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Adapting SW Saga Edition to Run Mass Effect

Aaron Peori

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The release of the final game has inspired me to consider a Mass Effect game. Towards that end I was thinking of a system. Our group has enjoyed SW Saga edition so that was the first thing that came to mind (given the obvious similarities between Mass Effect and the KotOR games). Towards that end I was thinking of ways to adapt the game to Saga. Here are some thoughts I had on how to handle this:

First: Removal of Force powers and Jedi is pretty simple. Just... remove them entirely. Done.

Second: Collapsing the Skill list a bit. I'd collapse the Climb, Jump and Swim skills into a single Athletics skill. Remove the Ride skill; allow players to take a special feat that allows them to use their Pilot skill for riding animals. Otherwise I see no need to change the skill load-out at all. Obviously Use the Force is gone.

Third: In addition to picking a race each character selects a Background at first level. Backgrounds give access to certain Feats and character building options, basically the equivalent of takign the first level in a class. I haven't worked out all the Backgrounds available, but I know that one of them would be Biotic. Without taking the Biotic background (or being an Asari) characters would not have access to Biotics at all, not even later in their career through multi-classing.

Fourth: Classes; I see no reason not to use the four non-Jedi classes as is. Maybe tone down the benefits they give at first level and move most fo those to Backgrounds. For example a Soldier at first level may only get one Soldier Talent. To get the soldier feats, HP bonuses and class defense bonuses the character would take the Military Background. I'd probably have to build a standard "Dedicated Biotic" class.

Fifth: Biotics; basically Biotics would be handled a lot like the Force. Those character who have the Biotic Background could select Biotic Feats and Biotic Talents as they advance in levels instead of their normal class Feats. Each biotic "power" from the game would need a Feat to use it. This represents the fact that you can't just use an implant, you have to have the training to use it properly. Using Biotic Powers would work a lot like using Force Powers. Instead of using a Suite of powers, players could use (1+ Wisdom mod) Biotics per Encounter. Talents would alter this (like, say the "Biotic Experiment" talent which would give you an additional +X Biotic uses per Encounter) or alter the uses of certain Powers.

Instead of basing them off a Skill which led to some balance problems in Saga all Biotic Powers would be based on a Use Biotics roll. Use Biotics would be a roll of 1d20 + Cha mod + character level (the "dedicated Biotics" class would get some sort of bonus to this roll via Talents). This way Biotics would scale up in level just like attack bonuses and character defenses.


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