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Are you ready for some football?


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Chelmsford City here.

Well, we won 7-0 against AFC Sudbury on the 6th July, and have won other matches 7-0 and 10-0 as well in the last month and a bit. First League match is this Saturday against Hampton & Richmond Borough, hopefully strong form will carry through. Frankly we've got goal-scorers from every direction, so maybe headed for promotion soon, not that we'll ever be Premier League.

Wait... I don't think you guys are talking about football here. :)
No worries, at least for me. I'm an American but I love both types of football (i.e. soccer and American football). ;) Regarding the former: after finishing dead last in MLS last season and opening this season winless in the first month while adjusting to new coach Matías Almeyda's system, my San Jose Earthquakes have since went on a tear and have (as of this posting) moved up to fourth place in the MLS Western Conference standings and fifth place overall in the league. (y)

But this thread is for American football, or more specifically for the NFL (as opposed to college football), so the rest of this post will be about that.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the San Francisco 49ers this season. The defense should continue to be good, with the defensive line in particular having been bolstered with Dee Ford and first-round draft pick Nick Bosa pairing with DeForest Buckner for what would seem to be a formidable pass rush.

Meanwhile, the offense should be improved from last season with QB Jimmy Garappolo returning from an early-season injury last season, with RB Jerrick McKinnon finally healthy again after suffering the same injury as Garappolo last year but even before the preseason began :eek:, as well as a few other additions to RB and elsewhere, some of whom head coach Kyle Shanahan is familiar with from his assistant coaching days in Washington and Atlanta.

And of course there's still TE George Kittle. :cool:

Probably the biggest question mark for the 49ers is the wide receiver corps, no doubt leading the team to have picked two WR's in the draft. Nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see how that corps does with a full season (God willing) of Garappolo at the helm. :)

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Eagles are looking good with DeSean back along with Agholor and Jeffery at WR and Ertz and Goedert at TE. Running back is still unsettled, but Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard are supposedly looking good in camp so maybe we'll have some stability there for a change.

Of course, Wentz is the big question mark. I don't think he was fully recovered last year even before his injury, but he's had plenty of time to get better, and this year he needs to prove he can stay healthy. (I've heard some people already dismissing him as Sam Bradford II, and while I think he's already shown more talent than Bradford ever has, it'd be nice for him to have a strong year and shut up the doubters.)


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Our season rests on how well Cam Newtons shoulder holds up. I think our defense is going to be significantly better then last year with Ron Rivera calling it although we will be going to more of 3-4 this year so well see how that gels.


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Does anyone fancy another go at the pick league Afterburner used to run? For the uninitiated we picked win or loss for each game and the one with the most winning picks won some bragging rights. I had a lot of fun with it and I'm happy to run it.


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The Browns are looking like they might win preseason. It's always nice to see them do well at something. Antonio Brown is threatening to quit the league over his helmet so it really does seem that he left Pittsburgh at the right time.


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That was a heck of a punt return in the Browns game. I think I better work on getting that guy's name down, because I'm pretty sure he's gonna be on somebody's team.


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Does anyone fancy another go at the pick league Afterburner used to run? For the uninitiated we picked win or loss for each game and the one with the most winning picks won some bragging rights. I had a lot of fun with it and I'm happy to run it.
I would go for it, but it might be best to start it from scratch, and we may need to go fewer teams. A little more chat during the season would also be good, although maybe less than my son’s league (where some of the team names would get people banned around here).


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Copied from the 2018 thread.

And preseason has begun.

I watched the Bears' game from an undisclosed location, drinking grossly overpriced beer, so I can say I was there for Montgomery's first NFL TD, if nothing else.

And, man, the rest of the Bears fans have been starved for a kicker. You would have thought we were going to the superbowl because of the extra point conversion.

Christ, people. Even the last guy made most of those.


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Steelers came out okay. Bush performed well for the half he was in. Washington made a case. Lots of maturation showing all around, but the defense overall was still way too soft (of course, no one wants to go too hard in preseason, lest the injury beast bite).

And we had arguably our best position coach suddenly die on Sunday. It's a big loss to the team personally and professionally.
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