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5 Player Board Game Recomendations


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Game of Thrones (2nd edition) is perfect with five players, though it's really more of a 3.5-4 hour game.

Chaos in the Old World + the Horned Rat is also pretty good with five players (and plays shorter than GoT), but good luck finding both now at a reasonable price.


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We get a lot of play out of new Angeles, a Netrunner inspired strategy game where you’re mega corporations trying to make more profit than your (hidden) rival while preventing the city from defending into chaos.


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Battlestar Galactica is 3-6 players, but 5 is considered ideal to the extent that I've heard of people refusing to play it with any other number of players. One for longer sessions, though - you're not going to fit it into 2.5 hours.


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Terra Mystica works well with 5. It's not very new though. Feudum is worth a look... great fun, pretty weighty, and a really unique art style.

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Junta is normally better the more players you have, but the coup minigame can slow it down to a crawl.


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One word of warning for -- as a colorblind player, I find the game almost too difficult to play. Some of the colors are very hard to tell apart.

Ethnos is a card-driven area control game where you turn in matching sets of cards to place control tokens on various regions on a map. Each card has a region and a fantasy race on it. The region on the top card of your stack is where your token goes, and whichever race is on top has its special ability trigger. You can turn in sets of all the same race or all the same region, but the number of cards has to exceed the number of tokens you already have in the region you're trying to claim. Some races also have side boards that offer other point scoring options (orcs go on raids, merfolk have their own separate scoring track, etc). Works really well at all player counts.
I can second Ethnos. We don't play it nearly enough, but it's a favorite of ours. Just an excellent mix of simple rules, interesting tactical decisions, a little risk taking, and replayability.
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