Anybody trying out that new Transformers CCG?


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I picked up the core box and some convention exclusives by way of a friend at Gen Con; also snagged the Metroplex box. I'm starting to dig into the play (the I'm only going solo, now); I'm excited to see the combiner decks coming out, and really curious how the mechanic for them works (apparently you need to field the component bots and then activate the combiner?) Anyways, just curious about your thoughts/experiences...


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I've not even heard of it! O_O

I like CCGs, but not the revenue model. But, am willing to try stuff on a casual basis ;)

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My FLGS has a pile of starter boxes and one copy of the Metroplex one. I may pick a little bit up sometime soonish, although I'm well aware that part of this is just hyperfocus talking!


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It's pretty good. It answers a very important question, which is:

'If the Transformers were cards, would they still... would they still transform? Would the cards combine???'

The answer is yes.

Also those were two questions.
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