{4e} Monkey's first 4e campiegn notes

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Well we finally got together and played our first session:


Taranis, Dragonborn Paladin of Kord, fights with a falchion and lightning breath
Bork, Dwarf Fighter with greataxe, fights with weapons and bad attitude.
Erik, Human Wizard, loads of distance blasty-hurty
Feramun, Halfling Warlord, leader and axe wielder with napoleon complex.

[Chapter 1]

The town of southwood, Kingdom of Koros...

The players are each invited to team up by local militia-captian wannabe Feramun, who got shafted into no seeing any combat by local melita due to his, um, racial deficieencies. The others, agree, decideing for a chance to earn some cash (erik) kill something (bork) and achieve some reknown (Taranis) decide to help out where they can.

Seems the local constabulary, already burdened with the kings conscriptions for battles with orcs in the wedt, are haveing trouble catching some goblin bandits who are sacking traders up and down the roads near town, when they first talk to Captian Garret, he's pretty down because he tried haveing some men escort some dwarven traders,
only managed to get his men killed and beheaded, only one escaped. he discouraged the boys from persueing them, saying he didnt have time to clean up the mess. The players decide that rather than heed the warnings and and maybe check out a spooky house on the outside of town (the adventure i had planned) they will interview the survivor, who basically said they were ambushed like they knew they were comeing, and they were lead by a goblin with a skull tattoo. They then decide to shadow a bunch of dwarf traders and see what happens. the dwarves get attacked!,

the goblins (4 cutters, a blackblade, a sniper and two warriors) ambush the 5 dwarf (minions) at top of one. they lay the lumber to the dwarves, killing two of them with the vollys of arrows and javalins, with the mooks and the blackblade leaping over the wagons to attack. enter our heros, who manage to get mixed up quickly with the goblins. the Dragon born and the dwarf taking on the goblin warriors, teh mage in a loseing snipeing duel with the sharpshooter (who is tucked in a tree) and teh halfling who fights through the minions towards teh blackbalde.

the warriors take a beating but hurt the paladin badly, the warlord uses his inspireing word to help bail him out. the wizard cant seem to magic missle the sniper and falls back under an assault from a rouge coblin cutter. the warlord kills the other two cutters and advances on the blackblade and the other minion who have finished off the dwarves.

the fighters finally take out the warriors, and the dwarf charges the minion menaceing the wizard splutrifying him, while the paladin begins to (i kid you not) shake the smallish tree the sniper is in, forceing him to abandon his vantage point. the blackblade shifts away from the warlord and makes a break for it. the dwarf cant catch him, but the wizard finally hits with a spell, burning the blackblade with melfs acid arrow, (the gobbo goes down to the continueing damage the next turn) then magic missles the last minion that is dueling with the warlord. the paladin with the help from the halflings direction, slaps the sniper uncuncious. the team saves the blackblade from death and take thier prisoners back to town. (they forgot to loot the bodies, but the paladin did pickup the snipers hand crossbow and bolts.)

the team comesback to begrudgeing thanks and offers from locals to take them more seriously, allowing them to help out with the goblins in an "offical capacity" the prisoners are given over to the city's watcfh to be interrogated by experts. a Dwarven lord contaccts the team, his son is missing, taken by the goblins and his body never found, he will pay handsomely for his return, (or his bodies return). the team meets with the baron of the town, who fills them in asa much as he can, the locals dont know much, the goblins seem to cover their tracks and dissapear at will.

the halfling thinks the gobbos are tunnelling, but noone knows about any caverns near the town. they try go out to the east of town to a village that the attacks are happening near. locals arnt much help, but the team spends the night, and as a diversion, decides to go out to a local landmark near the village, the Greyspike. the fumble around the grey monolith, the dwarf finds it to be hollow, the wizard deduces it is protected by some fey magic from the elements, but they cannot seem to find an entrance. out of frustration the dragonborn strikes the pilliar, and stuff gets crazy.

The pillar cracks and collapses, opening a hole in the clearing, everyone but the dwarf (they were all standing close) falls in. takeing minimal falling damage the dust themdelves off and find themseles in a octagonal room. in a brilliant move, the dwarf drops down to help his comrades without secureing a rope. they light a sunrod to better get a grip on thier surroundings.

the room is a burial preperation chamber of the ancient eladrin that lef the area thousands of years ago. the wizard (who can read elven) tells them that it is dedicated to the elven gods and is a place for honored dead to lie in state. there are crystalline windows, but no senic vista, only earth and rock. The party finds staircase, and decends into a tower. a huge chandielier (lit by the wizard's light spell) illuminates a 100 foot tower. they boys head downward to the open bottom, wary of danger but haveing nowhere else to head. in the bottom, there are four doors (one open) a fountain with statues and a burrowed hole in the wall (Faramun: I knew it! and they laughed when i said they were burrowing!) the team splits up, the halfiling and wizard checking the pool, and the fighters checking the tunnel..

the tunnel is shorred up with wagon bits and is badly constructed, it has collapsed about 80 feet in, picks and shovels are near the entrance. the warriors decide to move toward the open doors.

ZOMBIE ATTACK! a mass of zombiefied goblins, (8 rotters), 2 zombies (dwarfs) and a gravehound (zombie wolf) come out from the open doors. The zombies are white, with a wired blue glowing run over thier forehead! the zombies all double move and tear ass towards the warriors, thrying to engluf them. the dragon born unleashes his lightning breath, blasting two rotters into oblivion, the wizard nails a group of the rotters with his force orb, blasting 4 more away. the halfling intercepts the gravehound, keeping it away from the wizard and the warriors flank.

the zombies fight back, but thanks to the halfingling +1 to all defenses buff he put on the party, (and 9 temporary hp) damage is minimal. the the dwarf cleaves into a rotter, killing it. then splatters a zombie dwarf with a critical hit. the dragonborn hits and kills the other zombie, and squares off with the other rotter, leaving the dwaf to charge in and help the halfling.

the halfling left the palading attack and kill teh rotter, and now the poor grave hound is surrounded on three sides and getting magic missles chucked at him from a wizard who still hasnt moved. it's over quickly.

the team searches the corpses, and finds one of them to be the missing nobels son. to bad the dwarf cut him in half, maybe they can explain that later. they breifly debate on takeing the corpse back for the reward, tehn realize, well we're here now, and we dont even know if we can get out. so the form up and head through the doors.

they comeinto a 30 x 30 room, there are four small onyx topped piallars at the far corners and halfway across the room. a number of dropped shortswords lie near the door. the is ancient eladrin a a semicircle above the door. "i'm no arcane dude" one pipes up " but i think w efound out what caused the zombies..."

stareing at the obviously trapped dread portal, the characters... decide to wait for the next installment of Monkey's adventure! we will be playing every two weeks and i will try to update here after we get done. now that the guys have found one of the dungeons in the area (albiet not the one i had planned on them finding) the action should be fast and furious.

i'll field and q's or comments you decide to post! thanks for any feedback!

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To be honest I prefer this style of AP writeup over amateur fiction hour.

I'll follow this. If I've got any advice for you, it's not to become discouraged. AP threads never usually get a following until they've grown a few pages with consistent updates.

Brass Monkey

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next game!

the characters creep closer to the dread portal, inspecting and looking, they find a glyph of warding that exudes necromantic magic, but dont exactly feel comfortable screwing with it. an inscription above the door announces that only the faithful will be allowed into the hallowed halls of the dead. they return to the main chamber.

they bury the dwarf they came to find under the tunnel leavings and set out to check the other three doors out of the room. the first they find a huge crystal dome, in which a vibrant fey jungle is located, birds sing, small animals skitter through the underbrush, the sound of water can be heard. they check the second, and it opens to some sort of temple, with a hallway leading away. they check the final door and see a wide corridor with small cherub like eladrin statues on pedistals every so often and a double door at the far end.

They elect the statue hall. as they go in formation to the door on the far side, the last four statues animate and attack! they are clay homunculuses (homunculii?) and take the fight to the adventurers. dazeing the fighters and disappearing before thier eyes. and the fight draws to a close, a new freind shows up!

Brian, who plays Shifter, a Halfling thief of great skill and no common sense.

everybody thanks shifty for his help, they crack the door open and find the original tower entrance, now sealed with earth. they go to the "biosphere" area.

After looking about and following the garden paths they find a set of pillars inscribed with a legend of Corrillian Letharion's battle against a primeval demon prince, whom he slew and placed the remains deep undergound (plot!). they explore around, find some fruit trees, and Shifty shoots a fey squirrell with his crossbow. to make a pouch. right.

they go to the temple. it's a temple of corellian with a huge statue flanked with doglike gaurdians. as they approach the dogs animate and attack (trend!) the battle is vicious but quickly over as the new thief flanks and backstabs the iron hound homunculii. the team is little the worse for wear and follow the hall to a priest's vestibule, seaching they find a amulet of correlian Letharion, and a secret door! beyond they find an unlocked chest with 200 gp and 100 sp. (treasure! huzzah!) the warlord takes the corellian amulet.

time for the necro trap! donning the robes and the amulet they found in the preists quarters, the warlord opens the door without blasting himself with necromantic energey, the team moves into the next room. an octagonal room with thee exits on the west, east and south waits, with some sort of half pillar in the center. the warlord goes in for a peek, and two iron cobra homunculii attack the party! this fight goes on forever, not only is it a hard encounter (two lvl 6 enemies) the guys roll like crap. despite the paladin doeing a critical strike with his encouter power (for a rediculous 27 points of damage!) the fight drages on, the snakes shift about and give the players hell. finally they kill one and gang up on the other, takeing it out.

the east door is marked "eternal rest of the faithful of the tower" teh players search and find another magic trap. the thief manages (after three tries wioth help from the mage's arcana skill) to disarm it. inside they find sarcophogii and a book. the tombs re devoid of tresure, but the tome. "eladrin histories" may prove helpful. the next door "heros of the tower" is neither locked nor trapped. it leads to a hallway with 5 doors, two on each side and one on the end.

following a counter clockwise patter, the dawrf, thief, and mage take tuens looking for traps and opening doors, while the warlord and paladin loot the tombs. in the first they find some magic bracers. in the seecond a child's tomb with no tresure. at the end hall they find a square room with gridlines clearly marked on the floor every five feet... they close that door. the third tomb revals some enchanted red robes. in a cholars tomb. the final tomb, the dwarf, thief and mage decide to just go ahead and open it was marked as a maiden betrothed to the hero of the tower. opening the sarcophogus revals the maidens temains clutching a cloth bag. a banshee appears!

the mage, gets the drop on her, and in a moment of brilliance, decides to try a diplomacy check to appeas the spirit. he rolls a two. the terrifying shreik of the banshee levels the newbie adventurerers, pushes them out into the hall, and imobilizes them. the door to the tomb closes. after the team recovers and takes a short rest, they go to the grid room. the warlord scapers across. and trips exactly ZERO of the electofied squares. (i dont know how he did that) the team follows him into the tomb of the hero of the tower. teh room is lined with statues, and a sarcopogus is on teh far side. finally catching on, the players search the statues and find two to be enchanted somewhat. they destroy them before they are triggered (bonus expereince for outside the box thinking). the tomb revals a suit of chainmail and a magic javalin.

the team retreats to teh terrarium for an extended rest. the mage identifies the items, a book of eladrin knowledge that helps with fey checks (+2 to skill checks for fey stuff, if you spend a feat to become a eladrin histoian it becomes a +5), (mage takes) a pair of bracers of mighty striking(+2 dam with basic attacks) ( dwarf gets) a suit of eladrin chain +1 (no skill or penalty checks, +1 to teleport distance)(given to warlord halfling, needs to be resized.), some bloothread cloth armor +1 (+2 to ac and saves once bloodied) (mage gets) and a javilin +1 thunderbusrt weapon (1 x day thunder blast aura 1 centered on target)(paladin gets).

they go back to the final door in the iron cobra room. the final door is unmarked and locked, the thief opens it no prob. a steep decending staircase leads into darkness. the team decends and finds a massive room. at the far end two huge torch bearing statues flank an enormus door. a symbol on the floor around a small platform states that "Only he who possesses the Grace of Corellian may open the door to the Well of Souls". THe area is teeming with magic, even the non arcana skilled people can tell. the halflings nearly comvince ech other that stepping on teh pedestal with the amulet of corellian is the way to go, but then the wizasrd consults the book, and decides that the "Grace of Corellian" is an item that Corellian used to slay the demon prince long ago. "so it's the javalin?" askes one. "Yeah, Corellian killed a demon prince with a plus one javalin." ... "he's awesome!"

luckily no one stepped up and i didnt have to kill anyone.

the team goes back to the goblin burrow, digs it out, and finds it leads down to some preicouls undiscovered vaces beneath the town of south wood. it's big deep and dark. they decide to go back to town to rest up, cash in thier dead dwarf and get xp.

they all level, split the treasure, resize the armor, get more equipment. word gets back that the characters have found a dungeon, and returned the dwarf nobles son to him, and the storyteller in the bar gives the team the "key to the kingdom" a map of the kingdom of Koros. they players finish up, planning to return to the caverns and find those pesky goblins.

stay tuned, folks, the party is leveling and finding stuff. and may just be close to thier goal of ridding the area of the goblin bandits!

until next week, DnD fans!

Brass Monkey

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The party is back in the saddle.

after meeting briefly with Lord Blackstone the dwarf and collecting thier reward for his sons corpse, the characters take a day to rest (and level) buy more goodies and get ready to go back, everyone if very interested in where they have been and what they've been doing, comeing back from a supposedly safe place with a corpse and covered in their own blood. word gets around quickly which doesnt help Eric (the wizards) nasty suspeciouns that someone in town has been helping the goblins. They return to the sunken tower and back to the caves.

As if they were waiting for them, a squad of goblins jumps them as soon as they exit the burrow, 6 goblin cutters, two wolves, two goblin blackblades, a javalin throwing warrior and a axe toteing goblin skull cleaver leap into they fray. the cutters go down quickly, but the blakcblades give Bork the dwarf hell, keeping him flanked and dealing extra damage until he collapses at zero hp. Taranis the Paladin saves him with a handy lay on hands power. the party fightrs hard and kills the goblins through audacity and help from the Paladin's sacred circle power.

Bork uses a gang of gealing surges and is ready to go again.

The characters follow the immense limestone caverns to a rageing undergound river emptying into a lake. a huge old stone bridge leads across, and wagon ruts lead from the south turning across the bridge. easily tracking the mob of goblins, they follow them across the bridge. eventually teh come to a great black stone structure deep in the caverns on the shore of the undergound lake, it is surrounded by four huge black pillars written in a language none of them can read. Circleing the building thier sunrod gives them away, and four goblins cometo investigate, the characters jump them and dispatch them before they can raise the alarm. The building is immense, and inside the huge darkened hall the characters see the remaining goblins prepareing to sacrifice a dwarf, the temple is obviously old, and the goblins have taken it for thier use, covering the hidious depiction of torture and imprisonment with scrawing goblin graffiti. they see 5 cutters, two wolves, a skullcleaver, a sharpshooter, a warrior and two other goblins they've never run into (a hexer and an acolyte of malbugiyet) Thier dwarf captive is on a dais and the goblins are surrounding a sacrificial pit, teh floor is carved into a demonic face, with the mouth as the pit opening. they thief, not wasting anytime with a "plan" tiptoes into the darkened hall, and sneaks up into short range for his crossbow. the other players position themselves near the door.

The thief sneak attacks the Hexer and everything goes to hell. the theif rolls last on his initiative and has no chance to get away. the characters move up, shooting, blasting and killing cutters as they advance. the wolves take it to the halfling, nocing him down and getting ready to rip him to peices. the warlord advances on the acolyte (he's infor a nasty suprise). the hexer raises a obscuring cloud for himself and his crossbowman, whom he moves next to, so he can take advantage from "lead from teh back, which throughout the fight, allows him to redirect attacks to the nearest ajacent ally.

the hexer blinds the warlrod, and the acolyt blasts him and knocks him back with hand of malbugiyet, then retrats to the cover of the obscuring mist. the fight goes on this way, the sharpshooter and warrior raining long range missles while the players fight with the wolves and skullcleaver, anytime anyone gets withing ten squares teh acolyte and hexer blast them. as they get rid of the heavies (except for one pesky wolf who teh warlord locks down in a corner) the team advances on the cloud. by now the warrior has run out of javalins and moved in to protect his boss the hexer. as they approach the hexer immobilizes who he can and the acolyte tries to zap the dwarf and paladin, but misses thier fortitude. the paladin and dwarf take out the warrior while the magic user's spells and the thiefs blade do the acolyte. the dwarf shakes off his immobilization and bull rushes the sharpshooter, who is too close to the pit, he is pushed in, and falls to a horrible death (the pit is 20 feet deep and filed with rot grubs.) the remaining fighters gang up on teh hexer and the paladin puts him down. the last wolf breaks but the warlord finishes him off with an opportunity attack. the players are all nearly dead, and now is when their leader, Marduk Redskull a goblin warrior with 5 levels in ranger, decides to attack. he takes it to the players, but a critical strike from bork and a huge damage sneak attack from the thief do him in reather wuickly. after just three rounds of combat, he dies.

searching the temple (it's a old tourture porn palace of Torog, the King that Crawls.) the guys find two dwarf prisoners, the goblins treasure in Marduk's quarters. and a suit of dwarven armor and a wand in the store room with all the junk the goblins have been stealing. Marduk has some amgic armor and a amulet as well. the dwarf finds a secret door, but the cant find a switch to open it. in the dias on the alter, they find a emptey recession where something once was, and a switch. the switch opens the door. the guys decide to take a extended break in the goblin barracks, and the wizard identifies the leather armor +2 (thief gets, an amulet of protection +1 (mage gets) a suit of dwarven platemail +1 (dwarf gets) and a wand +1, ray of enfeeblement, (mage gets) there was more than 500 gp worth of tresure in the chest they found, plus an amethest, and two potions of healing (paladin and warlord get)

The team decides to head through teh secret door into the dusty disused dungeon under the temple. the floor of the hallway in front of them is littered with bones, and ends in a chain curtain, barbed with hooks, blades and other sharp bits. there are four corridors off of the hallway. as the fighter and paladin advance they are hit from the left hall with a barrage of arrows... 6 decrepit skeletons with bows have opened fire on the far side of the room, the paladin runs.. into the trap. on ethier side of the room, just out of their vision were two more old skeletons, (brings our decrepit skeleton total to 10) and a skeleton warrior on each side. one the right side is a boneshard skeleton, a beast with it's hands removed, and a bone spike sticking out of one arm, and a scourge out of the other (hail Torog!). the warriors and the boneshard block off the entrance, fighting the paladin and the dwarf, the bow wielding skeletons shoot arrows into everyone.they wizard take out a few minions fighting the warriors, and the boneshard skeleton keeps dealing ongoing necrotic damage to the dwarf, who uses all his cool "i'm a dwarf and i can take lots of healing surge" powers to stay in the fight. eventually the thief tumbles (second level, bitches) through the gap to flank a warrior, and gets mobbed by the remaining minion skeletons. he ignores them, critical strikes a skeleton warrior in the back, and destoys it. the mage and warlord pick off the minions, and the dwarf and the paladin finish off the remaining skeleton warrior. the wizard backed the boneshard skeleton into a corner with his cloud of daggers, and the halfings move in to finish it. as the warlord bloodies teh thing, it uses a boneshard burst attack, and knocks the halfling into negative hitpoints, just as he was takeing ongoing 5 necrotic damage! oh crap. third session and it looks like someones going to buy it. the paladin steps over the halfling body and holy smites the skeleton horror, holding it at bay. the dwarf grabs the halflinf and drags him across the room to help heal him. the warlord (giving up an opportunity attack) bolts and pours his healing potion down the thiefs throat, but he cant seem to shake the necrotic damage. the wizard and the palading continue beating the mess out of the boneshard, until it dies, explodeing again. this time the paladin is reduced to two hit points, and the mage... well he uses hi snew cool shield spell and gets away without a scratch. finally with help from the warlrod, Slider the thief beats his ongoing damage and the team breaths a sigh of relief. *whew*

too much drama for me. what will the characters uncover in the dead vaults under the temple? will they ever return alaive to the green lands above to tell teh villagers that they are finally safe from the goblins? or will something tha tlurks in the deep gnaw thier bones? only one way to find out... TUNE IN NEXT TIME, for the next exciteing episode!!!

Brass Monkey

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Have finished the dungeon with monsters and treasure, and got rid of the overpowered monster that was there. toned down and ready to go.

tomorrow, we shall see who is up to the test.


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I might have found a new 4e AP to follow...

Could use better punctuation, otherwise it's looking awesome!

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