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5E "soft" SciFi setting aids?


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I'm about to take over a 5E game from another GM and they have built a really clever and fun SF setting for their run, and I want to continue that. But we've been extremely, EXTREMELY loosy-goosy around the mechanical definitions of what the "magic" stuff gets reskinned as. I'm leaning towards retconning it all so that there's mostly tech equipment, plus any sort of obvious "magical" effect being some version of psionics.

Are there any good resources for existing 5E scifi settings / reskins? I've not had any luck with google, probably because my google-fu is weak.

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I have an outline to use 5e to play a Rifts-inspired campaign. Mechanically, I am just adding a couple tool proficiencies and statting modern/future weapons and vehicles using the DMG as a guideline.

Magic will be magic without any reskining, though, so not really what you are doing.
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