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[All] Fantastic Elements 2- even more weirdness

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Typos in magical writing allow for entities from a reality of misinformation to invade. They are called ink demons but have nothing to do with the Pit. Rather they try to trick more casters to add typos to their magical writing and allow more of their kind to invade. So far that is all that they do.
There will be mages willing to bargain with the ink demons. Either promise a few magical writings with intentional typos in return for freedom from interference with their real work, or payment for interference with their rivals or enemies.

One species of moss reproduces by transforming hair. Anyone who touches it has their hair converted into the moss. Shaving it doesn't help, only cold conditions for more than a month will revert the effect.
Someone will find a use for this moss and will pay those who grow it.


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The characters find a well equipped, very cunning tribe of goblins. They burst onto the scene a few months ago when they drove a family of hill giants out of the region. They are crazy, or know something, because their next apparent target is an adult red dragon. What no one knows yet is that the tribe has a very powerful friend. They were searching a ruined shrine to a god of the earth and found that the altar still had a fragment of the god. In other words it is godbound. And it wants to regain its full divinity. Goblins are a race of the earth so they are a good start. And for now they will be amply rewarded by driving not earth beings out of the hills (or mountain range). Giants and dragons are beings of wind or fire, and the altar knows the secrets of their weaknesses. The dragon is likely doomed. (The words the altar has are Artifice, Earth and Wealth. If they survive, those goblins are going to be the wealthiest goblins in the world.)

Deep underground are caverns filled with glowing crystals that support radiant elemental life.

Monsters that are masters of crafting, such as my armorer dragon, have a few choices in additional traits for their creations. Most do the obvious and make themselves immune to the effects of such items, a few anchor them so that the objects are only magical in their presence, and then there are those magic items that are boosted by their creator's presence.

A bloodline of aboleths has created a psionic power that creates a field that causes an addiction to spell casting. It isn't usually used by the aboleth themselves, but rather turned into psionic items that are given to important skum or other servants that will have first contact with invading characters.

When something dies on the shore of the ocean, the foam turns to crows that will strip the carcass clean and then return to the water.


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One some worlds the land itself is intelligent. If treated poorly, it can react with rage and use mutant flora and fauna to enact revenge. (I was trying to come up with alternate mutagens and this was the best of the lot.)

One guardian monster requires the assistance of mortals, in this case non-spell casters, to reproduce. They perform a ritual with a price that is high, but non-lethal. The participants, including the parent creature, are weakened forever after.

Keystones of buildings over X years old (usually 50 and 200) can be used as foci in abjuration spells.

Dragons retain their sense of touch through shed scales. They use them as simple alarms throughout their lair and territory.

Lycanthropes have two minds and potentially two alignments.

If all of the tarrasque's worshipers are slain of convinced to follow another path, it loses its unique regeneration power.

Affect Normal Fires can do wonders for steam and internal combustion engines.

Some races have unusual Craft or Profession skills. Such as urban goblins with Profession (cobblestone turner), those that keep the roads well maintained.


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Angling with rod and reel is possible anywhere as the air is full of difficult to discern life. The hook has to be suspended, not resting on the ground or other surface. And watch out for "sharks", creatures that can drag the angler away.

Chimeras are lions and hydras are giant lizards that feasted on the flesh of nilbogs. Those wanting to make many of those monsters should have a lot of healing magic on hand.

One horror is a giant worm that can shapeshift its individual segments. Each can become a humanoid torso and arms, making the monster an army of one. (Note the template Army of One is a very different sort of monster.)

Remove Curse is replaced by turning attempts (caster level = hit dice), Transfer Curse spells for druids and Seek Freedom spells for arcane casters. The last one gives the character a vision of the sort of quest needed to break the curse.


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All inspired by story cube throws as I couldn't come up with anything last night.

Occasionally more than one myconid king is created at the same time. The extras go out into the outer world to explore and prevent harm to their people. A very few become clerics of gods of other races. They return home and try to convert their kin. Those circles that do are on their way to becoming something else.

The clerics of a small god of invention prefer weapons that hide in plain sight. A trio of examples:

- An axe with extendable blades that appears as a staff is their basic weapon.

- Slings that appear as caps and explosive ammo as beads are also common.

- The high priest has a buzz saw whip that hides within a bracer.

Chromatic and prismatic spells are blinding to their casters in the deep ocean with the exception of the clerics of the squid gods.

Sacrifices to a volcano god come back as ghostly oracles.

There is a desert dwelling marine race that lives in permanent globules of water. Even though they look tempting to drink, those bubbles are highly toxic. They do shrink with time but their druid leaders call upon rain to renew them so that none have to feel the air on their skin. (I would use cuttlefish or mantis shrimp as the base creature.)

Star pox has variable symptoms based on the constellation that appears on the victim's skin.

One famous ancient druid grove is actually made up of Massmorphed hibernating aliens. They are the ones who first taught druids fire magic.

Saruial wizards have found a way to redirect items from teleportation effects and steal the gear and goods. Getting them back requires plane hopping.

A hive of beholders destroyed themselves by disintegrating a previously unknown mineral, unleashing a pulse of emotions that drove them completely insane.

One wizard creation is a medusa/spider hybrid that turns victims into high quality cloth with their gaze.


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Some monsters can or need to do something to recharge their powers. This can be additional uses in addition to something that recharges naturally, such as 1e dragons diving into their element to gain another use of their breath weapon, or the action may be required for the power to be reused at all. Here are a few other examples:

- A fire giant king can raise one volcano at their coronation and then one additional one per adult or older red dragon they slay.

- Silver, mist and cloud dragons can absolutely control the weather once they reach ancient- no mortal caster can reverse the dragon's whim. This lasts for a month and to recharge it, they need to visit and bribe the cloud giants that live on the highest cloud island.

- Morkoths have the ability to warp reality within their mazes, making escape impossible for anything short of teleportation. This lasts for an hour and recharges once per week. If they are lucky, the monster has a runestone from an ancient mer nation within the maze. Touching it recharges the power immediately. As the stone is usually around 12 tons, the PCs will not be removing it easily. And defacing it will earn the ire of several gods of the sea.

- I also have an idea but don't know which monster to apply it to. Something has the ability to discern its foes' plans but only can recharge it by giving their heart to the Roving Menagerie. Obviously it would apply only to those creatures that can regenerate or otherwise survive without a heart. And the menagerie is made up of still living body parts rather than whole creatures.

Some wizards have difficulty finding a worthy apprentice, so they make one. It can either be growing them in vats or transforming an existing person (ala elan from 3.5 psionics). In either case some of the master's personalty is transferred and thus something like bloodlines are created. Those in the know can tell which bloodline one wizard belongs to just by talking to them for a while.

Contact Other Plane is a spell that could use some expansion. Wizards could create stables of minds they contact, each with their own personality and knowledge base. Of course the chance for insanity is still there, the minds are alien after all.

One form of treasure I have never seen before is the arcane phenomenon/artifact. It is something that can be researched or studied by arcane casters to expand their knowledge of magic. Such an item is immune to such spells as Identify as it does not have functions, it reveals arcane secrets. For example as wizard finds one of those runestones the morkoth covet and hauls it back to their lab. There the character can use Legend Lore to find some of its history and then perform experiments to create spells that allow them to warp reality. (Mechanically each item of the same theme would cover X amount of the cost of research. Or if you are using The Crimson Pandect, they would provide Reference points.)


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Some treants have a rusting attack, but instead of turning the metal to flakes, the plants turn them into metallic acorns or cones and throw them at foes.

One fire giant's forge is haunted by several treant ghosts. The giant is somehow immune to their attacks but has lost all of his assistants to aging. So now he is working on some iron golems to replace them.

The study of cloud runes (i.e. clouds in the shape of runes) requires a good eye and excellent memory. Making an error in using them results in disastrous weather.

Cages that have held many magical beings for long periods of time gain quirks. Those found in Dragon 163 and the Encyclopedia Magica are a good start but it could be anything that can be considered a quirk.

There are treasures that are worth a king's ransom and then there are those worth a planet. One of the latter is the stain glass window that inspired Prismatic Spray. That was the first Prismatic spell and is many thousands of years old, long enough to spread throughout much of the multiverse. The window itself is currently owned by a djinn royal and is protected by a legion of air and radiance elementals.

The idea of spell research for divine casters seems very odd to me. A replacement is to allow clerics to encounter new or unusual phenomena related to their god's portfolio and then use Commune to both tell the divine of the oddity and make a request to replicate it.


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There is a human city with harmless emotion eating little critters, harmless to humans that is. Non-human sapients get headaches and other pains. This has had its good points (keeping raiders out) and bad (keeping potential trading partners away). The people are still considering their options but for now it looks like they still want the little critters around.

One land has a most unusual form of agriculture. They grow hills by injecting alchemical substances in the ground. These hills are allowed to exist until they collapse about 250 years later. After that happens, the center of where the hill use to exist is the endpoint of a new vein of ore, one that will take a few decades to mine out. If a hill is then grown on the land where one was prior, the old mine collapses (or vanishes) and a new vein grows but of a different mineral. Some of the world's unique materials comes from these mines.

Celestial daikaiju are sent from the upper planes to wildspace to drive off or neutralize threats to the mortal populations of many worlds. They do not try to kill initially but to convert or redeem those monsters they encounter. And sometimes it works, why else would flumphs be Lawful Good?

There is a street drug that turns dreams and nightmares into tiny creatures. Those not contained upon creation will escape and be minor pests. Fortunately they can't breed, but someone using the drug a lot will create more and more with time. A well addled addict may produce a score at a time.

A merlane/vivimancer spell turns canaries into face masks that protect from harmful gasses. It lasts for a week and then the bird returns to normal. Unless it dies earlier of course, from exposure to something really nasty.


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One Abeil queen (bee people from 3.0 MM II) has been edged out of her lands by her sisters, so she has a plan. Instead of searching for new lands to colonize, she has taken up ice magic and plans on making icebergs for her nest to colonize. Of course the current workers and soldiers aren't adapted to such conditions but their younger sisters will be. The elders will be effectively sold to one of the queen's sisters and the resulting money will be used for magic research into making ice that is more durable in warm waters and less chilly to those living on it. There is also the issue of harvesting food from the seas, but that is more of a mindset issue than a physiological problem. She is sure she will be able to adapt. And if she can't, the adventurers who raid the bergs before they melt away may very well find some useful new ice based magic spells and items. Such is life.

Ravens are predatory birds that were created by a god of hunting to assist greater beasts. Each flock is found within the territory of a carnivorous monster and provides it assistance. Weak prey is driven into its jaws. Strong prey, or potential predators, are found and harassed. Some predators can even see trough their flock's eyes. When the predator dies, the flock vanishes.

A slightly misspoken word with so much potential- dinosword. Blades that turn into prehistoric creatures or blades wielded by such beasts?

Bubbles of possibility are found near rifts and portals to Limbo. Pop one and something, be it energy, emotion, an object or creature will emerge. Most of these will be unique.

Alchemists have designed a new form of acid. It dissolves a specific substance and nothing else. A few formulas create hazardous byproducts. (Thanks to CP for the idea.)

A couple from a dream last night:

Houses that adjust their forms to extreme weather.

Soul stones emit a form of energy that allows creatures immunity to extremes of weather. Wealthy people use them in stables or menageries to keep their very expensive pets alive.

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Soul storms.

When a benevolent soul-storm begins, people rush to get into the open and bask in the power, gaining peace and strength. The sick are brought out into the storm. Some will be healed. Others will at least gain courage to endure their sickness.
Now and then someone will gain direct power, either Psionic or Incarnum.

Malevolent soul-storm drain life from those unhappy enough to be caught without shelter. Sometimes that means only exhaustion and loss of willpower. Sometimes it means permanent loss of stamina, or premature aging. It's possible a powerful storm may produce Undead.

Chaos soul-storms might do anything. Only the mad or desperate will willingly chance them.
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