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[4e] What if Tiamat and Lloth were lesbian lovers?


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Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSMeUPFjQHc

The guy in that video is so totally 4E Corellon. The chick is probably Sehanine. The oni thing is Gruumsh, working with Khala. Gruumsh totally wasn't done with his snowman when Corellon came in and made it spring.
That video was somewhat disturbing. I think it was the way the woman basically ignored the singer, while he hovered around her, fondling her hair.


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Also, we can't forget the obligatory goth band featuring The Raven Queen and The Lady of Pain.
See, now I'm picturing the Raven Queen as like a female Trent from Daria.

(Not that Trent or Daria were Goths, but the image amuses me)
Dunno why, but I pictured The Raven Queen as Tarja Turunen :D

And then I remembered that Nighwish had a song about lesbians, but it turns out it's just nymphomaniac fantasies :D
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