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[Actual Play: Buffy] The Watch House Season Four

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(The Watch House is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer series starring Watchers in training and other interested parties at King's College, Cambridge. Season One begins here, Season Two here and Season Three here.)

The Watch House 4.01: Visions

Cambridge by night, tracking through a graveyard, and a shot of the group arming themselves plays under Escher's introductory voiceover.

"For centuries the Watchers have trained and studied here, learning to guard the unknowing world from the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. These same forces besiege this city every night, and it falls to the students to hold them back..."

The Cast

Milli: maverick Watcher in training returned from the dead, drawn in from a reality that split when Jake was possessed
Jake: psychic musician plagued by visions and memories, including the memory of seeing Milli die to save him
William: Watcher in training starting to make his own way, Milli's best friend
Andy: hereditary lycanthrope who assures us he's in control, Jake's best friend
Natalie: socialite Prentice fresher romantically conflicting with Matthew
Matthew: shy bookish Prentice fresher lovelorn over Natalie

Recurring NPCs
Escher: dour Watchers' tutor who mourned Milli and is very glad to have her back
Emma: Jake's ex and a somewhat capable spellcaster
Charlotte: William's civilian former girlfriend, who left because he kept so much from her but is willing to try again as long as he's honest

Guest stars
Mary: William's mother, a geography teacher, from a long line of Watchers herself
Travers: director of security for the Watchers' Council

We open on Milli, sitting opposite Escher in his drawing room, hands folded in her lap. Her hair has been dyed pink again.

Escher: It would appear that our realities diverged at a point before Milli's death. When the portal was activated, it was drawn to her and brought her here, effectively 'correcting' her mystical death.

We pan back to reveal Quentin Travers sitting between them.

Travers: Well, that's quite a tale, Miss Blackhurst. I haven't heard its like in years.
Milli: (mutters) Gee, thanks.
Travers: I'll speak with your parents, act as an intermediary if need be. If you so wish.
Milli: ... Why do you care?
Travers: It seems to me that you would all be happier if you were reconciled. This is, quite literally, a second chance for you...

Escher watches Travers go, turns back to Milli and shrugs.

Milli: Why's he so interested in helping me all of a sudden?
Escher: I can never fathom his motives. I suspect that's why he has had so much success in the Council. However, he seems to genuinely like your parents, and would rather they were happy...
Milli: Hrm.
Escher: Of course, he might know something else...

And cut to a man climbing out of a window, clutching a ring binder under one arm. A second man beckons him quickly towards a waiting car.

Thief: Did you get it?
Thief II: Yeah. Everything the Watchers know will happen for the rest of the year.


The full moon over Cambridge, behind the tower of King's College Chapel

Music: Ash, Evil Eye

The Watch House

Sophia Myles as Milli Blackhurst - fighting with her sword, firing a crossbow in each hand, glowering seriously, smiling thinly as she raises a stake

James McAvoy as Jake DeVille - spinning a sword, gritting his teeth as a stake floats above his hand and flies away, playing his guitar

Milli in Jake's arms, resting her head against his chest

Mark Hamilton as William Grove - flicking through an ancient tome, adjusting a taser, hefting his axe

Monica Keena as Natalie Derby-Moore - firing a crossbow, kicking a demon in the face, dancing, smirking

Gabriel Thomson as Matthew Fairweather - looking nervous, raising a torch, putting up his hands to create a barrier spell

Matthew looking over at Natalie

Hans Matheson as Andy Sampson - charging with a baseball bat, howling at the moon, briefly glimpsed in werewolf form

Laura Fraser as Emma Radcliffe - raising her hands in warding, looking thoughtful, smiling wanly

And Alfred Molina as Michael Henry Escher - looking through a book, loading a crossbow, glaring

Vampires, demons, gravestones, skulls, sinister rituals, William and Charlotte holding hands, strange flashes of intense light, bodies being flung through the air, Jake and Milli dancing, the full moon again, and the show logo and the 'call to arms' shot of the Watch loading up and striding purposely in slow-motion towards the camera...

Created by Oxbrow, Tobin, Robertson, Windmill, Neil, Prentice, McCraw, McIntyre, Dizzy and Darlington


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The Watch House Season Four, Episode One, Act One

Guest starring Harris Yulin as Quentin Travers

Jake waits in the corridor outside the office. He sees Milli's troubled expression and approaches her, puts a hand on her arm. She smiles weakly.

Jake: So...?
Milli: I dunno. (shrugs) He said he wanted to help me out with my parents...
Jake: Ulterior motive?
Milli: Replaced by a demon?

She shrugs. Jake smiles and takes her hand in his. She looks up and smiles softly.

Jake: We could get Matthew to check.
Milli: He's back?
Jake: He only took the Easter weekend off.
Milli: I know Natalie went skiing over the Easter break...
Jake: Three weeks ago. Avoiding Matthew...
Milli: She got back today.
Jake: Yeah? Haven't seen her.
Milli: See 'avoiding Matthew'.
Jake: ... Right.

They head over to find Natalie still unpacking.

Natalie: Hi! Hi, hi, hi... like the hair.
Milli: Seemed like a good idea since... y'know.
Natalie: Um, yeah.
Milli: How about you?
Natalie: Torino was spectacular. The snow was ideal. And I met Prince William!

Flash cut of a Prince William lookalike from behind listening to Natalie, in skiing outfit, ranting.

Natalie: I swear to God, Matthew is just impossible. He must be like the most annoying person in this or any other dimension!
Prince William: That must be... rough. Would you like a drink -
Natalie: I just can't figure him out at all. Men! Uuuch!
Prince William: ...

Natalie: Yeah. So, you were having a meeting?
Milli: Travers is up to something.
Andy: Hence my also not coming.

They wave as Andy wanders up.

Natalie: Is he really that bad?
Jake: He's got a space for a werewolf head on his wall.
Natalie: So like my great aunt Philippa then?
Andy: ...?!
Milli: He didn't mention you.
Andy: Oh.
Milli: (sighs) Crazy dead lady got all the attention.
Natalie: Well, she would - oh. Er... what happened?
Milli: Fighting with my parents is unseemly or something.
Natalie: Well, I can see why he'd be concerned.
Milli: Because you get on really well with your parents -
Natalie: I mean -
Milli: And your father works for the Council in the House of Lords.
Natalie: ... Dad said it would be nice having another girl on the team...
Milli: Not meaning me specifically.
Jake: I don't think Natalie's dad is the issue here.
Milli: (sighs) I know...
Jake: Maybe he's just trying to get a handle on the situation. I mean, we've had almost a month to get used to the idea... And maybe he's just trying to help. In his way.
Milli: (deadpan) Sure.
Jake: Okay. You can go and hit him with a chair... or we can go to the pub.

Milli considers this, quite seriously, for a long moment.

Milli: Okay, I'll go with your plan.
Jake: Cool. (pauses, suspiciously) Which one?
Milli: Let's go to the pub. William and Charlotte should be back too, we can meet them there.

Cut to the Brody. Milli on the phone.

Milli: So, we won't see you for a few days?

William: We should be back in time for the start of term.

Quick shot of William at the Grove family home, about to test fire a vertically-strung crossbow with a laser sight as Charlotte watches in confused fascination. William's mother smiles.

Mary: Tea, dear?
Charlotte: Oh, uh... thanks.
Mary: Don't worry, he and his father will be at this all day if we don't stop them...

Milli: I think that's the first time he's ever taken a girl home. Not counting me.
Natalie: Aww...
Andy: What's next? A mortgage?
Milli: They'd get married first.
Natalie: And then maybe Jake can get a proper job.

Jake splutters over his pint. Everyone laughs.

Natalie: (grins) And then there are the babies.
Milli: Yeah! I could marry you and have your babies!
Jake: ?!
Milli: (smirks) I could still go on patrol with a baby -
Natalie: Psychic baby Watchers!
Andy: Telekinetic psychic Watcher babies? The kicking would really hurt...

Milli smile fades and she looks down at her drink.

Milli: ... I'm not having your babies any more.
Jake: Um...
Milli: No-one else is having your babies either.
Jake: ... Aww.
Natalie: Um...

Emma steps out of a taxi, setting down her bags. She takes out her phone, pages through her contacts, stops at Jake... and puts it away.

Emma: See 'em in the pub...

Natalie cringes and changes the subject.

Natalie: So the skiing was fantastic. And the Abominable Snowmen -
Jake: I thought they were in the Himalayas -
Natalie: Who's the Watcher here? You? Me? Hmm?
Jake: ...
Natalie: Besides, it's not like I was trying the biathlon on them. Although I did learn how to shoot a crossbow on skis...
Andy: Squirrels?
Milli: Other skiers?
Natalie: Abominable Snowmen. All those skiing accidents? Cover-up...

Matthew comes in, glances at the group, and waves slightly but goes to the bar.

Natalie looks at her drink.

Natalie: So, Africa in the summer. That's the plan anyway.
Milli: We never go anywhere...
Natalie: You didn't go for a break?
Milli: We watched films...
Andy: I went camping on the dales. (quietly) Nobody tried to shoot me.
Natalie: Look, my family stopped hunting lycanthropes in 1943...
Andy: ...
Natalie: There was a complaint.
Andy: ...
Jake: (quickly) And I've been studying.
Natalie: But term doesn't start for another three days!
Matthew: Nice to see Jake taking an interest.

He doesn't sit down.

Natalie: ...
Milli: That's my good influence.

She pauses as her phone rings.

Milli: Hello... I see. Should we come over?... Right.

She gets up.

Milli: Escher.

They nod and get up to follow her.

Andy goes back to finish his drink. And Jake's. And Natalie's.

They spot Emma coming in.

Emma: Uh... hi guys...

She puts her coat back on and goes back out.

Escher looks up from a ring binder as the group arrive.

Milli: What's going on?
Escher: This folder contains copies of all known prophecies concerning the rest of the year 2000, up to the actual millennium at the end of the year.
Milli: ... Are we in it?
Escher: ... Possibly. But anyway, the most thoroughly annotated copy, including some of the original texts, was stolen from the Council's archives in the early hours of the morning.
Milli: Do these people not have security?
Matthew: (sulkily) We do too...
Escher: Anyway. Besides reviewing our security procedures, we have taken another look at those prophecies and portents which might be used to someone's advantage. And there is one about to come to pass within forty miles of us.
Milli: What's it about?
Escher: Normally, nothing important. But if someone intervened, it could release a force powerful enough to kill everyone in the country.
Milli: ... Right.

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The Watch House Season Four, Episode One, Act Two

Escher taps a page in the binder.

Escher: The Light of Marius, last used by Hascombe, a seer who gained the ability to sense demons at a distance, even in human form. His rate of prophetic accuracy since 1875 has been close to 100%.
Jake: That's pretty good...
Milli: Close?
Escher: The ones about wars in different levels of Hell have been hard to verify.
Milli: Ah.
Escher: Anyway. The Light will give its finder the power to see demons as he did. And he died in an avalanche he caused trying to bury a True Demon sleeping in the Chiltern Hills.
Matthew: So whoever finds the Light...
Escher: (reads) "Whoso finds the Light and sees as I see will know the demon's grave." (looks up) Ordinarily this wouldn't be an issue, but...
Milli: Someone else knows this.
Emma: And that could be anyone.
Escher: Indeed. And the annotated prophecy includes the location where the Light can be found, once every forty years...
Jake: Lemme guess, tomorrow.
Escher: In two days, actually.
Milli: Let's go early. So... we're camping?
Natalie: We can take my car. The insurance came back and all the demon slime was cleaned off it. It's an excellent valeting service...

She glances sidelong at Matthew.

Natalie: And we should probably stick together. In the dark...

Next morning, the group research and prepare.

Andy wanders out of the stacks.

Andy: Hey, I found this old Batman comic. In this leather book, it's all faded -
Matthew: I really don't think -
Andy: Take a look. Guy in a mask killing people.
Matthew: (weakly) That's not Batman. And that's not a mask.
Natalie: Andy, don't do that to him...
Andy: Why?
Natalie: It's cruel? And mean?

Matthew looks at the stacks and whimpers.

Matthew: The library...
Andy: Oh, get over it!
Natalie: And I'll hit you?
Andy: (smirks) I'm not afraid of you.
Escher: (deadpan) Are you afraid of me?
Andy: ... Yes.
Escher: Then kindly put the book back.
Andy: ... Right.
Milli: (curiously) Are you scared of me?
Andy: Nah. (off her look) I mean... yeah.

He backs away and returns to the stacks to put the book back.

Next morning, the group are ready to go bright and early.

Natalie: So, we can take my car. Andy can go in the back where the dog cage would go.
Jake: Oh, that's very mature.
Natalie: My car!
Matthew: See how dogs spray their territory -
Andy: I never did that!
Matthew: ... Metaphorically...
Emma: And I'm suddenly glad I'm staying here to research.

She waves the group off. Milli gets on the phone as they drive away.

Milli: Looks like some kind of prophecy issue.
William: Should I come back?
Milli: Nah, it's tomorrow. We're off to take a look now...
William: Well, if you're sure...

He goes back to trying to reconnect the string from his vertical crossbow.

The group exit the Land Rover and look over the hills.

Natalie: It's... um...
Andy: Pretty?
Natalie: Yeah. I was kind of expecting 'brooding'. Or at least 'gloomy'.

Milli and Jake share a look.

Milli: We're... going to look for... possible...
Jake: Seer sites.
Milli: Yeah. That's it.

Milli and Jake head off separately.

Natalie watches them go and shakes her head.

Matthew retrieves a book - one of the Council's in-house publications.

Matthew: Thought this might help. The Deeds of Marius the Seer. How the original creator of the Light learned to use it...

He heads off to sit on one of the overlook's benches and read.

Andy turns and raises his eyebrows at Natalie. She tuts and stomps off in a third direction.

Andy shrugs and sets down his carrier bag, retrieving a can of lager.

Milli reaches back to Jake and takes his hand.

He smiles, draws closer and kisses her.

Natalie stomps back to the camping site to find Andy failing to put up a tent. She looks through the bags in the boot of the Land Rover as she talks.

Natalie: (sighs) Apparently the tomb of this Marius guy was unearthed by archaeologists in the 1860s.
Matthew: That would be when Hascombe got the Light, I suppose.
Natalie: Whatever it is. The records went missing during the First World War.
Matthew: We might have them. I'll ask.
Natalie: Right... how's your dad?
Matthew: Oh, you know. Keeping busy.

Natalie retrieves a cylindrical canvas bag, unzips it and pulls out what looks like a collapsed waxproof umbrella. She makes a snapping motion, and it unfolds into a tent with a single springing motion.

Andy: Showoff...

She shrugs.

Natalie: Anyway, you should make a call.
Matthew: Right...

He finds his mobile phone.

Andy's tent falls in on him. We see him flailing around in the background as Matthew talks on the phone.

Matthew: Yes... So it was just the one book?

Andy flaps his arm through the door gap of the tent.

Matthew: I see... Is there a record locally?

Andy falls over in a tangled heap of khaki canvas.

Matthew: Right. I'll try there.

Andy roars and tears the tent to pieces.

Matthew: Okay then. There's an account of the dig in the county library.
Natalie: I'll drive you.

Andy crawls free as they drive away.

Natalie smiles politely as the librarian adjusts his glasses.

Librarian: 'The cult of Marius the Visionary'. No-one's looked at this in five years. Whatever are you looking for?
Natalie: (breezily) Oh, who knows? Matthew's idea. (to him, less breezily) Isn't it?
Matthew: Yes. For my... theology course.
Librarian: Right then. Here you are.

Matthew looks at the book, leafing through the yellowed pages slowly.

Matthew: I'll need to copy some of this down. You could, um... um...
Natalie: (irritably) What? Go and get an ice cream?
Matthew: I'll... um. Right.

He looks down and doesn't look up until he watches her go.

They drive back to the overlook campsite in silence, Matthew reading through his notes. Natalie points to a picture.

Natalie: What is that? A bracelet?
Matthew: So it seems... the Light is bound into it.
Natalie: (flatly) Mm. Interesting.
Matthew: And, ah... I see everyone's back.

Milli and Jake are sitting together, Milli looking appalled as Andy waves a chicken leg vaguely in the direction of the fire they've built.

Matthew looks over the tents. Jake and Milli's faded olive tent, clearly a survivor of a few rock festivals. Natalie's showy circular collapsible number. Andy's ragged khaki ruin.

Matthew: Where am I sleeping?
Andy: That's a big tent for one, Natalie.
Natalie: Oh. Um... Um. I assumed you'd go with Jake.
Milli: You... right. Yeah. (frowns slightly)

Next morning...

Andy: Your hair looks somewhat... ruffled.
Milli: (blushing) The tent leaked.
Jake: Is there any food?
Matthew: There should -
Andy: No...
Milli: Well. We could eat the jar of coffee I brought...
Andy: ... No.
Matthew: Maybe Emma could come?

Emma arrives about an hour later in a hired Mini.

Emma: Came for the day. I take it nothing untoward happened?
Milli: Andy ate all the food.
Emma: I brought snacks.
Natalie: Oh. Um. Nice... blouse.

She grabs a bag of crisps from Emma's bag.

Natalie: So, shall we go and check this place out? I don't suppose anybody brought spades?
Milli: I did.
Jake: You brought spades but you didn't bring breakfast?

Milli turns to Natalie.

Milli: So, Natalie, how was your research trip?

Natalie unpacks as loudly as possible.

Matthew: Oh, we found out that the Light is actually a bracelet -
Natalie: I found that out!
Milli: Really?
Natalie: Yes!

Milli looks at Matthew. He avoids everyone's gaze.

Milli: So... everyone up for some digging?
Natalie: Yes!

She takes a collapsible shovel and stomps off.

Jake: What say we let her start...

Milli watches her go, brow furrowing.

Milli: I guess... but we should get Andy on it.
Emma: He is a good digger...

She glances at Matthew, who is paying full attention to his reading.

The group head on into the hills, to the spot where Marius was buried, and Hascombe with him.

Jake: Big mound for one guy.
Emma: Two guys, actually.
Natalie: Well, you know, cult leader and all.
Jake: Cults. (deadpan) Good...

He looks up.

Jake: It's nice and sunny.
Milli: We should... scout.
Jake: Yes. We should wander around. Looking for... people.
Matthew: Hm? That's very thoughtful. Good idea.
Natalie: (smirks) Take as much time as you need.

Milli and Jake nod, look at each other and go.

Emma glances back at them, then looks back at the mound, eyes downcast.

Andy intrudes on her train of thought.

Andy: C'mon! More fun if we dig together!
Emma: ... You can have too much fun...

Milli takes Jake's hand as she looks up at the trees.

Jake: Sun is shining, birds are singing...
Milli: Yeah... quite a day.

And we see them wander through the woods... through a pair of binoculars.

Assassin 1: People around here, today...
Assassin 2: Ahh, they're just kids.
Assassin 1: Kill them anyway?
Assassin 2: (shrugs) Yeah, might as well.


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The Watch House Season Four, Episode One, Act Three

Milli grasps Jake's lapels and pulls him towards her as she leans against a tree.

Assassin 1: Well... this is touching.

Milli and Jake stop mid-kiss and look at the two men advancing on them.

Jake: That would be... one way of putting it...
Milli: Who are you?
Assassin 2: No-one you need worry about, darlin'.

Milli's eyes narrow.

Assassin 1: He's right, You don't figure into our plans.
Milli: We'll see.
Assassin 2: She talks tough. I like that.
Assassin 1: Assertive. Modern.
Milli: More angry.

And she quickly draws a stake from inside her jacket.

The assassins share a look.

Assassin 2 reaches inside his jacket - and finds nothing there, as a gun flies out and falls to the ground behind him.

Jake smiles thinly.

Milli glances sidelong at him proudly.

Assassin 2 backs off. Assassin 1 pulls out a knife. Milli meets his charge, swings to catch his arm and twist it, kicks one of his legs out from under him, springs off his back and tackles Assassin 2.

Milli: Now. Why are you here?
Assassin 2: I'm guessing the same reason you are.
Milli: Which is...?
Assassin 2: For the Light?
Jake: Why do you want it?
Assassin 2: Client confidentiality.
Milli: I think I'm biased towards our reason. Saving millions of people.
Assassin 2: Ahh, there's no money in charity work...

Milli slams his head into the ground.

Milli: There could be more of them.
Jake: Yeah...

And cut to the body of the group, still digging. Emma places a hand on a stone, taller than she is, and it floats lazily out of the way.

Matthew: We have to catalogue that!
Emma: Oh, just help me look. It has to be in here somewhere...
Assassin 3: Yes, it does. Be a good girl and find it for us, would you?

They turn, and find five men pointing guns at them.

Natalie drops her shovel.

Natalie: Come on then. Try it.

Assassin 3 points his gun at Natalie's forehead.

Emma raises her hands - and the air shimmers between the two groups.

Matthew: (quietly) Will that stop a bullet?
Emma: (gritting teeth) Wouldn't... bet on it...

Assassins 3 through 7 exchange looks. Then they start firing.

The barrier spell ripples and the bullets swing wide as they tumble through it.

Everyone except Andy dives for cover. He changes and dives for Assassins 4 and 5.

Milli and Jake run into the scene. Milli grimaces.

Jake: Those guns look pretty cheap.

The barrel slides off Assassin 3's pistol.

Milli charges forwards and delivers a roundhouse kick to the assassin's back.

Emma tries to reinforce her spell.

Emma: I can't hold them...

Matthew takes her hand.

The spell flashes and the barrier expands.

Natalie glances at them, and looks away. She grabs up her shovel and hits Assassin 6 around the back of the head with it.

Milli: We ran into a couple of your friends.

She kicks Assassin 3 in the chest.

Milli: Not telling us who you work for.

He tries to elbow her in the face, and she drops to the ground to avoid it.

Milli: Being really unreasonable.

She grabs his arm and twists it sideways.

Milli: You gonna be more helpful?

Assassin 3 sneers. His eyes start to glow sickly green.

Natalie: Hiding a demon in with humans? That's just... cheating!

Assassin 3 ignores her concern for proper standards in supernatural warfare and charges at Jake. He prepares to meet the charge, but the killer catches his fist and bowls him over.

Milli opens her bag, draws her sword, and beheads him.

Milli: See, that's what happens to people who hurt my boyfriend.

The fight rather goes out of the other four assassins at this point.

Milli helps Jake up.

Emma: (quietly) Boyfriend...

The barrier spell wavers and vanishes. She lets go of Matthew's hand.

Jake: Tie 'em up.
Andy: Do we have any rope?
Milli: We were camping. Remember?

Natalie buries her shovel in the ground next to Assassin 5's head.

Natalie: I'm sure Matthew and Emma can handle that.

Assassin 5 isn't entirely sure why this sounds so threatening, but he cowers anyway.

Matthew makes an incoherent gargling sound and stomps off.

Emma watches him go, glances at Natalie, then at Milli and Jake.

Emma: (weakly) We need to find this Light thing. Can we just get on with that?

Andy shrugs and retrieves his shovel, without returning to human form.

Jake: I missed.
Milli: (puts her hand on his shoulder reassuringly) That's okay, sweetie. I'm sure it happens to every guy at some point.
Jake: Uh... yeah.

Milli shrugs.

Emma waves off the county police van.

Emma: Right. They know better than to talk about how we stopped them.
Milli: They just don't make demon assassins like they used to.

Emma glances at her and smiles very faintly.

Matthew leans on his spade and points into a crack between two large vertical rocks.

Matthew: Found it. We just need to breach the tomb itself...

Milli nods and looks in. Andy leans in and slams his shovel into the glossy stone at the end of the path.

Something splits. A weak orange light spills out of the crevice.

And a gigantic black wolflike thing bursts out and charges at them.


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The Watch House Season Four, Episode One, Act Four

Milli: Get back!

Andy ignores her order, trying to intercept the twelve-foot-tall canid monster. It lowers its head and slams into his chest, smacking him against the stone wall.

Milli loads and levels her crossbow. Natalie smacks the demon's flank with her spade. Matthew raises his hands falteringly, Emma raises hers forcefully. Jake rolls out of the way. Milli fires, scratching the monster's skull.

The wolf-thing snarls at Natalie and kicks out at her. Matthew steps forwards and a blast of white light erupts from his hand, sending the monster reeling.

Milli retrieves her sword and slashes across the demon's neck. It howls and snaps at her. Jake draws his own sword and stabs it on the other side. Matthew tries again, and this time the bolt is thinner, but still knocks it down. It stays down.

Matthew blows on his fingers.

Matthew: Ow. Ow!

Jake: I think it's...

The wolf-thing disappears.

Jake: ... dead. Thanks.
Milli: No problem.

She looks at Matthew, who is still flexing his fingers.

Milli: That was a nice bolt, wasn't it? You're coming along...
Jake: (reluctantly) Yeah...

Andy gets up, looks around fiercely, and slumps as he sees the thing is gone.

Natalie pointedly retrieves her spade. Matthew looks at the stone.

Natalie: Well. The demon guardian's dead, we should go inside, do more archaeology.
Milli: I love field trips.
Jake: And that was some fine demon kicking.

Natalie carries on.

Matthew slides down the rock to a sitting position.

Emma: Chocolate? Helps the energy levels.
Matthew: (waves it off) nnn...

The others advance into the inner chamber. Inside is a single tomb with a broken lid, and a skeleton crushed under a fallen rock lying nearby.

Natalie: Must be Hascombe.
Jake: What does the writing on the tomb say?
Milli: It's Latin. Anybody here not read Latin?

Jake nods. Andy puts his hand up.

Jake: Watchers...

Andy shrugs and looks at Hascombe's body. Held in the skeleton's hand there is indeed a thin gold bracelet with a black gem set into it.

Matthew looks in, still walking slowly.

Matthew: 'The body of Marius the Blind... who saw only good and evil...'
Milli: Oh.

Andy backs away from the bracelet.

Matthew: Right then. This is going in a bag until we can cross-reference it.
Milli: Yeah. And I wouldn't touch it either, just in case...

Natalie stalks outside, throwing down her shovel. Everyone else leaves in something of a hurry too.

Except Jake. He pauses and tentatively reaches down to touch Hascombe's hand.

And he sees the world go dark, except for a cold white light shining from under the ground, delineating a serpentine shape resting there... almost as far as he can see.

He straightens up and backs away.

Matthew watches Natalie pack, sighs, and puts his bag into the back of Emma's car.

Milli: We shouldn't have gone so far away from them.
Jake: Yeah. We gotta watch that.

They share a look, both frown slightly, and turn to watch the road go by.

And we cut to Quentin Travers in another meeting.

Travers: Now please, speak up. We traced the demon in charge of the retrieval team to you.

He stands up and leans closer to the man bound to the chair in front of him.

Travers: But we're not really concerned about that. Where did you get your information?
Buyer: Don't you know? Your book's a big hit. Everyone's buying a copy... Especially that last bit.

Closeup on the buyer.

Buyer: 'The Watcher's Daughter will fall yet fight on... and she will hold the fate of the world in her hands...'

Travers looks exceedingly displeased...



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Marius the Blind, huh? ;) (Where's Anna buried, huh? Huh?)

Kick-ass episode! Good work, Watch Housers.

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Re: [Actual Play: Buffy] The Watch House Season Four, Episode One, Post-credits

Next time, on The Watch House:

Auctioneer: What am I bid for this item? An annotated guide to the events of the next year, including seventeen that could, used correctly, wipe out the human species!

Jake breaking into a warehouse.

Auctioneer: We'll make another copy for everyone who can afford -

Milli looking through a storeroom containing a variety of strange items.

Auctioneer: And these aren't the only items of interest. Some of our rarer lots are... very interesting indeed.

A withered hand bursting out of a crate inside the storeroom.

The next episode of The Watch House is Breaking The Rules.

DVD Commentary

(Jake: Yes. We should wander around. Looking for... people.)
Jamie: You're not fooling anyone. Except him.
Stuart: Hm?

(Assassin 2: No-one you need worry about, darlin'.)
Craig: And this is how you get your ass kicked.

(Milli: We shouldn't have gone so far away from them.)

Original line: We shouldn't have gone so far.

Cat: Okay, are we talking about what it sounds like we're talking about here? I really can't remember what I was trying to do with this, but it doesn't seem quite right somehow...? I had kinda thought they'd already gone a lot further than that, but does that maybe happen later? If we are talking about that, and they haven't yet... y'know, can we change it...
Craig: The "we shouldn't have gone that far" was, I think, literal, that they weren't paying attention because they were being so couple-y.
Cat: I thought they were talking about sex!

Actual Play bit

At the start of Season Four, the series had run about as long as any game I've ever GMed, but the ideas are still coming, from the players and myself. By this point the only surprises that the rules have left are about how powerful Sorcery really is, since Matthew has started dabbling and, following the Quality XP ratings, he's able to learn very fast. It accurately reflects how quickly Willow develops in the series, but it's notably faster increasing compared to the offensive capabilities of the other Cast Members.
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The Watch House Season Four, Episode Two, pre-credits

The Watch House 4.02: Breaking The Rules

Milli: maverick Watcher in training returned from the dead, drawn in from a reality that split when Jake was possessed
Jake: psychic musician plagued by visions and memories, including the memory of seeing Milli die to save him
William: Watcher in training starting to make his own way, Milli's best friend
Andy: hereditary lycanthrope who assures us he's in control, Jake's best friend
Natalie: socialite Prentice fresher romantically conflicting with Matthew
Matthew: shy bookish Prentice fresher lovelorn over Natalie

Escher: dour Watchers' tutor who mourned Milli and is very glad to have her back
Emma: Jake's ex and a somewhat capable spellcaster
Charlotte: William's civilian former girlfriend, who left because he kept so much from her but is willing to try again as long as he's honest

Collins: cynical Watcher Elite team leader
Weatherby: intense Watcher Elite sniper
Smith: affable Watcher Elite field analyst

Jessica, Tiffany, Cassandra: very very non-Watcher friends of Natalie's
Sullivan: low-rent demonic artefact fence

Previously, on The Watch House:

A man climbing out of a window, clutching a ring binder under one arm.

Escher: This folder contains copies of all known prophecies concerning the rest of the year...
Milli: ... Are we in it?

Buyer: Your book's a big hit. Everyone's buying a copy... 'The Watcher's Daughter will fall yet fight on... and she will hold the fate of the world in her hands...'

We open with the group on patrol.

Milli: We should split up.
Jake: Who gets -
Andy: So who gets me?
Milli: Not me. I'm good for fighters with me and Natalie.
Jake: So I get Matthew?
Milli: Would you rather have Em-
Jake: Fine.
Natalie: But I don't want Emma -
Emma: (flatly) Really? I'd never have guessed.
William: Typical. First day back and I get picked last...
Milli: No, you didn't. (smiles) Anyway, I'm used to taking the group patrolling but they're not used to me...

William looks at her and nods slightly.

Matthew sighs.

Matthew: Safety in numbers...
Milli: If there's seven of us, we won't bump into very much, will we?
Matthew: Yes, but...

He stops and flinches as we hear something thump and clatter around the corner.

Andy races after Milli, Natalie keeps up with Jake...

Matthew: But that's not what we agreed on...

Jake: Could be a trap.
Natalie: Meh.
Milli: Could always be a trap.
William: So we all go in...

He sighs as Andy charges past.

He stops short as he sees a vampire raiding a rubbish bin.

Vampire: uh...
Milli: One vampire? Oh, for God's sake...
Andy: Well, go ahead.
Milli: You sure?
Andy: Oh, I insist.
Jake: Is it not dead yet?
Milli: Andy said I could have it, but I feel bad leaving him without one -
Andy: No, please, ladies first.
Vampire: ... I don't mind -

The vamp stops backing away as Milli's crossbow bolt thuds into his heart. He lurches forwards and kicks out at her even as he crumbles into dust.

Milli: Ow...
Jake: Ahh, everyone has an off-day.
Matthew: Uh... guys?
Collins: Yeah, I should say.

Matthew points to the figure lurking in the shadows. Collins, leader of the Watchers' Elite field team, steps out with a thin smile.

Collins: This is what Escher teaches you? Letting him get that close?
Matthew: Mister Collins.
Jake: We did outnumber him seven to one.
Collins: All the more reason. And then there was the letting me sneak up on you. Other than that, not bad...
Milli: You know him?
Collins: Oh, right. We haven't been introduced. Collins. Council security.
William: You can lower your crossbow.

Milli nods. And doesn't lower her crossbow.


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The Watch House Season Four, Episode Two, Act One

We return to the group standing around Collins, who clasps his hands calmly in front of him. Nobody looks terribly pleased to see him. Except Matthew.

Matthew: So, ah, what can we do for you?
William: Are we a security threat?
Jake: Let him talk.
Collins: Thought we might do it indoors. Summer's a ways off yet.
Milli: Okay, back to HQ. Our HQ.
Matthew: So what's the situation, sir?
Collins: Routine assessment.
William: Anything we can do to help?
Smith: Answer some questions, possibly.
Andy: Skip to the point.
Collins: Of course. Wouldn't want to try your temper, would we? Checking our security procedures after the recent failing.
Jake: The prophecies.
Milli: We don't have them.
Collins: No-one said you did, Miss Blackhurst. Or do you prefer Ms?
Milli: ... Miss is fine.
Natalie: (mutters) Always know her name, don't they...

Collins: Now, you don't all have to come along. You were patrolling after all. Our first duty, shouldn't let me interrupt...
Milli: Right. We should rearrange the split, though.
Natalie: (quietly) What's it matter? Do we care what he thinks?
Milli: (quietly) Only in the way it'd reflect on Escher.
Natalie: ... (quietly) right.
Milli: Keep in contact in case we run into something we can't handle in a smaller group?
Andy: Like what?
Matthew: Do you want a list?

Collins shakes his head. He points to the Prentices in the group.

Collins: Alright then. You four, with me.

Jake: ... We'll carry on, then.

He stomps off. Andy brings up the rear.

Emma: I should... actually, how about I come with?

And behind her, another figure in the shadows follows Jake and Andy.

Milli looks into every alley and dark corner they pass. Collins carries on up ahead.

Milli: We should still keep a look out.
Matthew: (quietly) I can try my vampire detecting spell.
Natalie: tsk.
Matthew: Worth a try. Ahem. Beep. Beep. Beep...

Milli stares at him. He shrugs and keeps looking around and beeping.

Emma: I'd say there were a few issues to work out with it.
Milli: (deadpan) Yeah... Like that might let them know we're coming if you keep saying "beep" all the time.

Matthew sighs, nods and stops beeping.

Andy: We're... being... followed.
Jake: Is there any chance it's a demon and not another of the Watchers?
Andy: Smells like... tea and real ale.
Jake: Right. This way.

He leads the way into a side street.

Andy: And now all I smell is fish.
Jake: Back door of the fish shop.

He points to the bin next to the door. Andy covers his nose.

A moment later, Weatherby, the most prone to glaring of the Elite team, steps into the alley. Gun in hand.

Jake taps Andy on the arm, and they both charge out, grab Weatherby from behind and lift him bodily into the fish shop's bin.

Jake: ... Oh, sorry mate, thought you were a vampire!

Weatherby gives them his best "you're on my list" look as he climbs out.

Cut to the Brody as Milli and William lead Matthew and Natalie to the booth where the others are sitting.

Jake: So were you guys followed too?
Matthew, Natalie: Huh?
William: Nah, just asked about thefts.
Emma: Any luck apart from that? We didn't find anything.
Milli: And Matthew kept beeping.

Matthew looks anywhere else and fumbles for his glasses.

Natalie: ... So, they were following you?
Jake: Black ops Watchers will do that.
Andy: Until that thing with the bin.
Milli: Bin?
Jake: He walked right into it.
Milli: (flatly) He walked into it.
Jake: That was what it looked like.
Matthew: And you weren't there to see it...
Andy: Absolutely.

Milli smirks at Jake. Matthew looks disapproving and takes a comic out of his bag. Natalie tuts under her breath and goes to the bar. Matthew looks up surreptitiously and frowns. Emma glances at him and shakes her head lightly. Jake and Milli notice and glance over as Natalie starts waving to people at other tables.

Jake: ... So. They're in town. Doing what exactly? Asking about the thefts. Checking the library doors?
Milli: Sounds like it.
Jake: So if it's just a check... which I don't believe for a second... they should be gone tomorrow?
Emma: Maybe by the end of the week.
Jake: I suppose Escher'll know.
William: Unless they decided he doesn't need to.
Milli: Well, we need to. And until then we have the bad guys on our tails.
Matthew: They're -
Milli: I tend to think of them as bad guys.
Matthew: (mutters) Our bad guys.
Andy: My great uncle Tommy got along fine with them, actually. Went hunting together.
Milli: Yeah?
Andy: As opposed to his father... (quietly) who one of them actually hunted down.

Everyone looks at him, he shrugs...

And we cut to the office, next morning.

Escher does his best to ignore Collins and Smith, the third of the Elite team, reading through his report archives, and Weatherby examining the room's door and window fittings. William does his best to ignore them as well, reading the paper.

Weatherby glares at Jake as he, Milli and Natalie come in, keeping his screwdriver raised. Milli pauses and wrinkles her nose.

Milli: What's that smell...?
Jake: That'd be the one without a jacket.
Natalie: Shame. Nice jackets...

Weatherby stalks off.

Collins: Don't mind us. Carry on.
Jake: Right. (to the group) Coffee, tea?

Matthew peeks in nervously.

Smith looks over at the arriving group.

Smith: Matthew!

Matthew blinks, then smiles cheerfully as Smith sets down a file and heads over to shake his hand.

Smith: How're you doing? How's university?
Matthew: Oh, it's very exciting.
Smith: They're looking after you, right?
Matthew: Yes -
Smith: And your dad, how's he?

Natalie looks disaffected.

Milli sits down opposite Collins.

Milli: (faux-brightly) So. It's been fun. Is this the bit where you report your findings and leave? Please say yes. (beams)
Jake: 'Cause there's a smell comin' from somewhere.

Weatherby stiffens and looks sidelong at him.

Collins: Don't worry, Miss. We'll try and have it done by nightfall.
Milli: I was hoping breakfast.

On which note, Milli gets back up.

Jake: Not to worry. We won't get under your feet, we've got lectures and... stuff.

Milli carries on and heads out for a smoke. She pauses to kick the corridor wall.

Silence ensues. Everyone looks at their notes.

William: Ahem. Two down. "American subject of play hides award." Seven letters.
Escher: ... Macbeth.

Jake looks out as Milli paces.

Milli: Too many Watchers. Yes, I know, theoretically I am one...
Jake: This is a training facility. I'm surprised there aren't more normally...
Milli: ... I suppose.
Jake: Besides. They're easy to hide from. Big boots. Smell of fish.

Natalie: So, black ops, eh? How's it work?
Collins: Ah, Miss Derby-Moore. Thought you might be interested...

Natalie looks pleased at the recognition.

Collins: Of course, we have to travel light.

She looks aghast.

Natalie: I mean, we were in California recently.
Natalie: Oh?
Weatherby: Bad business.

His expression suggests that he isn't in a mood to share. Ever.

Escher: Anyway. Do you have any questions for our students, before their first lectures of the day?
Collins: Not many. Have you had a chance to look at the list of prophecies?
William: We have. Any more in the area?
Collins: Possibly...

Milli: I'm not sure the split worked out.
Jake: Not that we actually did it.
Milli: You take Andy next time. I mean, you'll probably be followed again, might as well.
Jake: We shouldn't need to patrol much with the Council's bestest troubleshooters here.
Milli: Yeah, but they tend to bring trouble.
Jake: Point taken. But at least if they follow me I'll know about it. And I can do more than dump them in bins.
Milli: Still. Gets me worried, having them watching us.
Jake: They're Watchers. And they should be helping train us.
Milli: Escher trains us.
Jake: Escher's working for them.
Milli: But he's not like them.
Jake: And you won't be either.
Milli: Assuming I'm going to be one at all...

Jake looks at her closely, questioningly.

Milli: ... We should head back in. Before the kids get any of their crazy ideas.
Jake: Escher and William are in there.
Milli: Good point, let's go get lunch.

She points to the door leading outside, but doesn't actually step towards it.

Jake smiles wanly and opens the office door.

Natalie: So, does the Elite have an equal opportunity recruiting policy?
Collins: Well, it's a question of physical ability, but we seek a mixture of field specialities...
Jake: Yeah, they always need more props.
Escher: (wearily) Let them get their job done...

Collins nods. Jake shrugs noncommittally.

Collins: Now. Do any of you know of anyone we can ask in this town regarding the illicit end of the occult market?

He looks at Jake.

Milli: Are you asking him? He doesn't know. Why would he?
Jake: Milli. It's okay.
Collins: Mister Deville.
Jake: I prefer "Jake".
Collins: And I can imagine you would.
Jake: ... If I did know anyone, I would already have asked them.
Milli: But I'm sure you have leads to check. Any leads? Share with the class.
Collins: We have our suspicions. (glances at Jake) But you have ears to the ground here.
Jake: In the field.
Smith: Ears in the field... get all dirty.

Matthew chuckles. Collins gazes skywards. Weatherby looks like he wants to hit Smith.

William: ... Right. I should meet Charlotte. Lecture.
Collins: Miss Hamilton. Hmm.
William: (warily) What about her?
Collins: Go ahead. Wouldn't want to keep you. (smiles placidly)
Milli: And I don't have a lecture so I'm... going to the pub, actually.
Jake: Me too.

He murmurs to Milli as they head out.

Jake: I've got a call to make.

He separates from her. She watches him go.

Jake: I'd like to meet up. Something to ask you... Yes, there's money in it... Okay. See you then.

He heads on back.

Jake: So, are we patrolling? Or should we leave 'em to it?
Milli: We should carry on as normal. And besides, I don't trust them. And they'll follow us anyway...
William: I think we should.
Jake: Yeah, you won't rest till you do...
Natalie: But you want to get back to Charlotte.
William: She is kind of avoiding them.
Andy: Well, they are kinda intimidating. And smelly.
Milli: And they'll still be following us.
Matthew: Even if we don't go.
Andy: Yeah well, they're not a threat. Just to our pride...

Meeting up that evening...

Milli: Okay. So... splitting up. You take Andy...

She pauses to answer her phone.

Milli: Mister Escher. They're gone?
Escher: They're gone.
Milli: Really? Or are they just hiding?
Escher: If they are, they didn't see fit to inform me.
Milli: Would they?
Escher: Hard to say.

They look in on him. The Elites are indeed absent, at least from there.

Jake: Your take?
Escher: Hopefully they're not breaking into your rooms. Or my house, for that matter.
Jake: I kinda doubt they're worried about privacy issues.
Escher: You'd think. But still...
Jake: So they're checking our records...
Escher: It's not the first time. Not even the first time this year, actually.
Jake: So carry on as normal. And if they're still around and they wanna talk...
Escher: Precisely.

Milli frowns. Jake gives her an encouraging smile.

Jake: So, splitting up?
Milli: Yeah. A mix of fighters and spotters.
William: I divided the route into two on these maps...
Milli: North it is.
William: I had a more east-west design...
Milli: Oh. Okay.

She takes the printout and nods, then goes to the training room to tool up. Jake accompanies her.

Jake: You know about Sullivan, right? Demon fence?
Milli: Vaguely. Never met him. In fact, the Elite guys beat him up for information back home. You know him?
Jake: Yeah.
Milli: So when the Elites asked about that...
Jake: They were right.
Milli: And they looked at you. Why at you?
Jake: I'm the one that went on my own.
Milli: (suspiciously) So he's, what, a drinking buddy?
Jake: No. I wouldn't go that far. I mean, he still wants to kill me, but he can be useful. He's not capital-e Evil.
Milli: I appreciate that.
Jake: So, promise you won't kill him?
Milli: (deadpan) I'll think real hard about it.
Jake: Vamps tend not to come up and tell us very much. (pauses)
Milli: It's no problem. But I would like you to take Andy.
Jake: You don't wanna come?
Milli: One of us should stay here.
Jake: William could -
Milli: Okay, Andy or William. I don't want you getting hurt.
Jake: William's got a thing about demons.
Milli: He's not the only one.

She turns and goes, finds Andy outside having a smoke, and grabs him by the arm.

Milli: I need you to go with Jake to see Sullivan.
Andy: ...Why?
Milli: I'm sure it'll all be fine. But just in case Jake starts acting... funny...
Andy: You wanna make sure I kill him for you?
Milli: No! Just... just... bring him back here. And let me know. I don't want anything to happen to him. Or you.
Andy: But mostly him.

She half smiles and leads him back to the practice room. Jake gets up and follows Andy back outside.

Jake: I think she's worried I'll wolf out.
Andy: Ahhh, you'll be perfectly safe. I mean, it's only a demon with connections to a bunch of criminal gangs and... uh...

Sullivan looks up, eyes narrowing and briefly glinting with a fiery orange light from within, as Jake and Andy approach him in the back room of a seedy bar.

Jake: How are you?
Sullivan: Oh. Mustn't grumble. So, what's the business?
Jake: Something you might know about. Or not. The Watchers have their heavies in town. In case you didn't know.
Sullivan: Hence the not-Watchers in your little band being here?
Jake: Something like that.
Sullivan: Huh.
Jake: Anyway. They're investigating a break-in.
Sullivan: Round here? I have witnesses putting me in the pub. Whenever it was.
Jake: London.
Sullivan: Something interesting taken? In our little field?
Jake: Heard anything?
Sullivan: I can ask around. And in return...
Jake: I'm keeping the boys off your patch.
Sullivan: You're a darling, so you are.
Jake: I figured they'd be bad for business.
Sullivan: Likely. So. Got your number. Anything else?
Jake: ... What're you drinking?
Sullivan: Ahh, the magic words.

He watches them go over his refreshed pint, then takes out his phone.

Sullivan: Yeah. They were here. Keep an eye on the merchandise.

His pupils flash like flames and we CUT!
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