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Anime song listening party


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This maybe fraught with questioable moralness and youtube takedowns (though perhaps no more than linking to any other non official music videos) but haven fallen back down into listening to some anison and noth wanting to fill other kinds of music video type threads with this kinds of music here I am.

So umm...let us all know what anison type music you are listening to/liking currently.

For me this started off with youtube music deciding to add a couple into my playlist last night including this...


The end from still I think my favourite Shinkai film.

Which then led to me listening to some of the Natsume Yuujinchou songs. Most of which i all really like.



Which led down to some healing anime favorute such as this from fave Maaya Sakamoto:


And then this...which even after all these years I still get a bit tight in the throat hearing it. Really surprising that it still stirs the emotions after so long. Then again watching the end which this plays over still gets me crying.

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Time for a mood change...



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I feel that I may be out of my depth in this thread, but here's my favorite anyway--


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Here are a few recent songs I've enjoyed:

(Though you can skip about the last minute of this one)



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I've been listening to a whole bunch recently, as it happens!





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I'm really fond of the opening to Amaama to Inazuma. It sounds kinda like Japanese Motown, like the Supremes or the Shirelles, one of those old girl groups.


Qwa'ha Xahn

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Amazing show that I don't think gets enough notice (probably due to Amazon basically sitting on it- you can watch it on Prime, but last I heard there were no plans for a dvd release or dub :()



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Concrete Revolutio was a messy as hell show, but each time something makes me think of it, I remember liking it more.


What I really want to be listening to is the Harukana Receive soundtrack, but it's not out until the end of September. Summer will almost be over by then!


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Though this drifts a little into posting OPs I do love this song with its jazziness.


Which of course leads to...
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