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Some hunting lodges have commissioned the creation of demiplanes to act as preserves. Each of the planes has its own features, such as"

-monsters that change in power to balance with the people hunting it

-monsters with parts that will be useful in killing more of their numbers or related creatures (e.g. a fire drake has a bone that makes an Arrow of Slaying (fire drakes and red dragons))

-providing proper weapons, armor, and tools that last for individual hunts

-locations with terrain that is controlled by the hunters

-survival for all in unusual or alien environments (e.g. hunting wyverns at the bottom of the ocean)

-tricks and traps meant to make the hunt more difficult and the possibility of death real*

-hunters being able to take alternate forms to study hunting from both the predator and prey's perspective.

Most of these planes also provide trophies that will exist beyond their boundaries and commemorate successes and spectacular failures.

* Not that it matters much as the dead are usually brought back after a hunt is concluded.


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Some rain speaks out loud of what is happening over the horizon.

The illusionist version of the Maze spell as artistic flourishes, from awe-inspiring to mindbending.

Some worlds have high mobile farms and most people are nomads that follow them.

Shipboard labs have more accidents but also more discoveries due to the rocking. Attempts to duplicate this on land usually ends in disaster.

The border between civilized and wild lands are strongly demarked. One claimed by the other quickly converts, causing massive changes in the plant and animal populations.

Many cursed magic items are the result of evil muses whispering in the ears of mages.

One nation has a chained demon that turns sapient sacrifices into items of power- formulas and blueprints of weapons and other nasty things.


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In the early days of the world light spirits were common and illuminated everywhere. They were enslaved by mortals, mostly those who wanted to control and manipulate light (i.e. early arcane casters) and those who wanted some darkness in their lives. Those spirits are still around, they can be seen in every Continual Light/Flame, Prismatic X, and Chromatic X spell cast. If they were freed, mortals could no longer cast any spell that creates light or darkness.

A botched Shadow Walk spell resulted in tainted light sources within the region. Shadows cast by objects illuminated by these light sources are so deep that people can get lost in them.

Divine bloodlines aren't just for people. The gods created their own pets and monsters and they have had mortal offspring. (So you would make Cerberus our pet? No, we would be his.) Crosses of such bloodlines have resulted in new forms of monsters (foes of humanity) and creatures (allies or neutral).

Some symptoms for weird illnesses:

- Hair (or clothing) that entangles nearby objects.

- Sweat that transforms into harmless, but annoying, flies.

- A harsh cough and spitting up fake coins.

- The ability to speak fluent Book. Useful for discovering the contents of magical tomes as well as research. If the person doesn't die from the disease first, of course.

- Sleep weaving of moonbeams. Lycanthropes love the resulting fabrics.


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Sunrise and sunset are battles between light and darkness. The winner is known but how long the battle will last, that's variable.

Some dryads do not exist on the material plane, but rather are native to the Astral or ethereal. If many sorts of plants have these kinds of souls, then the other plane will be well populated in vegetated regions.

A world where all monsters live underground. Occasionally one creates or is tied to a disaster or curse on the surface world, forcing someone to go down there and deal with it. This could be as simple as slaying the beast or as complex as supplicating it to remove the curse (killing it in that case will make the curse permanent). Even if death is the solution, it may require a ritual with a body part in the place where the disaster is occurring or the curse is anchored.

Oddball cures for magical diseases:

- Eating gold or silver, usually a few dozen gp or sp worth.

- Visiting the moon for a month. The symptoms go away within the first day but will reoccur if the visit is less than a month.

- Wearing armor made from ogre stomachs for a few hours. It will draw out the illness and soon rot away.

- Compose a ditty or other form of music. The thought patterns created by the work on the composition will drive the sickness out.

- Plant a sunflower or other veggie in one's ear. The roots will grow into the head and remove the illness with time.

The world is bathed in Chaos and one of the effects is players may not select feats (or traits or something along those lines for early editions) nor do they appear on a X level basis. Rather they are either something earned, but not in an obvious way (Chaos remember) or they just pop up randomly throughout the campaign.


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Massive aberrant worms hunt by creating pools of tar on the surface. Some people attempt to harvest the tar but are usually consumed for their efforts.

Space is a battlefield between living and construct daikaiju. Occasionally they fall to earth and destroy large swathes of landscape in their battles before escaping gravity once again. The moons have obvious scars from these creatures.

Giant crystals in geo-syn. orbit were set there to bring life to deserts and arctic lands. Destroy or move them and all the life they support will migrate out to elsewhere.

The Lantern of First Light is used to create new demiplanes that will grow into full sized planes. The gods keep a close eye on who uses it and why.

A supernatural species of swamp oak's wood is used to replenish fish stocks. Just carve it into the shape of fish and throw the resulting figures into the water. Each will become a small school of adults.

Isle trees surround their roots with land. Large trees have islands of several square miles. When an isle tree dies, its island will sink within a matter of hours.

One dungeon listens to the chatter of intruders and creates challenges based on what it heard.

Mers use submarines to find the shallow parts of the ocean colonize. It makes hauling their stuff so much easier.

All magical beasts can not fail survival checks for their native habitats. Think of it as forms of Create Food and Water and Resist Elements. In times of drought or other harsh events, people have been known to follow these creatures and chase them off their finds. This works but if done too often, the people will find themselves at odd with druids, fey and more powerful magical creatures.

An artifact power allows to to store imprints of locations, allowing them to restore such places after destruction or transformation (so a save point). Places that existed many thousands of years ago can be brought back but at the expense of what is there now.


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Trees in haunted forests take some of the physical appearance (face and hands) of those staked to them. So skewer a goblin with an arrow that then hits a tree behind it and the tree will start growing goblin faces on its bark.

If one cuts the heads off of a lernaean hydra fast enough, the result is something like pollarding a tree*. There are so many tiny heads on the necks that their attacks are more like a swarm than a few massive serpents.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pollarding

Some monsters keep their reproductive castes safe by secreting them on the moon. Though many of these creatures are foes of humanity, some are allies. (In other words the PCs may need to travel to the moon to save their queens.)

Formians create additional types of workers and brains when they encounter new forms of magic. Together they pick apart the secrets of such power and inform the queen as soon as possible. Finding nests with pact makers, psions and incarnum users isn't that rare. What is are those with superscience technology (be it steampunk or fantastic science), symbionts that impart power, and aboleth glyph magic.

There are at least five sources of monsters: underground, other planes, space, the mind, and society. The mind covers a wide array of sources from the id and wizard creations to curses and Dark Powers checks. Those created by society are rarer as there is only one known type and it rarely works- collective curses. When an entire group of people curses an individual or other group of people, the result can be monstrous. The reason is is rare is if one person makes the save, then none are affected.


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Trees which have multiple people staked to them often animate into twisted parodies of treants who gain power with every heart or head impaled upon their branches.

Other dangers in haunted forests including weeds which play host to lost souls who will wrap around living flesh and suck the warmth from the body and brambles which grow from rotten corpses and seek to regain their body by draping themselves in skin.

Even worse is what happens when these and other half-living plants merge into horrid abominations. The Gulthias tree is one such example of how dangerous this can be.


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One race has Fisher kings and queens (i.e. those whose kingdom's well being fairs with their health). When they die of old age, their capital city grows and can sustain a larger population. These cities are effectively indestructible as long as there is one of the bloodline left- which is quite larger considering how many nobles and common people are among their numbers.

I like the idea of the terror tracks in Ravenloft, a Dark Powers checks variant in Domains of Dread that turns the characters into monsters. But coming up with ideas on sins that don't go over the line for me and what sorts of monsters can be created is not so easy. For example I was thinking about deepspawn and what sorts of people could want that sort of reproductive potential. The only ones I could think of are serial impregnators, the men who beget children with many women and then leave before and or soon after birth. Squicky but not too much for me. Right now what I want to come up with is a monster for those who are polluters and others that destroy the environment with zero regret. Have any suggestions? Something that isn't an ooze would be nice.

Setting idea- the PCs are colonists of a urbanized world that was abandoned not long ago, a century at most. There is no open land and even most of the smaller lakes have been paved over. The only terrestrial creatures around are those who evolved with the city, pets, and zoo escapees that found a way to survive. The only plants are from roof top gardens and parts, except for the fungi that were finally free to start eating some of the infrastructure. So in other words, a world sized dungeon that is mostly above ground.


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Daikaiju bones are eternal, making them popular with some titans and gods for weapons and artifacts.

Recently a daikaiju crawling hand has appeared scuttling across one continent. Where did it come from and what creature is large enough to have such a hand?

Gravity is made up of chains found in the 6th dimension. Occasionally they are consumed by a variant of the tenebrous worm, causing creatures and objects to fling off into space. What is worrying is the daikaiju version of that creature that consumes planetary chains. Celestials and fiends fight together to drive those creatures off.

The dragonne is partially named after primitive firearms, so why not turn them into cannons? What they consume for ammo (usually stone or metal) determines the damage of their shot. And their favorite prey? Landships that cross the desert.


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Dragon magic comes from the eldest of their breed. When it dies and is replaced, the magic changes. It may be simply descriptive or a significant change resulting from the whims of the eldest.

Vegetable gold is the belief that gold grows underground. The people of the Middle Ages believed it because of the Roman hoards they would dig up occasionally. A fantastic variant of this involves growing equipment caches, be they for armies or spies. The resulting vegetable arms, armor, and other gear are not made of plant material unless they normally are.

The leader if social mammal groups (i.e. animals) has a human face and is sapient. When it dies, the next leader's face transforms in a few moments and it gains its intelligence within a few hours.

Hunting unicorns is difficult as most are actually simulacra created by friendly fey.

Typos in magical writing allow for entities from a reality of misinformation to invade. They are called ink demons but have nothing to do with the Pit. Rather they try to trick more casters to add typos to their magical writing and allow more of their kind to invade. So far that is all that they do.

One species of moss reproduces by transforming hair. Anyone who touches it has their hair converted into the moss. Shaving it doesn't help, only cold conditions for more than a month will revert the effect.

The most opulent places in the multiverse belong to Mineral elementals. They don't care so much about wealth, they just want to show off and the result is very much in line with Keeping Up with the Jones. It is amazing how many entities from across the planes will upgrade their homes after just hearing about the elementals' palaces. It is a curse that has no supernatural backing, just the nature of people.
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