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A Matter of Trust – Larp and Consent Culture


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Sarah Lynne Bowman (author of The Functions of Role-playing Games and the editor of the Wyrd Con Companion Book) has a new article up at NordicLARP.org that I find pretty fascinating:

A Matter of Trust – Larp and Consent Culture

Consent culture in larp communities is a subject of great interest in the current discourse. While previous decades have witnessed roaring debates on the superiority of various rules systems, distribution of narrative control, or emphasis on specific themes, several larp communities have shifted their focus to discuss issues of emotional and physical safety. In the last several years, the annual Nordic larp conference has featured panels and workshops on safety. The Living Games Conference 2016 showcased a series of keynotes on Community Management, with presentations from organizers such as John Stavropoulos, Avonelle Wing, Maury Brown, and Johanna Koljonen. Several scholarly and popular articles have emerged on topics such as emotional bleed from player to character and vice versa; triggers and larp; how to calibrate play styles; steering play to maximize role-play potential; the importance of debriefing; post-larp depression/”blues”; and playing for empathy. Other recent panels have focused upon playing intense emotional content more safely; role-playing as potentially therapeutic; and crisis management in communities, including policy, deliberation, and decision making.
Lots more info at the above link. It includes one of my favorite "commentaries" on the current discussion going on in certain LARP communities:

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