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Are there still Roleplaying Game Magazines? Print and/or Digital?


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For Call of Cthulhu there is also the Arkham Gazette (my creation), which has a narrow focus on "Lovecraft Country" and New England in the early 20th century (with an added emphasis on real-life history and folklore). I'm cranking away trying to get issues 4 and 5 out and about. More info here.

Last year Bayt al Azif w.as launched, which is supposed to be a more general purpose CoC publication. Back in June they announced issue 2 is coming "soon".


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Germany has "Mephisto", which started out as a magazine featuring Dark Fantasy/Horror and Shadowrun rpgs but is more widespread. What you will not find there is stuff for classical Fantasy rpgs like The Dark Eye or D&D. Oh and it's in German, of course.
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