A present for RPGnet: d20 'Song of Roland' adventure


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Because I love RPGnet, here's a little gift to you all. It's a free pdf of a d20 D&D adventure based on the French poem The Song of Roland.

Here's the link.

Long story short: I wrote this about a year ago for a small PDF publisher, but they've failed to publish it since then, and I asked for the rights back. Now I just want to get it out there on the net for all to enjoy.

Please note: The adventure was originally written as a supplement for Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual. However, it's perfectly playable without that book; just change a few classes (natural magician becomes sorceror, for example) and replace 'charisms' with regular feats.

Also, I must admit that, for a d20 adventure, it's very narrative-driven and slightly railroady. This is intentional; I wanted the plot to follow the poem very closely.

Anyway, if you like Charlemagne, paladins, desperate last stands and smiting heathens in the name of a vengeful God... then this is the adventure for you. Enjoy.

P.S. I don't know how good Rapidsharing is, so if anyone has spare webspace and would like to host this for me, I'll love you forever. Also, can you guys think of anywhere else on the net that I could post this? ENworld maybe?


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Dreamhost.com is a pretty inexpensive webhosting service that's easy to use (as long as you grok FTP). My wife has some space there... but I'm not sure if its big enough to hold your file since she's got a web-business that never quite got off the ground sitting in it.


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the_seraph: Thanks. I'll see how this host goes; if it acts up, I'll switch to something else.

And for those who've downloaded the adventure: Tell me what you think! I crave feedback! :D


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Looks interesting, if a little rail-roady. Still, it's clear you've put a lot of effort and research into this.

I posted mention of it on my blog. Hope that's ok.

- Brian


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Thanks a bunch, man. I really love seeing this.

And it's serendipitous too: while reading a medieval history earlier today, I learned why one of my players named his sword Durandal... and then bought Song of Roland at the bookstore this evening... and now d/led the official module. Perfect timing.

Thanks again. :)
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