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A Feminist RPG or Kickstarter Gold Rush in full swing?

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Femme Firebird

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What would we do without the insight of plucky womyn gamers like this "Caoimhe Ora Snow" person to make us wake up and realize that all other games that have come before were repressive tools of the Evil Patriarchy?

I join those who see no need for this sort of thing. Just what was it in other games that made her feel not-included? Since I don't see it, I must be insensitive to the plight of the poor, downtrodden, discriminated-against minority gamer. I suppose that makes me a tool of the Evil Patriarchy, too. Damn. Oh well--back to oppressing the masses of disenfranchised gamers...

I mean, seriously? You went there with it?



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and while I don't have anything against McDuffie and Milestone comics....well, Milestone was anything but "more inclusive". It was one solid colour throughout...The Silver Age DC Universe looked like a freakin rainbow in comparison.
Sorry - what "one solid color" was that? Because sure, I remember lots of African-Americans but I also remember Korean, Latino, and Chinese characters. I am pretty sure there was even a token white guy or two.


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With the big "will this game get funded" question answered, this seems like a good point for discussion to take a break. Both of these threads are filled with borderline problem posts, the nature of the thing has changed a bit, the two threads are starting to be one debate, and I strongly suspect that some of the acrimony here is present simply due to poor statement choice and the like.

So. I'm closing down both of these threads, and I'd like folks to avoid starting any new thread on the topic for one hour.

Then, someone can fire up a new thread, if they want, for further discussion.
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