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[Actual Play: Buffy] The Watch House Season 3

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(The Watch House is a series concerning Watchers in training at King's College, Cambridge. Season One begins here and Season Two here.)

The Watch House 3.01: New Blood

Jake: psychic, plagued by visions and memories
William: Watcher in training, starting to make his own way

Andy: easy-going hereditary lycanthrope

Escher: dour Watchers' tutor

Emma: Jake's ex, a somewhat capable spellcaster

A train pulls in to Cambridge by night, brakes screeching and echoing across the near-deserted platform. Dozens of young people step out, looking around, following signs to the exits and the taxi racks. A handful head for telephone booths and lavatories. The crowd thins and disperses, leaving the station silent again.

One backpacking student steps out of the bathroom, looking around the gloomy station... and a vampire snarls as it skulks towards her. Then it pauses and looks over as someone standing in the shadows snaps open a lighter and lights a cigarette.

Jake: Disgusting habit...

He throws the lighter at the vampire. It swoops towards it, opens mid-flight, twists around in the air and shoots a gout of flame into the vamp's face. The lighter flies back into Jake's hand after the vampire has burned to nothing, and he steps out. The backpacker looks around briefly, spots him and smiles.

Backpacker: Uh, hi, I'm going to King's College, do you know the way?
Jake: Yeah, head down the main street...

The route he describes isn't a shortcut, but keeps to well-lit main roads.

William groans as he sets down the last of Charlotte's bags by her bed.

Charlotte: Thanks for your help. I guess you've got to check in as well?
William: Yeah, I suppose so.
Charlotte: See you afterwards?
William: Sure.

Andy pads through the corridors, dragging a trolley of bags. The wheel snags on the rim of the door, and his eyes briefly flash golden as he grits his teeth and pulls the trolley inside.

Emma sits on the bench outside Escher's office, watching the door. She looks up as Jake approaches, smiling softly, sadly.

Emma: Hi. Um... how was your summer?
Jake: Oh... it was fine. Quiet.
Emma: Yeah. Mine too. This is everyone, I guess... (frowns)
Jake: Everyone that's left...
Emma: Yeah... we should probably check in.

Jake knocks, and before long the door opens. Escher smiles slightly and waves them all in. Emma pats his shoulder lightly.

Looking around, the group note two unfamiliar satchels sitting on the main desk.

Escher: Everyone... the first year class.
Jake: (Under his breath) Freshers... we're gonna die.


Theme: Ash, Evil Eye

The full moon over Cambridge, behind the tower of King's College Chapel.

The Watch House

James McAvoy as Jake - spinning a sword, gritting his teeth as a stake floats above his hand and flies away, playing his guitar

Mark Hamilton as William Grove - flicking through an ancient tome, adjusting a taser, hefting his axe

Hans Matheson as Andy Sampson - charging with a baseball bat, howling at the moon, briefly glimpsed in werewolf form

Vampires and demons charging, a swirling black and purple tear hanging in mid-air, hands bursting out of the ground

Monica Keena as Natalie Derby-Moore - firing a crossbow, kicking a demon in the face, smirking

Gabriel Thomson as Matthew Fairweather - looking nervous, raising a torch, throwing a punch

Laura Fraser as Emma Radcliffe - raising her hands in warding, looking thoughtful

Alfred Molina as Michael Escher - loading a crossbow, glaring

Vampires, demons, gravestones, skulls, sinister rituals, strange flashes of intense light, bodies being flung through the air, the full moon again, and the show logo and the 'call to arms' shot of the Watch loading up and striding purposely in slow-motion towards the camera...

Created by Oxbrow, Tobin, Windmill, Robertson, Prentice, Neil, Dizzy, McCraw, McIntyre and Darlington

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A bespectacled boy in sweater and college scarf, and a fair-haired girl in blouse, jeans and stout walking shoes.

Escher: William Grove, Emily Radcliffe, Jackson Deville, Andrew Sampson - Matthew Fairweather and Natalie Derby-Moore.
Natalie: Of the Aylesbury Derby-Moores.
Matthew: Tcch.

She glances at him, he looks at the desk.

Escher: They will be studying, learning, observing patrols.
William: (casually) So, back to patrolling then...
Natalie: (excitedly) Patrolling?
Emma: (groans) My favourite part...
Jake: (groans) It's good to be home...

Natalie: So, who are you people?
William: Who are we?
Natalie: Well, I know you, but...
William: Oh, we're the Watchers.

Natalie nods, apparently satisfied. Matthew wanders off to resume looking at the stacks.

Emma: So what did you guys do over the summer?
William: Stayed with my family. My family's not very exciting.
Jake: (quietly) At least you got one.
William: Er... so we spent a fortnight at the lakes.
Emma: You and Charlotte?
William. Yeah. That was nice.

Jake: So, what have we missed?
Escher: Not much, thankfully.
Jake: Keeping tabs on Ziggy's family?
Escher: We were supposed to be. They vanished after a few days.
Jake: That Watcher skill again.
Escher: Quite.

William: So, can the new recruits fire a crossbow?
Jake: Take 'em down to the practice room and see.
William: Show 'em all our cool weapons.
Escher: Here's the key.

The practice room hasn't been used since June. The targets are draped with dust sheets. Jake pauses on the threshold, listening to the echoes of the last time he was here, then presses on inside.

Natalie: Good space. Lots of room to run in.
Jake: Yeah...

William: Now, crossbows, and -
Natalie: Are these repeating crossbows? I'm mostly used to using sporting bows, but I imagine these are more practical in the field.
William: Uh, yes.
Natalie: Hard to conceal though, of course.
William: Yes, and we also have melee weapons. Combat does get a little too close sometimes.
Matthew: Oh, good...

Jake throws Matthew a fencing foil. He manages to catch it before it hits the floor.

Jake: We don't tend to bother with masks. They're a little conspicuous. I mean, we could probably find one...
William: I think they're behind the hand axes... have to blow the dust off...
Matthew: (warily) No, no, that's fine.

He takes up a competition-perfect fencing position, one hand behind his back, drops his foil, starts to salute - and Jake jabs him in the ribs.

Matthew: Hey!
Jake: It's all very well in here but don't go saluting vampires. Cross that off your list right now.
Matthew: Hm. What else?
Jake: They're stronger, faster -

Matthew yells and charges. Jake ducks away and kicks Mathew's legs from under him.

Jake: - And don't let them know you're coming.
Matthew: Screaming, not a good idea.
Jake: They're faster and stronger than you are, and they like to hear people scream.
William: Although it can be helpful if we're on patrol and you're attacked while out of sight.
Natalie: So have you slain a lot of vampires?
Jake: Well -
William: Don't worry. We haven't seen any for a while.

Jake says nothing about his encounter the night before.

Jake: In the Shield it's fine.
Matthew: Of course it doesn't keep everything out.
Jake: Well, no. But it'll let you sleep at night.

He hands Natalie a crossbow. She tests the weight, nocks a bolt, turns, and fires into the centre of a target.

Natalie: Not bad.
Jake: From a standing target at twenty feet.
William: It's a little different against a charging demon.
Natalie: Well, that's what we're here to learn.
Matthew: (quietly) I'm here to learn geography...

Natalie gives him a look, and he takes the crossbow... aims... adjusts his glasses... aims again and fires, hitting near the centre.

William: You might have to fire a bit faster than that if things start happening out on patrol.
Jake: If things start happening out on patrol, stay back.
William: Was that "out on patrol" or "out of control"?
Jake: On patrol.
Emma: I heard out of control too...
William: But, anyway, most patrols are somewhat uneventful.
Matthew: (unreassured) Good...
Jake: Don't feel like you have to go. There's plenty to do here.
Matthew: No, we kind of do have to go...

Natalie nods curtly. Matthew looks at his shoes. She goes to look at the selection of weapons and he trudges after her. Jake watches them go, brow furrowed.

Jake: Babysitting them both at the same time?
William: Oh, what's the worst that c-

Emma quickly puts a hand over William's mouth before he can finish that sentence.

William: Sorry.
Emma grins.
Jake: I guess we're out tonight. (to William) In the meantime, find some book thing for Matthew. Coming from you it'll seem useful.

They nod, and head back to the office.

Natalie: So do we go into battle a lot?
William: We have quite often -
Matthew: (nervously) Often?
Jake: Often's too strong.
William: Sometimes we have been known to... er... read up. In the event that something bad - in case something happens.
Jake: Check out the local fauna and flora. Read William's reports...
William: And leave some of the magic books alone.
Matthew: Magic books?
William: They're mostly in Mister Escher's locked collection, of course.
Natalie: Gosh. So will we be going patrolling?
Jake: Once it gets dark.
Natalie: Oh. (looks out the window) Right.
William: Well, we could go now but it'd be rather uneventful.
Matthew: I don't mind -
Natalie: We'll be ready in a couple of hours then.

Once the freshers are out of the way:

Jake: We are so screwed.
Emma: She seems enthusiastic... (ponders) is that good?
Jake: I hope so.

They share a look as they head back to their rooms to unpack, and in William's case to help Charlotte unpack.


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Two hours later, on the dot, Natalie leads Matthew back to the office. They're kitted out for action - well, he's kitted out for orienteering really. Escher shares a look with William, Jake and Emma.

William: Well, what do you guys want to take?

Matthew clasps a stake tightly, and a cross hangs down his front.

Matthew: I, ah, understood we'd be going along in an observational capacity -
Natalie: Can I have a shortsword?
Jake: Just stay at the back, okay guys?
Matthew: Well, not the back exactly? Can we have someone behind us?
Jake: Right, stay in the middle...
Natalie: Can I have something concealable? I mean, more than a composite bow.

She mimes firing a longbow.

William: Well, yes. English longbows are a little outdated, even for our traditions...
Jake: I hear they use them in Oxford, but that's probably just the rumour mill.
Natalie: Um, well, anyway. Do we get a map? Or do we frown on maps?
Jake: We don't want to be too predictable.
Matthew: And do we patrol inside the Shield or, er... outside?
Jake: What would be the point of patrolling inside the Shielded area?
Matthew: Well, it doesn't cover everything, and, er...
Jake: It'll be fine. Don't point that thing at me.

He gently moves the point of Matthew's tightly-held stake to the side.

Matthew: Sorry.
Jake: Ever used one?
Matthew: Of course... (quietly) On a practice dummy.
Jake: Well, there are two ways to use it. Overhand like this, through the ribcage. Or underhand like this, through the soft part under the ribs.

Matthew duly nods and looks appalled. Natalie tuts.

Natalie: We did graduate from the Watchers' Academy, you know.

Jake shakes his head and walks off in a random direction.

Natalie: Why that way?
Emma: Why not?
William: Because that's the way.
Jake: As long as we cover the whole are in a week...

Natalie and Matthew hurry and trudge after respectively.

William: We can't let them straggle. They'll end up in some pub.
Emma: That'd be bad. It's all a question of when they end up in the pub.
Jake: It'd help if we had vampire detectors. Y'know, glowy things.
William: So they can see us coming?
Jake: Not that glowy. Like Zig... (trails off)
Emma: Yeah, well...

The three of them lapse into silence. William adjusts the sight on his crossbow. Jake speaks up a little too quickly.

Jake: They can smell us anyway. Even without Jack here.

Will and Em smile. Em looks back and beckons the freshers to hurry up.

And then four veiny, sallow-skinned demons charge around the corner.

Jake fires his crossbow first, asks questions later. The lead monster takes a shot in the heart and flinches.

Jake: What are they?
William: Could be a... no, they're found much further south...
Jake: Dude, stop thinkin' about it and fight!

A bolt through the (glowing green) eye drops one of them.

Natalie: Take that!
Matthew: Uh... uh...
Jake: Anybody wanna pipe up?
Matthew: Uh... probably not a Trivlos...

Emma tuts and raises a hand, slamming two of them back with a wall of force, away from Matthew as he adjusts his glasses and tries to draw a bead on the probably-not-a-Trivlos.

Matthew: They can't abide the cold, which isn't very hel-WAHA!

One of them lurches forwards, dodging a sword swing from Jake, dodging into William's axe.

Emma: The dead ones are starting to melt. Oh, guys, don't step in the goo.

Matthew blanches and looks at the ground. Jake grabs his crossbow and fires it into the last demon's mouth. It starts to liquefy as well.

Matthew: Good God.
Natalie: Smells like someone let one off in the chemistry lab.
Matthew: Judging by the dispersal, they're probably Etruscan Havlos. A related subspecies. They don't mind the cold as much, but this is still pretty far north for them.
Jake: Hang on.

He retrieves a single solid item from the steaming mass of yellow goop - a pewter signet ring marked with a black circle lined in red.

Emma: What is it?
Jake: I doubt it's the eye of Sauron. Any ideas?
William: Take it back to the office and see?
Jake: Might be a homing device. Not that I'm being paranoid about that or anything.
Emma: Oh, no, of course.
William: It's a healthy paranoia.

Jake sketches the symbol then puts the ring down.

Jake: See if you can smash it. Just in case.

William hefts his axe. The ring smashes into itty-bitty pieces.

Jake: Just checking.
William: And here I was worried it'd damage my axe. Like last time...
Matthew: Last time?
Jake: Long story.
William: Vitrified Hanelorga skull.
Matthew: Ahh, I see.
Jake: Well, that's the short version.

A closeup of the ring - on another hand, clawed, sallow with bruise-black veins.

Demon: The Watchers are weak, broken. The warrior is slain, the warlock gone. Their heart and soul are lost to them. And now they must guard the children in their midst.

We pan up to a face literally pockmarked with stubby horns. The demon sneers as he continues.

Demon: Which they will fail.


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Escher looks at the sketched symbol.

Escher: Hmm.
Jake: It always lifts my spirits when he says hmm like that. I just want to skip around the room...

Jake heads out for a smoke.

Escher: It could be the mark of the Black Sun... or the Blood Sun... or the Blood Moon... probably not the Night Sun... there really aren't enough ominous signs that can easily fit onto a signet ring... I'll draw up a list, you can all help to research the cults in question. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more of these things.
William: I think Matthew might need something a bit more effective than a stake, then.
Jake: Want to give him...?
William: He's not bad with a foil. Of course, a foil is bloody useless... (ponders) assuming it wasn't modified to shoot bolts of electricity... Hmm...
Jake: Remind me to bring that mobile Faraday cage with me next time we patrol.
Emma: Pub?
William: Well, it is traditional.
Emma: Should we bring them?

She looks over at Matthew and Natalie, both looking up attentively at the mention of the pub.

The Brody is already coming back to life. Tessa and Rachel greet familiar faces at the bar. Sophie and Lawrence still aren't talking to each other. Blur's Tender plays in the background.

Jake: I'll get a round in. What does anyone want? Usual? Matthew, Natalie?
Natalie: Just an orange juice.
Matthew: I... (looks at Nat, sinks into his seat) orange juice too.
Jake: It's okay, you can have something else.
Matthew: Um... can I get a beer? (carefully avoids looking at Natalie)
Natalie: Well then, I'll have a vodka and orange. (cocks a snook at Matt)

Tessa smiles cheerily as Jake approaches.

Tessa: Hi, how was your summer?
Jake: Oh, it was... quiet.
Tessa: We solved a murder!
Jake: Uh... what?
Tessa: (nods) Crazy mad scientist and everything. Put our journalism courses to good use.
Jake: Uh... right... (blinks) Well... less of that here.
Tessa: Oh, yeah.

Jake returns to the booth, not sure if she was joking.

Natalie: ... the Classics Society, of course. Apparently it has a second-year President after the last fella dropped out. Need to keep my Latin up. And Archery, naturally, and the pony club goes without saying.
William: Right... got a pony yourself?
Natalie: Her name's Star...

Jake: Haven't seen the rugby club yet.

He looks around, and spots Michelle hustling Matt and Alan of the Society for Psychical Research at the pool table.

Michelle: Hiya. Glad to be back?
Jake: We'll see.
Michelle: Haven't seen Jack have ya?
Jake: Trying to avoid him. I imagine you are too?
Michelle: Oh yeah.

Will joins them at the pool table.

William: So did you guys find anything, ahem, haunted over the summer?
Alan: Oh, we found a very promising sight. It has a cold spot on the landing!
Jake: A... cold spot.
Alan: The temperature varies by about three degrees!
Matt: Centigrade, of course.
Jake: Near a window, is it?
Alan: No!
Matt: And half the pictures came out with spheres!
William: Spheres...
Matt: You know, inexplicable white dots!
Jake: Like you messed up the exposure.
Alan: (defensively) Well, like that, yes...

Jake shakes his head and steps out to get some air. He looks over the familiar faces in the pub, thinks about the familiar faces that aren't there. Emma watches him go, almost hiding a frown as she turns back to the freshers. He heads over to see Andy, finding him staring at his PlayStation.

Jake: Some sorta demon frat boys in town. And Watcher freshers.
Andy: Sorry I missed that. I was... umm... busy.

William waves to Charlotte as she enters, and gets up to greet her.

Matthew: Who's she? Another Prentice?
William: No, she very much isn't.
Natalie: A civilian?

She seems puzzled by this concept. Matthew shrugs and takes this opportunity to go and play darts. Natalie joins him and promptly trounces him.

Charlotte: So, all checked in and all, and all?
William: Yeah. I saw a few of the freshers too. All new and... stuff.
Charlotte: We're like grownups now. Kind of.
William: Yeah... wanna rent a movie and eat popcorn?
Charlotte: Cool!

Next morning, the group reconvene at the office.

Jake: So, have you found The Cult Of The Black Circle With The Red Circle Round It yet?
Escher: I've isolated a few possibilities. I've ruled out the Black Sun, and a group annihilated by the Black Moon...
Jake: Hostile buyout?
William: Obviously they really liked the symbol.
Escher: We found three groups that might be reasonably local and that might use Havlos.

He hands one of three files to Matthew, a second to Natalie.

Jake: Since we know they're active, we can't let them get too close to the middle of civilisation... not that Cambridge isn't in the middle of civilisation...
Natalie: Why here, then?
William: We tend to draw them to us...
Matthew: That's reassuring.
William: And Jack's not around, so no smell to drive them away.
Jake: Not so much cannon fodder, either.

He looks sidelong at Matthew, who very quickly starts reading, and smirks. As the new bugs read, the others step outside.

William: Emma, you and Natalie can talk about leads.
Jake: Take her under your wing a bit. Round the edges off.
Emma: Hm?
Jake: She's a bit... square.
Emma: If she takes me riding I'm takin' you with me.
Jake: (smirks) Oh yeah, that's gonna happen.

Matthew: Aha! Here we are. The Sect of the Eye of the Night, worshippers of Darokin the Shadow.

Natalie looks up, blinks, mouth hanging open.

Natalie: Darokin? The cult of Darokin?
William: Yes...
Natalie: (quietly) Oh dear.
Jake: What's goin' on?

Natalie pouts slightly, looking flustered.

Jake: Anything you want to tell the class?
Natalie: Well, erm, Darokin of the Burning Eye was a Trivlos demon seer. He formed a cult in the Sixteenth Century which we - the Watchers fought with on and off until we killed him and wiped the other leaders out in 1836. June. Anyway, the survivors pledged death for the descendants of the Watcher who lead the charge.
Jake: And that would be...
Natalie: Harold Derby. Before his son Henry married Juliet Moore. But, but father assured me they were all dead. They haven't tried to kill any of us since the War...

The second-years share a look.

William: Dead is kind of a loose term in our profession.
Jake: Yeah, if he'd said dusted we might rely on that.

And meanwhile, in a large, dark room, robed figures walk widdershins around a small fire, chanting in Etruscan...


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Jake: So, what are the weaknesses or these demons?
Escher: Well, there's the cold. The Trivlos hibernate in winter.
Jake: So they're summoned. Or they're tourists.
William: Maybe I can build a freeze ray... hmm, suppose I don't have time... a dry ice catapult?
Matthew: You build things a lot?
William: I made a lightning gun once. Kinda got exploded by this evil guy.
Matthew: Maybe something less ambitious then?
Jake: A bucket of ice?
William: Some cold beers!... (ponders) Cans... liquid nitrogen... hmm...

Jake: They'd have to have somewhere warm. And they probably don't mind the bills.
Escher: Places large enough to have furnaces and boilers.
Jake: That's most of the colleges. Hospitals, schools...
Escher: Hotels...
Jake: Have you got the map?

Spreading out the large map of the city, annotated with the radius of the Shield and other points of interest, Jake taps the street the Havlos attacked them on.

Jake: What's nearby?
Escher: Hmm... the Crown Hotel. Currently closed for renovations. Two streets along.
Jake: That's handy.
William: I'm just off to borrow the thermal imaging goggles. Then I'm going to the lab.
Jake: Gonna make up some fizz bombs?

William nods as he goes. The group split up to equip.

Escher: Now, this is just reconnaissance. If there's something there, assess the situation before confronting it.
Matthew: Reconnaissance. Right.
Natalie: Absolutely.

William returns carrying thermal goggles, thick padded gauntlets and a black box with a digital thermometer display. He sets it down on the table with a heavy clunk.

Emma: That's in no way intimidating.
Jake: You put that together this afternoon?
William: (shrugs) Just grabbed some stuff from the chem lab.
Jake: It's not flammable is it? (lights a cigarette)

Will opens the box, and reveals three heavy glass flasks held in packing foam. Jake nods. Emma looks nervous.

Jake: You guys up for this?
Natalie: Absolutely!
Matthew: ...
Jake: You don't have to if you don't want to.
Matthew: Right!

Natalie gives him a look.

Matthew: ... But I suppose I'm here to learn.
William: Researching their motivations may be more useful.

Matthew looks to Natalie and shrugs slightly.

Emma stands up and gets ready to go. Jake turns to her.

Jake: You don't have to come either. We're just doing recon.
Emma: I know what recon's like. I'll get my coat.

William: That makes five.
Jake: Is he coming anyway?
William: Yeah...

The group reach the site and look around. No major security except a video camera watching the workmen's Portakabin. William puts on the huge thermal vision goggles as surreptitiously as possible. No major heat sources above ground. Jake leads the way sneaking inside, where Will notes that the floor is slightly warm.

Jake: Of course we did the proper reconnaissance. We know how many doors there are, how many stairs down, how big the basement is...
Emma: Of course!
William: We always do!

William duly unfolds a floorplan. Jake covers his surprise.

Jake: See?
William: Right, the basement's over here. The furnace's flue is here...
Jake: Could we drop one of your bombs down into the furnace? It'd announce our presence but... it'd be fun.
Matthew: I thought we were just here to look.
William: Matthew, you want to check with these? (offers him the goggles, points to the basement door)
Matthew: Uh... I could look...

Jake goes and looks, then waves William up. Down below, he notes three robed figures chanting, and more Havlos demons lurking in the shadows.

Jake: Latin of the chanting variety. You listen. Gimme one of those things.
William: Remember to use the glove.

Jake nods, takes the glove, and while William's looking away he uses telekinesis to lift the glass globe out of the box and send it on its way into the fire.

William: No, it's... I think it's Etruscan. I'm a little rusty. Something shadow, something fire...

And the chanting is interrupted by yelling as William, using the other glove, throws the second nitrogen bomb into the now charging mass of demons.

Jake: Everybody ready!
Matthew: No?

There's crashing, the hissing of liquid nitrogen hitting fires and splashing onto warm demony flesh, a gurgling noise from the most vocal of the robed demons as it tries to move its flash-frozen arm...

Jake: Don't struggle too much, your arm'll fall off.

The still-functioning demons charge up the stairs. Emma makes a forceful open-handed gesture and the three nearest go toppling back down. William fires his crossbow into a second robed demon's hood. Matthew aims, adjusts his glasses, aims again...

Jake: (sarcasm) Take your time...
Matthew: (ditto) Oh yeah, because pressure really helps...

To prove a point he fires, and gets a demon in the thigh.

William: (encouragingly) Well, you hit it. That's good.

Jake drops his crossbow and takes up his sword. The leader of the charging pack deflects his blow with its arm. But this leaves it open for a swing by William's axe and a jab from Natalie's dagger. Behind them, the surviving robed demon runs over to the furnace, opens it up... and sticks its head in.

Demon: Darokin, take meeeeeaaaaaggghhhh!

The group share a look.

It stumbles back, its head on fire, its burning body tearing out of its robe. It points a fiery claw at Natalie.

Darokin: Now you buuuurn...

Natalie whimpers. And opens the box.

Jake levitates the remaining bomb upside its head. It solidifies like lava cracking underwater.

The remaining demons howl as they charge. Matthew clubs one with his crossbow, firing it into its face. Natalie hacks across another's chest. Jake runs the last through.

Having despatched the survivors, they warily approach the smoking immobile thing as its still-burning eyes glare at them. William retrieves his insulated glove and prods it.

Jake: Not looking so hot now, are you?
Emma: Groan.
Jake: (grins) Sorry. Had to say it.

He lights a smoke off Darokin's outstretched finger and turns to Natalie.

Jake: So, want to uphold the family tradition?

Natalie nods as William offers her his axe.

Jake: We find it better if you sing while you work.
William: Ah, the Lumberjack Song. Brings back good memories...
Jake: (thoughtful) Yeah...
Matthew: (deadpan) I didn't know I'd joined Footlights.
Natalie: (enthusiastic) Ooh, I should join Footlights too!

Natalie shatters Darokin with a single blow to the head. And we cut to her on the phone, pacing around the office.

Natalie: Daddy, I swear, it was the cult of Darokin. It was, in fact, Darokin himself! You assured me - you assured me this whole group was dead. Which they weren't. I'm not happy. Well, yes, they are all dead now, but that's really not the point, daddy! - No it's not!

And we pull back from Natalie pacing, to Matthew watching her pace, to Escher shaking his head and going back to his book, to Emma smirking at the freshers and looking sidelong at Jake, to Jake half-smiling and William grinning as he goes back to reading.


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Escher V/O: Next time on The Watch House:

Natalie pointing and Matthew trudging after her dejectedly.

Charlotte wincing in sympathy as she gently touches a dark bruise on William's cheek.

Emma looking worried as she looks out from the wings of a stage.

Jake waving to the crowd at a fair-sized gig venue (not the Basement).

Three vampires on the balcony overlooking the stage, grinning...

Escher V/O: The next episode of The Watch House is Play Dead.


DVD Commentary

Craig: New season, new cast, no new writing staff, one of my producers off running his own show, one of my writers missing the jam session. Still, I think it turned out fun. I'm worried I had to rely on the supporting cast too much, but we've established the shape of the new season already.

(Matthew backs down as Natalie looks at him)
Craig: I wasn't sure how the dynamic was going to work here, but I think they're a fun double act.


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Sweet! New blood.

I love the William and Natalie interaction. They're definitely quite the pair.

I can't wait to see things progress.

Joe Dizzy

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That was quite cool. Makes me all nostalgic and stuff.

Maybe one day I will also be able to put together a regular gaming group that isn't about to fall apart due to scheduling conflicts after only two sessions.

Natalie and Mathew are quite a fun. They have a very strong Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley vibe to them. I'm curious just how far Matthew's hapless geek shtick will go.

Keep 'em coming.
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