A world without mountains - consequences?


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In a world where a god has created terrain you can have all kinds of mountains. The OP doesn't seem to be talking about geologically accurate mountains, but mountains raised and squashed by gods.
If that were the case, then there would be no point whatsoever in asking what the effects of such an act would be, because the answer may as well be 'spoon'.


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It would also probably produce mountains taller than the Himalayas, as the ground rebounds from the impact.
Yes, some other mountain ranges are likely.

And now that I think of it, deep-ocean life would also be affected. The crust is at its thinnest there, and the effects would be deep and far-reaching on the crust everywhere. You'd have new underwater volcanoes, old, closed fissures would reopen, abysses and trenches would be destabilized and take major landslides, new vents would be opened and the existing ones might close or increase their activity.


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Look up Mother Volga, the longest river in Europe (3,530 km) with a total drop in elevation 256 m from source to mouth. That's a whopping 72 cm drop per km, or an inclination that is barely noticeable.
True, I'm overlooking those rivers – the Mississippi being another – that have their headwaters not in mountains, but in northern latitudes with high seasonal snowfall. But I do think it's notable that the highest-volume rivers, the ones moving the most fresh water around, are almost all mountain-fed... and even the Mississippi is an imperfect example, since while the head of the Mississippi itself is low-lying, most of the other major rivers which merge into it are ultimately sourced from the Rockies or Appalachians...


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Finally just want to say thank you all for helping fuel my creativity and giving me advise and droppin' knowledge about the initial question in my OP.

Shan Andy Shan Andy : Just say this article today..reminded me of our brief conversation on here.
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