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(5e) Pacts but not Warlocks


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So I love warlocks, but I have an issue with how multiclassing interacts with the notion of pact making and the reason to do it.

I imagine a diablerist wizard who seeks a pact for greater arcane power(!) except it’s a straight path to less arcane power. Maybe some staying power though the Pact Magic is gained but delaying spell progression is like death to me. So here’s my fix.

Magic Initiate as is.
New Feat:
Prerequisite: Charisma 13, Magic Initiate for Warlock
As a Sellsoul you have further bound yourself to an otherworldly Patron. You recover the ability to cast 1st level warlock spell after completing any rest and can choose 1 Invocation available from your Patron. When ever you gain a level you may choose a different invocation to replace the one you have. You treat your character level as your Warlock level if there is a level requirement. Additionally, you can replace the 1st level Spell gained from magic Initiate with another 1st level spell from the Warlock list or the additional spells offered by your Patron.

I don’t see any obvious breaks. Maybe the Sorcerer Eldritch Blaster gets a little bump, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Am I missing anything?


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No problem, I’m always glad to see what others have done for inspiration.

Edit: having read over it I really don’t like feat chains, my example being a limited exception. Pact Boon at level 1 for variant humans also seems questionable. But I appreciate the chance to see what others are doing.
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I like it as a chain, but not as feats. I would rather use those in place of the warlock class and each has a prereq that involves contacting the patron or their representative and doing something to earn that power. The more stuff they do for the patron, the more power they earn. Make the quests and/or goods difficult or expensive enough and it should balance out.


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That’s pretty much how I run the DMG Boons in my games.

Generally I love warlock as a class for folks that say “I’m too lazy or lack the discipline or brains for wizardry, I lack the lineage to be a Sorcerer, but I still want arcane powah!”

But multiclassing warlock doesn’t lead to the kind of gains I think are appropriate, however, I didn’t want to water down the class by taking iconic elements like pact boons, pact magic spell slots, or patron features.

As I have it here, you can nab a warlock specific spell and get that Eldritch Blast, which is a significant boost for a wizard on a rough day.

Lots of roads to Rome though.
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