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I have a definite soft-spot from "Overnight Appointment" since I was introduced to it as the Noragami OP1: it's energetic.

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Yeah. I love both the OP songs, but like 1 most. And the accompanying animation is just so umm stylish.


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Cannot help but not go back to some favourites from one of the few I guess musical series I've always been into...




Yeah...Macross (Frontier)

And from Delta...

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Some Goosehouse (who did songs for Silver Spoon).



I do really love these guys, for both their songs on and off anime as well as their hard work on their youtube channel where they are performing all the time.

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I love Tank! with all my heart, but as it has already been submitted, I offer you the intro from another Shinichirō Watanabe Anime:


And in the category 'and now for something completely different':




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Well, if I can't win on speed, I can at least do something in the way of volume.


Almost all the Gundam OPs, from Tobe! Gundamu to Blue Encounter's Survivor.

I'm partial to Raise Your Flag and Flying in the sky, personally, but there's a nice spread of styles.

And to avoid just being Gundam, a matched set of ONE.


Something to fire you up


And something to cool down.


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Me, I love Sound Horizon and the way they tell a story in a song. They mix singing and narration. Sometimes the singer sings in first person. In other songs the singer sings in third person. Sometimes there is a narrator giving the background, sometimes the narrator converses with the singer. It's somewhere in-between a rock opera and a musical.

Unfortunately one of my favourite Sound Horizon song isn't a TV anime or movie anime song. Rather, as best as I can tell, a fan created the animation from scratch, synced it to the song, and posted it on NicoNicoDouga. But hey, it's Japanese, it's animated, and it's created by Japanese persons. By any reasonable criteria it's anime.
Stardust by Sound Horizon (this particular video got the subtitles a bit off, but it's broadly accurate)

A big reason why I like this more than any other Sound Horizon song is probably the animation's reveal. I know enough Japanese to understand that the song is about a woman who lost her lover and that she ended up committing suicide. I didn't know enough Japanese to understand the full story though. So when I saw the animation I went "Oh, oh! Of course!" because then I understand. The song isn't about suicide. The song is about murder-suicide. I was impressed. Not many songwriters tackle this subject. Plus the animation was amazing when you consider that it's fan-animation.

There is another song whose animation impressed me a lot. Kanashii Heart wa Moeteiru by WADA Kanako. It was the second ending song to the anime Kimagure Orange Road. The song itself isn't amazing. It's good and WADA Kanako is a good singer, but it's the animation to the ending theme that to me was amazing.
Keep in mind that this is from before computer animation. It's from 1987. Every transformation and every transition had to be planned frame by frame and then hand painted. Yes, every animation from that era were done the same way, but to me this music video is very artistic.

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I enjoyed the OP/ED pairing for Net Ju No Susume, so I thought I'd share them here.



Likewise, the openings for Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi are fun, I like the energy and the strings.


For the second one I couldn't find the animation, so this one's the full version (I think)


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I usually skip the openings and endings of shows after seeing them a couple of times when I'm watching, but a couple that I found myself unable to skip were Twin Spica:


and Round Vernian Vifam:



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Great Thread.

These are the ones I just keep going back to:

Crowds By White Ash (From Gatchaman:Crowds) Such great music in that show.


Credens Justitiam By Yuki Kajiura (From Madoka Magica) Just an electric live performance of this one. NO, YOU'RE CRYING!


Saviour of Song By Nano, Featuring My First Story (From Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova)


No Pain, No Game By Nano (BTOOOM!)


I love Nano, she's the one musician I actively follow that I've discovered through anime. Shame that the Shows that she's done themes from are relatively trashy. I love the fact she never shows her face in her videos, it's a nice little revolution in the face of what most Japanese female singers go through. She also is fully Bi-lingual, having grown up for some time in New York (I think), so the gratuitous english parts of her songs always actually make sense.... I Just wish that apple music would get her albums on the UK, so I could listen to her stuff easier.

Oh and one more for old time's sake, the one that started my love of anime and anime music:

Mad Machine, by Priss and the Replicants (Bubblegum Crisis)


That will do for now. Going to try to remember some more that I've loved over the years.


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Amazing show that I don't think gets enough notice (probably due to Amazon basically sitting on it- you can watch it on Prime, but last I heard there were no plans for a dvd release or dub :()

On that note:

Edit: also this, which sounds like a b-side from some 80s band that you like better than any of their famous songs
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