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Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E

Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E?

  • No!

    Votes: 177 50.3%
  • Yes!

    Votes: 99 28.1%
  • Maybe!

    Votes: 76 21.6%

  • Total voters

Alpha Stryke

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I'm reading the SRD and well, while I like certain things like the action economy and the way it affects spell casting, I'm turned off by a plethora of other things:

AC scales with every level, ensuring a naked high level fighter (or ok just wearing a tunic & pants) will be unscratched if he walks through an army of kobolds. Magic Items seem as baked into the assumptions as ever and seem to function quite similar to D&D4e's magic items (with per day powers; though I haven't seen any per encounter powers yet).

Magic Items may not be as essential as in PF1e though due to the scaling ACs and Saves, but I am inferring PCs are assumed to have a certain number of them per certain levels. You can have 10 magic items on you simultaneously, might as well not have had a limit at all.

Numbers bloat makes me sad, but I haven't played it so I can't really say how it works out in an actual game. D&D4e's main negative to me was the high amount of hitpoints and the dragged out combats, one would hope they figured out a way not to make that happen here but I can't see it just from reading the monster entries (AC, hitpoints, saves, etc)

So no buy for me, but I may play a game or two online just to see how it plays/feels, at least at lower levels. The action economy seems fun enough just to play a game and try it out. I guess what I was hoping for when it was first announced was a combination of 5e and PF1e; taking the best elements of each. That is, 5e's lower powered ruleset with bounded accuracy and reduced dependancy to magic items melded to Pathfinders plethora of options, (feats, traits, archtypes) and other delicious fiddly bits (but more streamlined and easier to keep track of)

Ofcourse, what are negatives to me will be positives to many others, including many players of PF1e, D&D3e and I dare say many who enjoyed D&D4e, so I do believe the game line will have a successful launch and staying power for the foreseeable future.


Southern Mane
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That'll put it on my "maybe" list, as I enjoyed 4e, and I found Pathfinder 1e to hit my limit for moving parts I can cope with.


Sorcerer Supreme
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No buy for me, but I guess I’m not the target market: 2E through 3.5E is my least favorite D&D. I prefer a less mechanical/wargaming feel in my RPGs (maybe because I play a lot of minis boardgames and get that fix there).


Doors and Corners
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Honestly? (NO! Lie to me! ;)) It is very, very unlikely that I'll be getting anything Pathfinder. While I enjoyed playing in a pathfinder campaign a few years ago, I soon discovered that it was the campaign and not the Pathfinder ruleset that I enjoyed so much. I didn't NOT enjoy it. It just wasn't the draw to the game. Now with 5e for my fantasy gaming and Modern AGE for my non-fantasy gaming (when it seldom happens :cry: lately), I just don't have the willpower to learn any other game systems.

Maybe (?) if I ever grow tired of 5e. But it seems unlikely.

I am very glad to hear here and there that lots of people seem to be enjoying the ruleset. It's important to me that others find their happy groove.


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No. I just don't like Paizo's style, I remember finding Pathfinder 1 very irritating to read, I'd rather have played 3.5 with all its proud nails and poor balance. And similarly, reading the playtest documents for Pathfinder 2 was also just an annoying experience.

That said, I expect I will be playing P2. There's a few Pathfinder fans in my play group, and I think they'll return from Gen Con hyped to play a campaign.


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Endless Rain

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I probably won't be picking up Pathfinder 2E.

Pathfinder's strength, for me, was always its very close relation to D&D 3.X, the way that it was functionally an extension of those editions - it's the game I play with people who liked D&D 3E, and 3.5E, and weren't motivated to change to either 4E or 5E when those came out. And Pathfinder 2E is no longer a close relative and extension of the 3.X family of editions, it's doing its own thing, making its own set of changes based on its designers' experiences and assessments of where 3.PF could work better - and that's fine, except that it's another iteration on what D&D 4E did in 2008, what D&D 5E did in 2014, and I'm invested enough in both 3.PF and 4E/5E that PF2E just isn't giving me anything interesting at this point in time.
This. I have no attachment to the Pathfinder brand, only to the D20 system that PF1 used. I see no reason to play PF2 when I could just play PF1 or D&D 4e instead.


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Five years ago? Never! Today? Probably.

I was pretty much feed up with 3.5 in 2008 and never went the Pathfinder way. Well I bought Second Darkness I cause I found it in a local shop and I really llike the AP idea. But I found it so bad that withheld any further investment until I heard of Kingmaker,which I got but never played.

In the meantime, I had a phase in which I bought practicall nothing RPG-related at all, but this is ending now. As I have accumulate several players who are not really fit in English I focus mainly on Geman language products today. Probaböy I'll wait for the first PF2 AP in Geman and buy that (will probably published via crowd-funding) and judge from that whether I'd like to run that and whether I'll need the core rulebook to do so or rather convert the stuff to a lighter system.

Notice my dancing around? So yes, I'll buy the German version, and if only to read it.

the cat

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I went from maybe to buying it. Amazons price is pretty hard to ignore for the phb so I bit. My reasons are that after DCC I'm wanting a different style of DND fantasy.


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I voted "maybe". I do quite a lot of PFS cons. The current plan in my part of the world as I understand it is to offer both PFS1 and PFS2 for the forceeable future, so that may lead to my buying it at some point, but I have no concrete plans at the moment.

EDIT: Well, that lasted about 15 hours. The Spirit Games pop-up at Paizocon UK had 10% off everything, so I decided to buy a copy of the CRB.

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