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A Note on Wizkids Deep Cuts and Nolzurs...and the painting thereof


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The pots alll look like dye or ink. They don't apply anything like their colour.
Sorry, to clarify, the orangey tint from my pot still holds true when applied to models. Though I haven't done extensive testing on how Iyanden Yellow looks over different basecoats.

Gavin Bennett

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Experiments continue:

I had, previously, put a black wash over some Nolzur/Wizkids figures to see if it would make life easier to paint.

Anyway, for various reasons I fished one out of the box and thought: here, how would this previously black washed figure take the new Contrast paint

Well...not terribly, no.

The Dark Angels Green, for example, goes on REALLY well over the black wash. Predictably, the lighter flesh tone does not. Alas, I'd already lost a bunch of the facial detail from the wash, so the experiment ruined the verrrry soft detail here.

oh well. Worth doing anyway.
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