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5 Player Board Game Recomendations


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Ok, so money is doing ok at the moment, so I fancy splashing out on a new board game, but my normal Board game group is five people, and we struggle to find good new games for a group of that size, so I'm looking for some recomendations, and I hate using Boardgamegeek (especially seeing as the filter on their search engine doesn't seem to want to let me filter by number of players) So I wondered if any of you folks had any good ideas.

Further Taste Guidelines
I'm after something reasonably new, three out of the four other people I play with play boardgames far more often than I do (3-4 times a week to my one) so I'm looking for something that they've not necessarily heard of or played yet, so something from the last couple of years or so would be great.
Complexity wise, I'm looking for Medium-Medium Heavy, but time wise something that can be reliably played in 2-2.5 hours. Basically something we can get our teeth into
In terms of game types, I'm open to anything other than Deck Builders, unless they are of a completely design from the standard, most Deck Builders just seem far too samey to me.
Oh, and Ideally I'd be looking for games that can handle five players without an expansion (i'd like not to have to commit that much blind)

Examples of games we commonly play:
7 Wonders
Alien Fronteers
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Chaos in the Old World
Dinosaur Island
Lords of Waterdeep
Terraforming Mars
The Voyages of Marco Polo


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Well, my current fave hotness is Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy edition - all the fun of the original (and all the replayability), but a guided set of games to start that leave you with a customised "board". 5 is the max number of players, but it works fine, from what we've found.


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We tend to go for games more on the strategy side of things, and I'm not particularly keen on 'Betrayal.' It seems like every time I've ever played it I end up with minimal usable Items and very low stats before the Haunt is even revealed and it ends up kind of a slog. I was tempted by 'Legacy' as it might mitigate that between sessions some-how, but I'm not really convinced.


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Some of my favorite games for 5 players:

Cosmic Encounter: A game of intergalactic warfare and skulduggery. Scales well with a wide variety of player numbers. Modular design: There are a wide variety of optional rules you can use or ignore to tailor the game to your desired complexity.

The Resistance - Avalon: One of the best hidden role games (IMO), Avalon has the distinction of requiring fewer players than other entries in the genre.

Imperial Assault/Descent 2nd Ed.: If you or one of your co-players if willing to take the mantle of Imperial/Overlord, these are kick-ass dungeon crawlers. Both use very similar rules, but Imperial Assault is the newer, much improved incarnation. IA is set in the Star Wars universe, Descent is generic fantasy. Descent may be pushing your 2.5 hour limit, though.


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I'll never not recommend Sentinels of the Multiverse, which is at its best when you can pull off the neat group combos only accessible when you have 4-5 heroes on the table.


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Hansa Teutonica works with 5. Weight wise it's about medium (though the first game is heavier, as it takes a bit to get used to it), it's incredibly strategic, and there's a lot of different viable strategies that you can use.


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Concordia. Yeah, it's got a deckbuilding mechanic, but that's only part of the experience.

Euphoria. My favorite worker-placement game in the whole wide world.

Caverna is a boosted Agricola where you're running dwarves who not only farm but also mine and dungeon-delve.

None of these are super new, but they weren't on your list so I thought I'd mention them.

OK, probably not Caverna--most games are gonna run longer than 2.5 hours.
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