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Any Roleplaying Resolutions for 2016?


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I haven't seen a roleplaying resolution thread yet. C'mon people!
I'll get started. I'm going to get another game off of my bucket list this year. Requiem for Rome or Nephilim, hopefully. Also, I'm sticking to the three strikes rule for flakes. No exceptions.


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I want to bring a Mythic-run solo game to conclusion one of these days in 2016! Everything I've done so far kinda stalled.
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I would really love to get my beloved old (like the better part of a decade!) gaming group together to finally run an epic Transylvania Chronicles campaign with Dark Ages 20 / Vampire 20... everyone's really keen on Facebook and in incidental conversation, but with work commitments, families and all the other realities of life in our mid-late 30s I fear it may be tricky to pull off:eek:.

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I'm not one for resolutions.

I mean I can think of lots I'd want to do- get play some character concepts that seriously need love...play games that I haven't yet....but I don't know if I could ever go through with it, or that circumstances will let it happen.

I mean, to go into specifics would mean kind of making a list of things I haven't done yet, so....no resolutions. there would be too many to ever get done, I think.


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Wrap up my current campaign, and (fingers crossed) get my next campaign started off with more foresight than my current one.

Try and introduce a new system to my group (Doctor Who may be my best bet).

Bring a new person into my group, to counter natural attrition from new jobs and moving.

Go to as many local gaming conventions and run RPGs there.


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Game more. Not just RPGs but boardgames too. Sure, time is limited but I want to make time for gaming. Somehow, someway.
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