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Anyone Want To Help Crowdsource a Feng Shui One-Shot?


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A couple of months ago, I signed up to run Feng Shui at my local con. Normally, the way this works, I decide to do it, wrack my brain for a title, then wait a couple of weeks until I figure out what's actually going to happen in the game. Normally, this works like a charm.

This year seems to be anything but normal. I've got the title (Blowing Up Hong Kong On Less Than HK$388.63 A Day - IN SHAWSCOPE!). I've got a couple of likely PCs. I mentioned the Lotus and the Jammers in my synopsis, so I guess it needs to include them. I've got everything ever published for Feng Shui. I've got about two dozen inspirational films on hand.

And, I've got nothing. The plot is just not coming together for me, and I've got less than four weeks left to figure out what I'm going to do.

Thud, I turn to the collective genius that is RPGnet. Throw me some bones folks, and I'll put them in the soup pot.

Craig Oxbrow

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Taking the "IN SHAWSCOPE!" part literally. There's a movie shooting on the streets of Hong Kong which "just happens" to be using a significant FS site as the location for its biggest fight scene. And if interrupted the right way, it could affect the site itself and also how people perceive Hong Kong, altering its future.

So the PCs have to save Hong Kong Action Cinema.


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Taking the "IN SHAWSCOPE!" part literally. There's a movie shooting on the streets of Hong Kong which "just happens" to be using a significant FS site as the location for its biggest fight scene. And if interrupted the right way, it could affect the site itself and also how people perceive Hong Kong, altering its future.

So the PCs have to save Hong Kong Action Cinema.
Yeah...that's going in the pot. In fact, it makes it easy to explain any unusual stuff as "special effects."


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They are filming a movie that's based on the tale of a band of Lotus heroes. The Lotus may even be backing this with the goal of improving the magic rating in the area around the Feng Shui site. The Wheel, needless to say, isn't amused when they find this out. They pull funding on the movie, but the Lotus steps in with back-up financing. The Wheel then sends a team to shut down the production through sabotage and any means necessary.

The Jammers want to blow up the Feng Shui site having been tipped off by one of the Four Monarchs that is crosswise with the Lotus lead on the production.


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This isn't really helpful to you, but I'm running a one-shot at a NYC con this weekend. The Warriors of Crown Heights: six Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis have to battle their way through Walter Hill's gang-infested Manhattan, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Washington Heights before sunset to conduct High Holy Day services with the power of Jewjitsu and Kabbalah. The only catch: it's Saturday, so they have to walk.

More helpful, the set up is really easy. I just laid down a map and came up with a few clever gang names/schticks for different neighborhoods, and scattered a few recovery points across it. The PCs pick their route and plan their tactics however they like. Whoever they encounter, that's who they fight. Then assign some AV values for mooks and make a half-dozen Named Villains as gang leaders (or four, and figure on recycling a couple, since the PCs won't actually hit every gang): for instance, the stats for a bad ass biker are close enough to the stats for a crazed hockey fan.

If you come up with a basic reason for the players to travel from point A to Z, with a few points of interest B-Y in between, and a reason for gangs to attack the PCs on site, you're golden. For instance, maybe they're moving to from their stronghold to lift the siege on a an embattled ally on the other side of Hong Kong and have to recapture a certain number of Nodes along the way, with agents of the baddies assaulting the ally trying to stop them. Or they have to get from their hotel to the airport to make a flight, because last night they killed the boss of the local bad ass gang, who is now hunting them through the streets.


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Some locations:

Pottinger Street (a long set of stone steps that runs up the hill, with costume shops on either side)

The Star Ferry

The rooftop of some horrible tenement building in Sham Shui Po:

Inside "It's A Small World" at Disneyland

The building site on the waterfront at Central


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Staples to include in any Feng Shui game - a chase through a street festival and a rumble in a fireworks factory/warehouse - no guns, so the killer was forced to try to beat a man with a grenade in a sock. Plus, fireworks inevitably explode.

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Since it's a Con Game I'm assuming pregen characters? Start with those, and tie them in to the bigger plot. You've got say... 3 hours to kill?

Maybe one guy is a fading action star trying to stage a comeback while protecting his image by playing the hero at all times, another is a historical "consultant" for the film (actually a Lotus spy), then there's the gal who works on the film crew as a chief stunt co-ordinator (actually a Jammer spy), followed by the accountant (actually a Wheel spy) that's there to make sure the movie comes out the way the Wheel wants, followed by the action star's "biggest fan"/aide (who's secretly been possessed by a demon that wants to make sure all these mooks don't break a holy relic he's been watching since the ancient days). Play it like a Paranoia game: the action star is the "straight man" and everybody else is hovering around him for various reasons that they don't know about each other.

So the plot is that there's a movie being filmed? The movie is a story of demonic possession and cursed ruins. "Kung Fu Evil Dead 3" or some such.

It starts at the construction site really, where the film crew got permission to explore the grounds as a possible shooting site. The construction crew just dug up part of an ancient temple (buried by the Lotus centuries ago), and the film wants to use it in the background for an "authentic" feel. The demon lord trapped there managed to free one of its more loyal (if weaker) minions, to ensure the film is made on the site but the temple itself is unharmed (the aide being the kind of simpering weakling the demon minion was strong enough to possess). Of course, digging up this temple has gotten lots of attention from others, who step in at various points. Keep in mind, the temple has -just- been discovered. The film had a different location in mind, and was almost finished before the temple site presented itself as an option.

At Pottinger Street, filming has almost wrapped up. The scene being filmed is one where a mob of demonically possessed martial artists try to corner the hero and take him out before he can face the demon prince. This is the last scene before the "Temple Fight". As such, the various factions will have to scramble. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, one of the producers managed to piss off the local Triads, a powerful bunch known as the White Knives. So while filming the big fight, the White Knives attack en masse. To make matters even worse though, the Wheel has decided that their agent on site isn't up to task, and send a group of super martial artists (and a Transformed Animal lieutenant) to kill the actor and ruin the filming once and for all. Unfortunately for one of the PC, the two Wheel agents are deadly enemies from way back, and the lieutenant will focus his attacks on the Wheel PC.

After the fight, the action hero is sent to a horrible slum to "lay low" between shots. While there, the PCs find themselves dealing with a haunted building! The demon lord wants to test the PCs, to see who amongst them is worthy of being host to his demonic might. Zombies, shape-shifting walls, low-rent criminals in the way, evil super rats and roach swarms make for a horrible, chaotic night. Culminating in the prince laughing and challenging the PCs to face him soon. The PCs are likely shaken (even the aide begins to wonder just what his lord has in mind) but they can't stop production of this film. All of them have too much invested in it, although for different ends.

The PCs board the Star Ferry in the evening on their way to the final shooting scene of the film. Nothing happens, but a dark storm is gathering. Play up the impending menace and doom. As a red herring, you might have a small group of robbers cut the power and try to rob everyone in the dark. (When doing Paranoia inspired games, you always have to have one moment where everyone gets a chance to act in the dark.) Let the PCs handle it easily enough; any real threat should come from in-party treachery.

At the construction site it's raining. A horrible downpour. It's cold, oily, and almost impossible to see through. There's talk of cutting out shooting altogether. And then the temple starts to glow, and the PCs find themselves falling as the ground underneath gives way.... And when they land, it's in a hellish version of "It's a Small World" as the demon and his minions come together to finish off everyone.

It needs work (a lot of work possibly) but for a one-shot con-game it might serve as a source of ideas at least?
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