunder are both decent, flavorful 1st level cleric melee powers, for example.


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I don't have any suggestions, but you've successfully planted a Dio song in my head now.


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If you go the Paladin route, you could make up a Channel Divinity type feat to suit your religion or reflavour one of the existing feats.

Similarly, if there's a hero of your religion you could choose a fighting style which emulates him.
Swordgar the mighty's crusader takes Power Attack, Endurance and such, while Blaydar the nimble's guardian takes takes Heavy Blade Opportunist, Dodge and so fourth, which have been passed down as reminders of their amazing deeds.

When you purchase skills, you could justify them as priestly training. "I have great Insight, which allows me to counsel the unfortunate and discern the untruthful. I am very Athletic after a lifetime of training with meditative sword forms. Through fasting and meditating under waterfalls I have developed great Endurance. I avoid unnescessary fights and bring new converts into the fold by being Diplomatic."


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Multiclass into Cleric. Take the Warpriest paragon path. Eventually gain Warpriest's Challenge in addition to your normal Combat Challenge.


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So long as you realize you are playing a super-minotaur with 2 more racial powers than a balanced race would have I have nothing bad to say. If you think that race isn't clearly better than many others I should point out that its worthwhile to be a Tiefling fighter just for Bloodhunt.

Never mind +2 to the two main stats of the Fighter.

That said it sounds like a job for Weapon Proficiency: Mordenkrad and Initiate of the Faith. The Warpriest gets OAs from its marking mechanic when a marked for shifts or attacks someone else so if any creature does that you get both your Combat Superiority and Combat Challenge.

No monster will get away from you ever since your OAs hit pretty much all the time.

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As mentioned, Warpriest is a really good PP for a Fighter. While you're at it, take the Utility swap feat, since fighter's utilities aren't great (in the PHB) but clerics get some good ones. Probably a couple other Strength based cleric powers would augment your fightery abilities as well: Weapon of the Gods and Divine Power are both good candidates for a Daily power swap feat. The cleric's encounter power Healing Strike is as good as the Fighter's Comeback strike (minus the Reliable keyword), but is an Encounter instead of a Daily. There's probably some other good powers you could swap for on levels where Fighter powers are less than amazing.

(I, too, question the balance of the rhino race, but that's another thread really.)
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