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[All] Fantastic Elements 2- even more weirdness


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First I want to note that some of this ideas may be distressing. I am not a fan of them but they can provide for some serious/dark gaming. It is odd how often it happened when I was rolling the cubes this time.

Vices of the decadent, civilized world can "turn" or inflict unusual conditions on barbarians. Those "destroyed" lose their heroic, wild nature and join in the decadence.

Oracles born of livestock (i.e. talking animals) seek potential heroes among the common folk.

For one city the Sun is their oracle. The ruling family can have conversations with it. They tend to be paranoid on very cloudy days and hide themselves at night.

Dragons with a caster level of at least 10 are invisible (actually can not be detected by natural senses) by arcane casters of up to four levels less. So a dragon with CL 11 can not be sensed by a wizard 7th or less level. This is one reason medium to high level wizards tend to replace the sense organs they were born with.

One kingdom is defended by giant psionic dragonflies. All they ask for in return are amulets with gems of the same color as their wings (which relate to what powers they have). These gems are consumed over time, so the kingdom is always in need of more. A recent cache discovered by adventurers is tainted by chaos and the results for the insects isn't pretty as they channeled it right into their brains/minds.

A nation's most secret prison is on an island far from shore. It uses torture in dreams to rip information from the prisoners, leaving no physical traces. This occasionally causes a psionic eruption that draws a kraken that has learned how to steal such power. The nation does not want to tangle with it and so throws those prisoners to it when it makes an appearance.

A fallen kingdom's jesters, awakened animals imbued with humor, have taken to life on the road. The toad is their manager and boy, she is very good at wrangling every last coin out of the audience.

A short-lived war between a nomadic beetle people and nomadic elves ended when the genius locus got tired of the fighting and fused them into one species. The resulting race isn't physically pretty but it is an expert at survival in the wilds and may, depending on how others react to them, become premiere trackers and scouts.


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Not too long ago I mentioned a few vital tools for alchemists. Here is another- Oil of Decontamination. It may or may not be magical. It allows the alchemist to keep using their lab tools (glass, furnaces, tongs, etc.) much longer than normal. Adventurers like it as it cleans up corroded objects, esp those that have been sitting in the ocean for decades or centuries.

An alchemist found that giant insect antennae receive signals from The Earth Mother, Lunar Hive, their Animal Lord, or somewhere else. Instead of trying to decipher the information, the alchemist is looking to tap that power source for new transmutations. It is a subtle energy and who knows what may result.

When used on a petrified creature, does Stonetell allow communication with the stone, the creature or both?

Material is an AD&D spell I have mentioned a few times. It creates useful substances for refinement and I have come up with another use. It can add mass to an existing object. For example, mer casters can use it to add immobile paddles to a ship's hull to slow it down. This use of the spell can not weld a different substance to an object, so the mers couldn't add metal blocks to a wooden hull (to help tear it apart and sink faster). They could just add some extrusion made of the same wood that makes up the planks. This version of the spell also can not make anything intricate, it has to be blocks, fans, pillars and the like. Nothing is going to be terribly large (it is 3rd level after all), but in the hands of a creative caster, it can make all the difference in the world.


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When using in casting, the wax of giant bees imparts a sheen on the objects created. This repairs cracked, but not broken, items.

The silk of the tenebrous worm is invisible to arthorpods (normal and giant) and reduces detection by their other senses by 95%. Rockseer elves and dwarves like using it to cloak themselves when hunting spiders in drow territory.

The paper of giant wasps and hornets is immune to electrical attacks. Kite builders prefer this material, esp those for spy kites (i.e. those that take people up and are immune to forms anti-magic).

Oils that inflict other forms of damage are uncommon as their raw materials are difficult obtain. Psychic comes from psionic brains, thunder from gems that store energy from quakes, lightning from static electricity created by the clothing of giants, etc.

Many predators that hunt just below the surface of water are invisible to creatures in the air (such as those on boats). Prey creatures have evolved new senses to detect them.

Druids and elemental wizards can create small objects that sustain air elementals in Wildspace. This is their version of sending storms against enemy vessels.

The nosferatu's blood drain can be modified into a temporary transformation. For example a machine that incurs the loss of Constitution and for each point lost, one technology point is granted as flesh becomes mechanical or otherwise technological (i.e. the target becomes a cyborg). As long as the victim survives the process, as they heal, the tech points are lost and the implants/grafts return to being the flesh they were originally. It is all very strange to observe. And for those who die, they become robots or constructs. (What tech points are is up to you. I would start with the cybernetic rules in Mutant Bastards or mutations in The Metamorphica.)

One thing I really like about Gamma World is the ever present technology. Using a flamethrower in the ruin of an Ancient house may set off conduits and pipes hidden in the walls and floor, resulting in a technological chaos field. I wish there was a way to incorporate that more into fantasy locations, esp those outside a wizard's or alchemist's lab. Any suggestions?


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The senses are conduits to the brain/mind. Though bards use this to a degree, the only wizard I can think of that truly understood this was Otto (from Greyhawk Adventures). He didn't go far with his spells but it was a start of sonic manipulation magics.

Some astrologers are contacted by the stars themselves. They have the option to slowly lose their humanity and gain a greater understanding of the math and mechanics behind reality.

One race uses temporal vortexes to raise their offspring. Groups of them vanish with newborns for a week and return with adolescents (16 years out in human terms).

Another race has many offspring but few adults. Only those who become arcane casters and research and cast a 5th level spell for metamorphosis successfully mature.

There are massive carnivorous plants in the shallows of the Chthonic Lands. They hunt down there but flower on the surface. They do so by sending stalks up with rock, earth and the occasional building or lake (oddly this does not drain the water). The pollinators are unseely bee or wasp spirits.

The Sheens (Dragon 258 and 270) invade living worlds for something unique to them- organic minerals. Coal, jet, amber, pearl, and novel species of such minerals are used for their brains. (I wanted something that wasn't cliche or nonsensical and this is the only idea I could think of.)


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One thing I really like about Gamma World is the ever present technology. Using a flamethrower in the ruin of an Ancient house may set off conduits and pipes hidden in the walls and floor, resulting in a technological chaos field. I wish there was a way to incorporate that more into fantasy locations, esp those outside a wizard's or alchemist's lab. Any suggestions?
Runes come to mind first. Magical places are often covered in runic scripts with various effects, and if you erase or alter some runes with a careless hammer swing you may create some interesting effects.

Could maybe also do something with the balance of elemental energies. The flying castle will fall if you bring too much Earth into it, or rocket off into the sky if you bring too much Air. Obviously Earth and Air aren't the same as earth and air, but there is some Earth in plain old earth.


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Runes and mini ley lines or ley pockets. Cool, thank you.

Dungeon gems are large stones created by genii locorum to strengthen a favored or dominate inhabitant species. The stones are very popular with wizards researching enhancement magic.

Arcane casters should have spells that allow them to study the patterns and laws of magic. With the effects of chaos or planar bleeds, the rules may change and a wizard not ready for it is usually a dietary supplement.

One source of genasi are elementals who were reincarnated as humanoids.

Some or much of the artwork in a dragon's hoard is actually its eggs or young transformed to reducing hunting pressure. There have been cases where a use of Dispel Magic has freed a hatchling that was turned into a painting centuries prior.

A form of age reduction involves carving off some flesh. It is painful, initially disfiguring, and the leftover is infused with decay and time. Some nations use it as fuel for weapons of mass destruction. (Another Halloween scenario.)

There are spells that enhance racial traits. Using the AD&D PH, a few examples:

- Dwarves have lenses that allow them to identify the race or individual who created a specific piece of stonework, gauntlets that dispel traps based on stonework, and shields that damage the weapons of giants and others that have difficulty hitting them.

- Elves have cloaks that create concealed or secret doors (usually to hallways or tunnels that lead to another level), cloaks that allow them to surprise anything, and bows that allow them to shoot non-arrow ammo. The last may or may not allow fragile things to survive impact.

Edit- not bad for my 20,000 post.


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Some death effects take time, allowing both the victim and perpetrator an opportunity to prevent the target dying. Others last for more than a moment as they are used for something. For example, a change I make to eblis (evil stork people) is that they need to drown humanoids for sustenance (actually the drowning causes their prey to appear, horrid little insects or devilish fish). Drowning, poison, bleeding out are all death effects in addition to many spells and powers.

Bandit bands are usually more dangerous than they appear for they make great breeding grounds for fiendish cults.

There are wizard guilds that train assistants to speed magic item creation and spell research. Mostly they are kept in house but some are allowed to freelance.

Mid and high level characters must train a new character into their class for each level gain (i.e. the resulting character is level one). No training, no advancement. This is a divine edict meant to spread power to the followers but ended up being much wider spread in its effect.

Control Wind is a sledge hammer. With spells that allow much finer control, aromas and similar gasses become much more useful.

A rare form of healing spell is applied to the weapon, curing the wounds it created. (This was considered a form of sympathetic magic in the real world.)

Supernatural mysteries are occasionally ephemeral. The characters studying it have one or a few shots and then it is gone forever.

Some fey seduce wizards to produce children that can steal their mortal parent's power.


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A cabal of archmages known to the PCs (possibly even mentors) have been projecting their power into a handful of newborn planes with spells and specially made constructs. They hope to shape the future of these realities to their benefit and the benefit of the inhabitants yet to be born.

A rothe mutant is found with a shrimp head and claws (like a shrimp/cow taur). It may have been drinking at a magical fountain nearby or it is the victim of a too common aquatic parasite found in the waters throughout the Chthonic Lands. Such parasites attack and fuse with air breathers, creating random taurs based on aquatic animals. Why they do this is unknown, as is how they reproduce and spread.

If an Awakened creature reaches 12 level in any class, is descendants will also be sapient.

The farther away from home one is, the more toxic natural poisons are to them. Home being defined as the place where one spend the most time growing up.

Genii locorum are not natural. They are spirits that were created, altered and/or bound by some precursor species to perform various tasks. This means they do their assigned duties and may have triggers in their commands (or programming if you like). One should always be careful about interacting with such spirits of location.
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