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Anybody playing Azur Lane?


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Just a quick reminder that the anniversary is dropping tomorrow with Essex and Taihou dropping. The devs remind everybody to bind their account, just so that nothing gets lost.

Going to be aiming for Taihou, because then I can keep Akagi occupied while doing more important work. Like figuring out where to put the Sandy stage.


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Patch notes are out.
Again...bind your account. Use all three methods if you can, better safe then sorry.


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So got me a Taihou, complete with her L2D skin.

Then I made her the secretary, which unlocked her secretary mission, and we get to see how crazy yandere she is.

I feel as if I made a mistake here.


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Haven't gotten Essex or Taihou, but I did get Enterprise who I didn't have so I'll take it.


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What's with this pledge thing? Did someone get really anal about calling it marriage?
It's not marriage in Kancolle, it's just an engagement ring but nobody calls it that and just calls it marriage so why when this game literally calls it marriage has some half-arsed term come about? I swear someones really went ass backwards in translating terms like pledge and retrofit which are like dodgy translations at best. But that's going off topic a bit.

And we all know you marry Akagi because she's born to be perfectly with you and not marrying her will cause issues to your port life.
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