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There is a new site for roleplayers to form groups for gaming.It is not like the others you have met.
Want to play a swordfight in the forest? Want to play PvP in WoW? Want to roll dices?Roleplayer Groupfinder!

The following services can be found here:
*Creating/Searching groups /table, live, online/ with options (eg. city, rpg, age, etc...)
*Uploading and browsing background histories (with picture), that can be ratd by others
*Forum based RPGs with dice rolling options, that will be public after posting and cannot be changed by editing the post
*Event Calendar for your own group and Page, where the others can join and you can organize the next meeting or just discussing things with the members of your group

Check: http://roleplaygamers.org
Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roleplaygamersorg/149478458476523?sk=info) and tell others!

We have an Event as well!
BE the Roleplayer of the Month!
Introduce yourself to others! When Roleplaygamers.org reaches 1000 likes, some will be picked of from the crowd and will have the honor, to be so cool to have an introduction on the site!
Roleplaygamers.org is a site, where you can search or find roleplayer groups for table, online or live gaming!

What to do?
Go to the Event's page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=215695291826862
1. Like Roleplaygamers.org (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roleplaygamersorg/149478458476523)
2. Visit and Share the site (http://roleplaygamers.org/)
3. Attend the event!

Please recommend to others, because the more people registers on the site, the more group can be formed!

Our leaflet, if you have a shop/community center/any surface to stick on: http://roleplaygamers.org/rpgleaflet.jpg

Have a nice Day!



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Anything useful for the southeast of London - particularly Kent.
The vast majority of these sites seem to have serious issues realising I want results for Canterbury, UK NOT some US or NZ town
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