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Alternity Rules question


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I know I will be embarrassed by taking this public, but I can't find what I'm looking for. In the rules, some rolls are given bonuses and penalties. It seems like most things are a step penalty (adding or subtracting a situational dice modifier to the roll). and some things just say +2.

Are all bonuses/penalties in Alternity step bonuses/penalties? Or are some (for instance the +2/+4 for two weapon attacking) straight number modifications.



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NB: This is NOT an official answer, as my Alternity books are elsewhere right now.

I believe, though, that there are in fact numerical bonuses/penalties as well as step penalties. I think the rules will state that a penalty is a step penalty if it is, and otherwise the number is simply applied as-is.


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I admit that this is what I thought upon reviewing... but I had originally read all bonuses/penalties as steps. I think I really screwed over a player cause a four step penalty can be quite heinous. I had noticed while re-reading that some mentioned steps, some didn't and thought I'd ask gamers everywhere.




All modifiers that affect success rolls are step modifiers. Modifiers for other things (e.g. damage) are straight numbers.

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Staffan is correct.

All modifiers (skills, action checks, etc.) are STEP modifiers, and change the type of die you add to the D20 roll.

Only damage and armour modifiers are applied to a dice roll, and are generally listed as d?+n (eg. d6+2).

The +2/+4 for multiple actions are step numbers.
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