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Ajax/Pickering/Whitby - GM - Needs Players


Charging Blindly
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Play Location: Ajax, ON (or somewhere just a little bit east of Toronto)

Game Systems: Tristat, HERO, Agone, Jadeclaw, Savage Worlds, Exalted, maybe some others.

Player or GM? Wouldn't mind getting a chance to play once in a while, but like to GM on a regular basis.

Time/Frequency: Looking for a regular weekly game.

Genre: Would like to do some supers and pulpy stuff. In general, I prefer cinematic games.

Current needs: Players.

Accept Drop-In Players? Depends upon genre of game. Supers - yes. Agone - no.

Accept Spectators? Once in a while is okay.

Short description of the setting/campaign: Currently toying with: 4-colour supers; something Napoleonic/Sharpe's riflesesque; medium fantasy; a modern urban slayerish-type thing.


edit - Did I mention the zeppelin-borne ninja pirate zombies? :D
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Knuckle Sammich

Hey Chris,

I'm just sniffing around to see what different groups are up to; there's a very good possiblity that the group I'm in is going to disintrigrate because of several conflicting work schedules.

Have you linked up with players yet since your post?

I live in Scarborough but getting out to the 'Jax wouldn't be a problem depending on what day the campaign is.

you can contact me at buddamonkey@evilemail.com

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