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(Anime) Cop Craft like lethal weapon but with a sword elf


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This is a story about a hard bitten co and his little girl sword elf partner from another world. Together, they fight crime!

The guy in the suit is Kei Matobo, apparently a Japanese American and naval veteran of the Isekai war.

The elf girl is... well I'll let her explain that,

So yeah, kind of a mouthful.

Anyways. A hyperspace gate mysteriously opened in the pacific to another world of wizards, knights, fairy's and what not. So up pops a major metropolitan area called San Teresa City where the two worlds intermix. Judging from the Miranda rights being read along with the police badges and American flag in the police office the setting is decidedly American.

Episode one is up on Hulu and maybe Crunchy Roll.


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More like Red Heat with a sword elf. :D

But yeah, it's totally and 80's buddy cop action movie. And completely unapologetic about it. It's downright magical.


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For a look at the talent involved.

based on the novels by Shoji Gatoh, famous for Full Metal Panic.

character designs by Range Murata who did the same for Last Exile.

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That sounds amazing in a way that may get me to try Hulu’s free trial. Is it sub or dub on there?


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Isekai war...

So there was a battle between self-inserts?

It's mentioned off hand that lead was in the navy during the war, and so had never seen the portal from the outside because they would just fly through.


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Wow, this season is really kicking off, isn't it?

Very relevant to my interests.
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