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[Alternate History] Empty America as a setting

Conrad Gray

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Imagine a world where the Americas was never settled by humans until A.D. 1010. As a result the continents are full of megafauna- wooly mammoths, sabertooth tigers, giant sloths and horses and every manner of savage beast.

The Norse were the first to settle. As in our world, they colonized Newfoundland and the Atlantic northeast. The blood feuds between pagan and Christian resulted in the Domstolland Vikings breaking off ties and leaving Vinland, leaving Ultima Thule with two Norse states. Soon after, refugee Welsh, then refugee Anglo-Saxons fleeing William the Conqueror also landed in the continent.

Centuries after, a Venetian trader happens to the Caribbean, then Florida. Meanwhile, the Chinese discover the Pacific coast.

Even further centuries after, Great Khan Ogedei fails to die. The Mongol clans are not divided over who is to succeed him. All of Europe east of France is taken by the great hordes.

Such is the world of Doug Hoff's Empty America, an alternate history timeline that began- and continues- on the soc.history.what-if newsgroup. It is a very comprehensive setting that is simply rife full of possibilities. An example could be the adventures of Reynart the Fox (part II is posted on the blog).

Anyone interested?
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