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#5: Motivation for Involvement


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Nice article. I would add not just creative thinking, but the ability to present in a social situation, and to think (and talk) from your heels. Gaming is a great and creative social outlet. But expressing myself clearly, keeping the audience (of players) engaged, trying to anticipate the moves of the GM (as a player) or the players (as a GM) have been right up there with the rest of the benefits.

My job requires a lot of creative thinking, presentations, writing, ordering and making sense of large amounts of disparate information, and speaking off-the-cuff on various topics. It's a job tailor-made for someone who runs and plays RPGs. Gaming in general, and GMing in particular, has made me better at my job. Our group consists of an analyst, a technology editor/journalist, a lawyer, a software guy ... among others ... everyone brings skills to the table, and gets something valuable out of the experience.

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"Because it's fun"?
But doesn't that beg the question "why is this particular activity fun for these particular people?" - which is exactly what the article seeks to address.
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