Advise on running Lacuna.


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Hey guys,

Looks like I might be running Lacuna for the first time in the near future. Would anyone care to throw a few adventure seeds (or advise) my way?:eek:

I love this game, but I'd like to do it justice.




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The only thing I've got subscribed is more rules advice than anything, but is linked here.

My advice, though:

  • Personally, I think pacing's pretty important. As I usually have to keep each game to about two hours, I make the players roll for pretty much everything. Climbing over fences, breaking down doors, finding evidence, etc. Basically, bear in mind that the more they roll, the higher their heart-rates climb. The mechanics take care of the rest.

  • Also useful is making a Static Chart before you start (an example's on p.31 of the rulebook), so you're not totally making things up on the fly (took me three games to master this).

  • Your first mission should probably just be a standard mission: Go into Blue City - Find this guy - Send him to the Lacuna - Eject. You can start trickling in bits of 'metaplot' later (and remember that the 'canon' is totally up to you).
Oh, and you can also send the players here beforehand to introduce the theme (and mess with their heads) before you even begin.

Remember: <span style="background: black; color: black;">Agents do not have clearance to read the rulebook</span>

EDIT: Oh, also, for inspiration, you might want to check out the AP links on the Memento Mori site.
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Hey Rain,

Many thanks for the advise and links!

I think you spot on there... I'll keep it a pretty standard scenario (well as standard as they can be in Blue City), but I'll definitely keep the Static in mind. Muhahah... ;)




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I don't know if it helps, but here is how I have run Lacuna.

I start with a case file.
Then come up with complications and static.

I play some surreal music lightly in the background, along with a looped thunderstorm.

I gave the case file to the players in a manila folder along with their character sheet. I printed it on green paper. I also insisted that they bring nothing to the table. No drinks, no dice no pencils.

Here is what they found awaiting them.

I've got a couple of Lacuna AP threads over at Story Games.
and here.


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One more thing.
I, and others, track static in front of the players. They have no idea what it is or why it's accumulating, but it really amps up the tension.

I made a row of glass beads and man it freaked them out.


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Hey mate,

That's awesome!... thanks so much for sharing that info'. It's greatly appreciated.

Love the glass beads idea for static... as well as doing in front of the players. Very clever.... Devious one could say.:D:D


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Well I havnt played Lacuna as published but I have used Lacuna's setting for a Con X Witchcraft Game.

If you have WC & Con X I can give you some advice also I converted Harterate & Static to Unisystem.


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Hey mate,

Luck me - I have both of those games! Any info would be cool - much appreciated. :)

I sent you a pm re. the other games btw.

All the best,



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Here are some of my unpolished conversion Notes.

Also a thought has come to my mind

Pulling Strings could be used to simulate Lacuna's Access rating giving Agents some measure of control over the Blue City with some minor modifications.I will work on that idea if I ever get the chance to run the Game with my new Group.

Also if your Lucky enough to own All Tomorrow's Zombies & Enter the Zombie you could easily turn the Con X/Lacuna Game into a Matrix Type Game near the end.

Damn I wish I had made a play report for that Game.
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I put together a first session for a single-player game (Kaufman is the PC, Baker and Coker are NPC mystery agents), although it should be pretty easy to mine for ideas.

My prep below - events are tied to Static, largely. I ripped off Ron Edward's idea of Wine agents as counterintelligence, and changed the look of Blue City from sad and rainy to dry and Latin America-influenced - you may find the jungle event not too appropriate in the default setting... :eek:

I think a list of surreal elements to drop in would help by way of prep as well.


Lacuna – A Bullet for the Butcher


- Meet Control, Coker and Baker

- Baxter warns Kaufman about Coker

- HP file for Thomas Crossley: 43, Caucasian, company liquidator, only priors minor (traffic infringements, shoplifting of 3 rolls of colour film when he was 12)

- Hacked up a young couple hitch-hiking, hid the parts in a deep freezer, picked up by the police after traffic inspector noticed odd stains on the back seat of his car.

Dive Prep
- Subject vaguely familiar, bad acne-scarring, middle-aged, looks like an accountant

- Coker pops some aspirin before diving, has a head cold

- Coker separated, talking with Miner’s agent Jonas

- Maria the Match Seller – being accosted by couple of militiamen. Matchbook emblazoned with a symbol of the Tourist Bureau: stylised train disappearing into a setting sun – go there.

- Electoral Parade – throwing cuts of newspaper-wrapped meat into the crowd, brassy-sounding gypsy band

- Explodes in a butcher’s shop, scattering body parts of man and beast across the street. A couple of people stagger out, dazed and mutilated.

- Bystanders blame the Fifth Columnists and the militia arrive to secure the area and question anyone they can find. They pass around unreadable flyers with blurry photos of several Fifth Columnists

- Casualties are taken to the Hospital, currently doubling as an abbatoir and Fleischer’s campaign HQ (Located in Abbatoir)

Wine Clearance
- Stoker, Wine-clearance internal security agent, takes an interest in Coker and tails the Agents

- Expects Coker to try and contact Miner, believes Coker is planning to ‘defect’

- He appears to be able to call upon the militia and, if followed, is seen entering the abbatoir/hospital headquarters of electoral candidate Fleischer (Crossley)

Fifth Columnists
- Tourist Bureau is a dusty, golden-lit office with wooden floors and an overhead ceiling fan. Secretary (Inez) types on an old typewriter as they enter and posters, mostly unreadable, advertise travel ‘over there’. The typewritten words are unreadable, and seem to scatter and swirl across the page like synchronised spiders

- Inez will hand Kaufman a brown package containing the parts of a sniper rifle, with a photo of Fleischer/Crossley. She implores she kill ‘the foreigner’ instead of just ‘taking him away’.

- If Kaufman doesn’t follow up the lead, Fifth Columnists will drive by and try to abduct Kaufman (or Baker, as hostage), wearing bandannas and driving a stolen postal van.

- The Fifth Column refer to Kaufman as ‘one of us, once’ and a ‘kindred spirit’. All Fifth Columnists are latino or have Spanish names, although no one seems to remark upon this.

- If Kaufman doesn’t work with them, they will try to storm Fleischer/Crossley’s headquarters in clichéd revolutionary style

The Jungle
- If/when spontaneous jungle growth occurs, the Fifth Columnists will increase in presence and effectiveness. The growth affects a district between Factory and Boxer, which the locals instantly begin to refer to as ‘Green’ district, apparently without noticing the change

- Control instantly asks what’s going on and classifies the district as Deep Blue

- If/when the Jungle becomes a Black Zone, the jungle takes on a more hostile tone, blocking out the light, stinking the air with rotting leafmatter and slowly swallowing some of the less-active Personalities beneath a mass of creepers

- If Spidermen appear, it will be from this District they arrive, as will Miner. Control is frantic that the Agents leave the area, and may demand they exit Blue City immediately

Fleischer and the Rally
- Fleischer’s posters are advertising a rally to be held in the plaza outside Hospital (also his campaign HQ)

- Fleischer/Crossley will appear on a balcony above the crowd and will begin addressing them

- He is protected by a bodyguard of militiamen, including the Wine agent Stoker, if he is still around

- If nothing else is likely to happen, the Fifth Columnists will attack, firing rifles into the air and waving flags emblazoned with the Mystery Agent symbol over a black and red background

- Fleischer/Crossley will retreat into the abbatoir if attacked, leading to a nervous cat-and-mouse hunt among hanging slabs of beef and patients being trundled through by oblivious nurses

- Baker might end up trying to tackle Fleischer/Crossley alone, in which case he will be killed by the HP, ideally while Kaufman is busy tracking down Coker

Coker Defects

- Coker and Miner are in contact using Jonas as a go-between. It is not safe for Miner to appear until the circumstances are right, but Coker will act increasingly suspicious and will draw the attention of Stoker from internal security

- He will be drawn to the jungle, and disobey orders to stay nearby until Miner appears
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