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[5E] WotC's Production & Marketing Strategy For Fifth Edition (Where are the splats?)


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Looking on some of the on-line sellers (Nobleknight Games), they seem to be sitting on a large pile of Core Books. The massive discounts the big online bookstores continually give on the Core Books makes me think they bought in bulk. And I think what sold them on buying so much was a feature WotC touted heavily: a longer lasting edition. Book sellers could afford to buy more now if they thought they could sell them all as 'current product' over the next decade.
Not sure what you mean about people "sitting" on piles of books, I haven't heard of anything like that. Sellers like Amazon didn't buy in bulk, they are continually buying in bulk, it's easy to tell because they are on at least the 10th print run by now, with the latest errata incorporated, let alone the gift sets that just came out.


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Well, they're failing when it comes to adventures. They've been making a lot of hardcover adventure paths, even though adventures sell much worse than player/setting/monster books like Xanathar's, Volo's, and Wayfinder's Guides. My FLGS is full of unsold 5e adventures, but regularly sells copies of the other 5e books.
My guess is the various polls they did during the playtests showed that what people that answered wanted long adventures.
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