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Any good one-player card games?

Theodore Jay Miller

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Can anyone suggest any good card-based games for one player? Something with a science fiction or fantasy or other interesting theme, rather than just a regular-deck solitaire. I'm looking for something good for taking on vacation, a game I can play for an hour or two on long flights or in a hotel at night.

Corporate Dog

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Not sure if that was facetious, Dude, but ARE there some decent solitaire sci-fi/fantasy card games for the GBA?

I'm roughly cognisant of Yu Gi Oh, but it seems like there are dozens of games in that series, and I don't know which ones are any good.

Corporate Dog

NPC TheDude

I do not know about single player card games, but a gameboy advance SP can be a godsend to someone who travels alot. My work requires me to travel semi-frequently and my gameboy has helped me kill time at many airports and hotels around the country.

The Dude


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I don't know about card games, but there are a couple of decent sci-fi solo board games, such as Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident by Fat Messiah Games - basically Aliens[/i] in a board game.

J Arcane

I have this surprisingly good game called Omega Expedition, from some Christian company.

You play some kind of investigator, hunting the catacombs beneath Jerusalem to find various holy artifacts. You run into all kinds of pitfalls along the way, which can be escaped if you have the right item and such.

It winds up playing out somewhat like a point-and-click adventure type game, just in cards.

Vary fun, but very, very hard. Worth picking up though.
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