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OOC [Apocalypse World 2e] After Ragnarok


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This is the OOC thread for After Ragnarok, an Apocalypse World 2nd Ed game with Norse and mythic overtones.

Wiki is here.

Original interest/chargen thread is here.

Given the blurred line between IC and OOC in Apocalypse World, the IC thread will include all rolls and mechanical bits, as well as Q&A of the sort that expand the world, explore a relationship, or otherwise add a little spin to what's happening right now. This OOC thread, then is for banter, chat, announcements, absences, praise, clarification, spectator comment and other tertiary stuff.


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Just realized from the wiki that I wasn't 100% clear on Völva's involvement. She's pregnant via Loki, though there's not necessarily an ongoing thing. That's fine to emerge in play or whatever. Gonna clear that part up on the wiki.
Ah - sorry, misunderstood. I thought you were riffing off Fenrir being Loki's son in the mythology, and making him your 'heir'. Cheers for clarifying.

Anyway, right - we're working out Hx for the three current PCs. Others will, with luck, join us later.

Summarising so far:

• Which one of you figures that you could take me in a fight, if it came to it?
For that character, write Hx+2.

Ylva figures she could take Loki in a fight.

Not because she's stronger or faster or a better fighter. The gods know he's born to it in a way that she isn't, and living the way he does he's had practice.

If they come to blows and he loses, he'll be embarrassed and he may need to kill one of his riders to shut them up, but he'll live.

If she loses, he's shown that she can't hold onto what she's got. Within a month someone like Bumpers will be in her place, and if she'll lucky she'll be dead.

Loki can afford to lose. Ylva can't.

• Which one of you once stood up to me, gang and all?
For that character, write Hx+3.

I stood up to you and your gang - all of you.

It was about Key. That weird kid has a way of showing up everywhere, and this time it was among your vehicles when you were at Ragnhall. No one touches your shit without paying in pain, right? Apparent to everyone, but hell knows what Key was thinking. Fenrir had gotten hold of the kid to be thrown before you, and this was when Skuld stepped in. She was new to Gösta then, but I´m thinking that rumors about her had already gotten around. Said that death was coming for the next one who drew steel that day, but that it wouldn´t be for her. Spoke it like prophecy, not like a threat; Völva was pale over it.

I´ll leave it up to you to decide if that meant that Skuld got away unhurt. In either case, Key just sorta disappeared.
Loki knows better than to ignore prophecy, instead he thanked Skuld for the tip and headed off to settle a score with Vii who drew steel the moment they heard the rumble of the snowmobiles. Sure enough, Vii's blood was freezing in the snow not long after and Loki knew that Skuld was one to keep an eye on.

• Which one of you is my favorite?
For that character, write Hx+3.

That would be Skuld! Weird, mysterious, sexy and/or strangely endearing. Though I guess Ylva has her own reasons.
...And currently:


My question, for everyone - can I trust you?
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To flag, we've got Daz Florp Lebam's Norn/brainer back joining us. Once we've finalised a few more details with them, I'll get the IC thread rolling and we can work out the rest as we go.

Loki, can Skuld trust you? What do you reckon?

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If trust means predict, no.

If trust means will have her back, no.

If trust means won't lie to or use her, no.

Unless trust means something really weird, nope not at all.
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