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Anime song listening party


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So, I really ought to actually watch Lagrange sometime...


I have at least seen this one... this version of this one, at any rate...


World Conquest Zvezda Plot OP because Maaya Sakamoto


Okay, this isn't really an anisong, but Miku's close, right?



Can it be SNEK TIEM?
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First opening strongest opening.


Plus gaijin bonus



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From the Grimgar ED. Always have a thing for these kinds of slower ballady songs, whether thats in english or other languages.

And speaking of ballads, I have kind of liked this pretty obscure in show ballad from the show Cat Planet Cuties.


And even more obscure is this little ballad from an obscure scifi romance anime that I'm not even sure has had a western release. Called A Brighter Blue Than That Before the Dawn from a VN I think.


I guess the signature tune from The World is Still Beautiful. I do really like this, and did really like the anime.

In show songs of course leads me to the much more poppy songs of best girl Kanon from The World God Only Knows, as sung by Toyama Nao.


Not quite sure why these and this show connected with me, but there you go.

And on the poppy trend there's this which brings back some pretty vivid memories, with the show being perhaps my first exposure to harems and certainly my first anime with yandere elements.


I do like the song quite a bit.
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Time for some calm.


Now wheres my camping gear....


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Crowds By White Ash (From Gatchaman:Crowds)
I liked that one even more after I learned that the English word-salad wasn't supposed to make sense if you listened closely.





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My all-time favorite anime theme song is A cruel angel's thesis from NGE. I rather like this english verison and Ive been listening to it a lot.

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Nana Mizuki singing one of her songs from Rosario to Vampire


That’s a crowd.
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Have you ever decided you were going to watch a show based solely on the strength of its theme song? Because I sure have.

Blue Comet SPT Layzner

and Heavy Metal L-GAIM

both had remixes that appeared on a CD I bought like 15 years ago...I think it was a Beatmania remix CD, full of old mecha anime songs. To be fair, they are both absolute classics and I'm sure I would have watched them eventually anyway, but falling in love with their theme songs definitely kept them in the back of my mind.

And NG Knight Ramune & 40's OP was on a mix cassette (I am very old) of anime songs that a friend of mine gave me in high school when I was first getting into anime. I kept telling myself I would watch it some day, and maybe twenty years later I finally did, and it was all sorts of wonderful.

This thread is a terrible exercise in restraint because I love Anison to death and could easily crash ya'all's browsers embedding so many videos.


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There really are too many good options to link to here, so here's a random smattering that I've saved over time:

For something a little dark:

Now for the opposite side of the magical girl spectrum (except it's kind of not, but the music here definitely is):

And a third option for magical girls:

In fact, let's just stick with magical(???) girls (can never have enough BGC after all):

Or maybe we should scale up to an even more powerful magical girl (I'll leave it as an exercise for the listener as to whether that's Nanoha or Nana Mizuki)

And of course, there's a magical girl who should never be forgotten:


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For something different in that its a anime with an english song for an OP. These seem pretty rare.


This being from Mushishi.
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