5th Edition -- too easy?


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Hello everyone. I've recently been getting back into D&D after going for quite a long time without playing. Currently, I have two different groups I'm running through the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, both of which have experienced players in each group. One group are "veterans", and have been playing since the game's conception. The other group are younger, but are very familiar with the 5E rules. Anyway, I've been learning a lot DM'ing both groups and they seem to enjoy helping me learn the new system.

I did have a question for you all out there though: does 5E present less of a challenge to player characters than previous versions? The only other version of D&D I have played was 2nd, and I remember it being a lot more difficult. Now, first level characters like rogue with abilities such as Sneak Attack can run through enemies. I feel like each encounter is far too easy for the players and fights don't pose much of a real threat at all. Does anyone else feel this way, and do things even out at higher levels?
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