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[ADRPG] Amber 2nd Edition - a new hope!


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There were a lot of people bewailing the loss of GoO in part because they wanted to see a second edition of Amber Diceless... So I'm psyched to bring the news that Erick Wujcik did not give up. Last week at Ambercon Northwest, Edwin Voskamp and Eric Todd announced that they had bought the rights to publish Amber roleplaying stuff from Wujcik, with signed paperwork and everything. They intend to put out a second edition!

Voskamp and Todd have been actively running and playing Amber Diceless since 1992-93, and they're in touch with the Amber community. Edwin Voskamp was one of the main authors of GoO's recent Tékumel game, lauded for its accuracy to the source material. Eric Todd is currently working with Will Wright on the wide-ranging computer game, Spore. Both are awesome GMs and players, and devoted to diceless gaming, having cooked up and run many diceless games in the past.

Right up there in the first of the questions asked was, "So, when are we going to see the Rebma sourcebook?" (The wait has been about 13 years, now; a running joke.) Turns out they've talked to Jason Durall, who wrote it... Eric Todd told me that they intend to seek out input from the Amber community, and do this thing as a labor of love for the system and the people who love it.

I don't know when they're going to get down to writing, but buying the rights happened quickly (MacKinnon and Wujcik had merely signed a letter of intent to sell the rights). They're both highly capable guys, and I've got a lot of joy from this.


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Nice. It´s always good to see old fan favourites survive despite all odds.

Personally, I am curious to see how they will update the game itself. Less adversial advocated style of gaming, one would hope - but perhaps the harsh tone is beloved by the fans?


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Great news indeed. I think Eric and Edwin could do a great job with the second edition.

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Wonderful news!

I've played with Edwin in convention games, and he's extremely creative GM as well as a nice guy.


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My understanding from what GoO had said about the license was that the Zelazny estate was only OK with them continuing to keep the original edition stuff in print, not any new development of new material (I don't know if this expanded to allow, or exclude, the Rebma one).

How has that changed? Has it changed?

What's the plan for pushing this forward? Is it a "keep the game alive for the fans" thing, or is it a "grow the game to reach out to new players" thing?

Man. It's good news, but if I'd had a stronger sense of new materials and approaches being allowable, I mighta pushed for Evil Hat to make a bid for those rights at some point.

I'd love to give the thing a fresh look -- though, let's be honest -- Amber in any form is going to be a good thing.


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::Applauds Furiously::

I wonder if they'll keep GOO's early concept of tarot-based mechanics... That would be nice...

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I've been anxiously awaiting the announcement ever since talking to Eric and Edwin about it a few months ago.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with a new edition, and contributing any way I can.


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With the title of the thread "A new hope" I thought you were trying to say the Amberites were Jedi.... (or Sith) :p



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I worked with Edwin at my previous job - he's a good guy. Good luck to them with this project. ^_^

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