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Close.... I don't think they were fighting... ;)
Ya know, there's been several throwaway lines with Carol over the years about how she's gotten tired of dating superheroes, but there are only a few who get named here or there. Like, she definitely dates Wonder Man and War Machine. She might have gone out with Spider-Man once or twice? There are hints that maybe she slept with Tony Stark?

But I can't find anything that says she got together with Thor. Which I find strange, but there you go.

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But man, is there going to be a lot of moping around for the first part of this move. I know there should be, but come on, there needs to be a least a little joyful-punching-bad-guys to break the angst.
It looks like we might get Clint fighting mooks early on, whereupon Nat finds him. There's likely to be a lot of looting and anarchy after the snap, so we may get to see even more than Clint in on that action early on.


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Well there's a pleasant surprise. I figured the bullheadedness of an executive to stand by a stupid decision would be the end of the matter.


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So out of this kerfuffle we're getting the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 we wanted AND a Suicide Squad movie written and directed by James Gunn?

Do I have to be thankful to the Alt-right now or something?

The answer is: No. Fuck those guys.
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