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Anime-inspired artists available for commissions


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Collateral Doujin Studios is a freelance art group. We mostly do doujin works but willing to work on freelance art commissions. We can do all sorts of artistic styles but our main strength lies in anime-inspired works. Our official portfolios for commissioned works can be found on our Facebook page. You can also find some of the individual portfolios for our artists under the ‘gallery’ tab.

Any interested project team or creator can contact us via email (collateralds at gmail dot com) for any inquiries. Some form of credit within the final product and a commission fee will be expected but these are negotiable and we can assure you that we will provide the best quality of work for you.

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I've never been a big fan of anime style art, but I have to say your work looks really good and made me do a double take.


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We have done some pretty exciting projects recently. Some of which are still ongoing. It is not the usual stuffs one finds here but we would still like to share some of the latest works that we had done. To check out more of what we have done or are doing, you can check out our Facebook page for regular updates. We can also be contacted via email (collateralds at gmail dot com).


Concept sketch done for Konopolis Studios


Artwork for TCG Mage: The Balance

Artwork for TCG Mage: The Balance



Honorary Mention entry for Extravaganza '10 Digital Category


Collateral Damage Studios
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OMG. It has been 8 years since we've last updated here!
Since then, our team has been working hard, becoming professional and even worked on some really cool projects. By now, you might have seen some of the works we've done for Microsoft (see Internet Explorer anime) and for Anime Expo (artworks for their merchandises)

You can check out our new website and portfolio here. We've also gotten ourselves listed on Boardgamegeek.
We have expanded on the kind of work that we've done before such as board games and Pathfinder add-ons. Here are some examples of our works that might be of greater interest to you.

Map for Walkerman

Key artwork for Aether Captains

Cover artwork for Rite Publishing's In The Company of Valkyries

Cover artwork for Rite Publishing's Pathways #85

We are still very keen on doing more artworks for other publishers. To get in touch with us, you can either email us directly via ohayo@collateralds.com or use the contact form on our website.
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