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Anyone play Amazing Adventures? The C&C pulp game?


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Anyone play Amazing Adventures???

Jason Vey (Grey Elf) wrote a pulp RPG called Amazing Adventures a few years ago that uses the Castles & Crusades SIEGE engine that got published in 2012. There is now a kickstarter to get the game in hardcover. It's a pulp era (Indy Jones, Doc Savage, The Mummy, etc), and while I have played a bunch of those, I have never found "The One!" the works best with my GM style.

I've read the reviews on RPG.net and it sounds compelling, but I am not completely sold yet.

If you've played Amazing Adventures, I would LOVE to hear the pros and cons of this pulp RPG versus the rest of the lot.

Just for comparison, I loved Adventure! as a player (not as a GM though), didn't grok to Spirit of the Century, didn't enjoy Pulp D20, and felt the original Indiana Jones RPG was hit & miss. I do like C&C and I own the original core books, but rarely have played it (S&W:WB is my go-to D&D).

Also, if you have any links to Actual Play reports, that would rock!

Thank you in advance!


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Sorry. I can tell you about my opinions of alt of other pulp games, including Cortex+ hack, but I don't know anything about Amazing Adventures.


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I haven't played it, but reading through it, it looks very nicely done, as long as you're interested in playing classic D&D style rules in a pulp setting - classes, levels, etc. I believe it's been well received, but you might want to check the TLG forums for more opinions.

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Hey, all, I don't often post here anymore, but when someone summons me, I appear. Like Hastur. Or Nyarlathotep.

Anyway, Spinachcat, I tried to answer some of your specific questions over at TheRPGSite, but they seemed a bit more publisher-centric than game-centric. Here's an article I did about the kickstarter for Bleeding Cool. Hopefully it can answer some questions about what it is, how it plays, what the revision will contain, etc.


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Today is the last day for the kickstarter. If you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you will. This is a nice system and the stretch goals are pretty good.
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