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About the use of BGM.


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I usually just use background music that I find fitting for the genre and mood of the session. Movie or video game soundtracks are perfect. Especially horror is much easier to pull off IMO if you use creepy background music. In a Star Trek game I ran a couple of years back I created several playlists with music for various parts of the adventure and even included sound effects like the background sounds on the bridge, etc. This can be very effective, if you get things right, but it also puts more stress on the GM.

In the past I've also written a couple of blog posts about the use of music in tabletop RPGs which you might want to check out: https://stargazersworld.com/category/advice/music/ (Some of the posts have been written by my good friend Roberto aka Sunglar, which are of course also worth reading) :)


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I've never had any use for it in face-to-face games, which are usually chaotic and unfocused enough without intentionally adding more distractions.

In online games, I have youtube playlists to link.
Actually, this is something I've mucked about with a little, but my worry is always that once on YouTube players might find something else to distract them from the game.
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