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#51: Lazy


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I feel it too. The mental sluggishness that seems to make names, plots, and adventures slow down. Even starting a game session seems more like work than fun. In part I blame this on distractions on my time and my own high expectations of myself. I know that on the other side of the table the elements that make it fun are far simpler than the fare I present. Part of that is because I'm a fan of games like Fantasy Hero and other modular games.

To me the making of an internally consistent, stable, and supplement inclusive setting that can be revisited over d over again is the pinnacle of work most GM/DMs can aspire too.

Certain things really boost the experience for me. People who know the rules or who are creatively engaging. Players who know that the genre requires certain things of them and are happy to oblige as long as it doesn't dominate their every waking thought. Good article Mr. Winn. I think I've seen an Livejournal for at some point but I may be thinking of someone else.
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